Si-on rushed to Eun-ok’s aid and inadvertently hurt one of the security officer in the process.  Eun-ok then fainted and she was rushed to the OR for surgery.

Do-han scolded Si-on on his presumed mistake as the affected patients during Eun-ok’s ruckus complained about the hospital’s situation.  The director saddened about what happened was left no choice but to make a decision.


Eun-ok’s operation was successful.  The director believed Si-on was innocent but he can’t make the other people believed him too.  Another urgent meeting was summoned to officially decide on Si-on’s release, and when the doctor villains brought out the Director’s previous guarantee to leave his position, the management team disregarded it for the mean time.


Assistant Director knew where to dig and was able to deduce that it was the Pediatric Head’s minion who last entered the isolated room.  The Director talked with Si-on and explained to him that he has to leave the hospital.  Disheartened and still not accepting why he has to leave, Si-on tried to check on Eun-ok one last time but Do-han won’t allow him to. 


Yoon-seo rushed to see Si-on before he left the hospital but she failed catching up on him.  Eun-ok’s guardian paid a crude visit at the hospital and scared the recovering girl she has been abusing.  Yoon-seo, Head Nurse and Senior Nurse attended to her complaint of proceeding with the operation without her consent.  She insisted on taking Eun-ok out but the hospital people held their ground in refusing her request.



The children patients who has been closed with Si-on learned about his leaving.  Patient In-hae called Si-on who was sitting at a bench.  She feigned she was hurt somewhere so he would answer her phone call.  She left the hospital and luckily found him at a robot museum as what she predicted.

When she asked him why he liked robots, he told him how robots stay still and believe in whatever he has to say that’s why he liked them.


The Director explained to Yoon-seo how Si-on won’t understand illogical and irrational situations brought to him as he has been surviving in the world through memorizing what he was supposed to do.  He further explained how he was left by his parents when he was young and that after his brother died he has erased his memories except that of his brother’s.

Si-on was sitting lonely at his room when Yoon-seo barged in.  She told him that they will go to the library when she led him to a bar.  Drinking lesson 101 was taught to Si-on happily by Yoon-seo.   She cleared the misunderstanding of her possibly not believing him as he replied how he was okay if people don’t like him as long as he will not lie.  Yoon-seo suggested other fields in the medicine world where he can work for but Si-on remained firm in his dream of becoming a surgeon.  After drowning in soju, drunk Yoon-seo rode Si-on’s back and urged him to curse, but the latter refused doing so as he didn’t want doing it and listening to it.  Yoon-seo hit it again with the ajussi she always fought with whenever she’s drunk.  After exchanging unpleasantries, Si-on laid her down on her bed and just as he was about to leave, she sleepily called his name and mumbled how it was okay for him to cause trouble everyday so long as he won’t leave.  Si-on reached for her hair and touched it softly as he stared at her sleeping self.


The next day Assistant Director met Pediatric chief minion and confronted him about his leaving the door open intentionally for Eun-ok to escape her room.  He denied the allegation but Assistant Director knew where to break his stance.


Si-on prepared his luggage and was set to return to his hometown.  Meanwhile Assistant Director met with the Director and explained to him about the door incident being a technical malfunction issue and that it was not Si-on’s fault.  He proposed Si-on’s reinstatement and offered him a secret deal.

굿 닥터.E03.130812.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_001260260

Si-on’s mother learned about Si-on’s quitting the hospital and spoke with Yoon-seo about it.  She finally confirmed her connection with him and told her how she has been tailing him to at least become his mother from afar.  Yoon-seo explained why he can’t recognize her as Si-on’s mother made her promise to keep it a secret for the mean time.


Si-on checked on Eun-ok through a video phone call.  He apologized for not saying goodbye properly and promised her that he will bring her in his hometown so she can play.  Eun-ok cried staring at his face on the phone showing how she missed the good doctor who has been taking care of her.


Darcy Do-han met with his girlfriend about the robodoc that was cancelled because of financial constraints.  He argued about its value but she can only refer him to Assistant Director who does the budgeting of the hospital.  Do-han appealed to Assistant Director but the latter explained to him all those business decision run around.  He also took the opportunity to make a secret proposal to him.


Just then, Eun-ok’s rude guardian showed up again with a police officer demanding the patient’s release.  Yoon-seo refused her request demanding her to present a legal document but the evil aunt went super sayan to her demand.  Their argument heated up, and just then Si-on cut the unpleasant patient tug of war scene by telling evil aunt that she cannot take Eun-ok.



Si-on stopped evil aunt from getting Eun-ok by pleading his case to let the patient decide who she wanted to be with.  Si-on explained to Yoon-seo that it was found out that he really didn’t left the door open so he was called back to the hospital.  Eun-ok miraculously uttered that she wanted to stay at the hospital as she happily clung on Si-on’s hand so she was able to stay at the hospital under Si-on’s care.


Assistant Director revealed in the meeting that it was a technical problem that caused the isolated door’s room that’s why it didn’t get lock properly.  The meeting concluded reinstating Si-on to the villains’ annoyance.  Pediatric Chief followed Assistant Director bursting in anger on how SI-on escaped the predicament, but AD just shrugged his shoulder muttering how technical issues are beyond his control.


Do-han confirmed SI-on’s coming back and it has made Yoon-seo happy like finding her long lost brother and Do-han noticed how it was the first time he saw her so happy.  Yoon-seo went to Eun-Ok’s room and asked Si-on to go meet the rest of the team.  Yoon-seo hugged him as he hiccups continuously.  Unbeknownst to Yoon-seo the hiccups are because of Si-on’s growing fondness over her.


The team welcomed him except for Pediatric Chief’s minion.  They decided to eat out to formally welcome him in the department and when asked about what he wanted to eat.  The student drinker answered he wanted alcohol to his teacher’s Yoon-seo’s amusement.

The director contemplated on his conversation with Assistant Director about the plan to boost the Pediatric department of the hospital as well as securing Si-on’s residency training.


Si-on narrated how he has helped Eun-ok talk by always talking to her things that a mother would normally say to her child.  Yoon-seo asked him if he remembered his mother, but he replied that he can’t remember his parents but he is sure that they must have loved him.  Yoon-seo advised Si-on’s mother that her son came back as In-hae jumped at Si-on and gave him a bear hug to welcome him back.

Worried about the recent emotions he can’t understand, he confided to In-hae his recent unexplained feelings.  In-hae asked who was the woman he was feeling it with, but Si-on wanted to keep it a secret.  Annoyed by not sharing his secret love, In-hae explained to him that what he was experiencing were symptoms of liking a girl and of course his brilliant mind is having a hard time digesting it.  Still thinking about his newly revealed capability to love, he got distracted when he heard a heavenly voice airing in the hallways.  He entered the room and saw a talented young boy belting his magical voice to his television onlookers. 


Yoon-seo asked Do-han if he will be coming to Si-on’s welcome party but the department head has a previous commitment.  He met up with Assistant Director who as a resident proposal guy, brought out his offer to Do-han who was skeptic about his visions of strengthening the Pediatric Surgery Department.


Yoon-seo’s group were drinking soju and headed to noraebang to continue Si-on’s come back party.  Do-han was on a pensive mood as he thought about Assistant Director’s proposal.  Do-han stared at the happy faces of Pediatric department singing drunk and joyful.  Yoon-seo caught Do-han’s presence and they engaged on a small talk outside.  Do-han hinted about a decision he will be making but of course Yoon-seo was confused on the thoughts she was hearing from him.  They bickered about Yoon-seo’s military voice as Do-han insisted on having her changed it.


Then we see our next patient coming up… the boy with the heavenly voice who has been singing all his life.  He was practicing with his vocal teacher and stage mother when his voice caught up in pain so he was rushed to the hospital.

Fully intoxicated with liquor, Yoon-seo and Si-on got back to the latter’s apartment but Yoon-seo insisted on a third round so she asked Si-on to buy some beer.  When Si-on got back, she was already sleeping like a baby. And our little boy who has just have his first crush stared at her as he entered a dear hyung diary confession about him liking the girl sleeping on his bed.

joo won

The next day we see Do-han scanning a list and we flashback to Assistant Director telling him last night to recommend the best of his doctors because they will be scouted for recruitment.  At the doctors’ room Yoon-seo told Si-on not to drink alcohol anymore and then sprayed some perfume on her clothes.  She asked him if it smell good but he replied that because her perfume mixed with soju, it smelled like lemon soju and it’s making him want to drink again.

Eun-ok’s treatment was halted because her bills were not settled yet.   Unfortunately her aunt’s evilness extended to her even taking the money Eun-ok was getting for her disability.


The boy with the heavenly voice, Kyu-hyun, sought Do-han’s expertise and the mother who only worried about her son’s performance kept rushing Do-han with the treatment.  Do-han ordered the needed tests and asked his team for a meeting.  The team drew the usual diagnosis and being always a lot of steps ahead, again Si-on was able to diagnose the illness.  Pyriform Sinus Fistula.  It is a congenital malformation of branchial cleft and the surgery would make the patient lose his voice.  So the dilemma was presented to the patient’s parents and stagemom expressed rage about the treatment presented.  The parents deliberated on what’s best for their son as Do-han ordered Yoon-seo to try to convince Si-on to give up on his dream of being a surgeon.  Irritated at the line of thought she was throwing at him, Si-on blurted a litany.

“Dreams and doing something well are different.  I draw the best.  I have confidence that my drawing skills are better than performing the surgery.  You can’t grow dreams because you just want to do it.  I think about it when I am eating or when I am sleeping.  That is a dream.  The thing that makes me feel good is a dream.” 

Grumpy Si-on stood and left Yoon-seo so to appease him with the rage she saw for the first time, she offered him to take care of Kyu-hyun’s case.


The Director ordered Assistant Director to leave the hospital within a week.  Si-on was getting on the nerves of Kyu-hyun’s mother because of his always pointing out how he sort of miss his life because of too much singing.

Kyu-hyun was sleeping soundly sitting on the hallway’s bench when Si-on passed by and when he tried to listen to his MP3, he was surprised that there was no music on the playlist. 


While the Director was eating at the cafeteria, his secretary came up for an emergency.  Pediatric Chief was put in question about his previous use of the prohibited drug by the Food and Drugs Administration.  Just as the commotion for the investigation was happening, Kyu-hyun’s condition was worsening but his mother won’t still allow surgery.  Si-on poutily quipped how a mother like her doesn’t worry about her son who was actually standing on the hospital’s rooftop on his sad quest to end his pain.


P.S  Thank you HanCinema for the stills.

Good Doctor Episode 1&2

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Good Doctor Episode 5&6


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