There’s no denying that so far this year, this is by far the best laid drama for me to watch.  I’ve been in a variety of happy emotions lately because of Tae-yang and Joong-won’s love story.   Can you be extended forever? Let’s make Joong-won acquire a superpower to hear Tae-yang’s thoughts and then Tae-yang will be possessed by Jang Ok Jung’s ghost and agumiho family book will be required to save her. To get the book, 9 incense sticks will be needed to travel at the real and imaginary world to seek the help of Jeonwoochi, and the fugitive genius doctor of Joseon. Joong-won will be advised that a cotton candy kiss will make Ok Jung’s ghost vanished. aigoo! It’s amazing how one drama can make me forget all the rest of the bad kdramas this year. *giggles


I know it’s just an epiphany… It will be Tae-yang’s realization to disregard all her inhibitions and just go on a come-what-may love. Plus why would they kill Joong-won oppa who was a revelation, a prophecy and currently every girl’s dream in kdramaland these days? It’s time for Tae-yang to take off her “Jesus Save Me” house dress to revive her man. *chuckles 


If truth be told, I’m scared, I will be really disappointed if Hong sisters would be too daring to conclude such a beautiful rom-com following straight the ending of this episode. It’s rom-com, if my favorite lead man this year will die, it’s not funny even if it is sort of coinciding to the death theme of the story. I still want an episode 16 ending in a kiss between two mortals and not between a ghost-seeing-heroine who got lucky because she can have an after-life love. So I am crossing my fingers, if they will resolve in “heroine’s-dream-we’re-just-kidding-Joong-won-is-alive” kick off for episode 13, I won’t whine. But I hope it would be deft enough to appease my heart who stopped for a bit worrying if a possible mental breakdown for the writers are in the horizon.

If this drama will pull off a not-make-believe transition towards its finale, it will TOP my ALL TIME rom-com Kdrama of choice. So please don’t break my heart. 



12 thoughts on “Dear Master’s Sun, please don’t break my heart

  1. Please make more episodes of the master’s sun if this kdrama gonna really need to be end for only 16 episodes, make another The Master’s Sun season II. This time, make it a hundred episodes. We will love you till the end. Greet from Sarawak, Malaysia!
    I have to admit that I do fall for this kdrama for the first time. I’ve never been so addicted on this drama (although I’m not into kpop/other korean movies). This kdrama is the BEST as far as I knw. I love this drama till beyond & infinity! Will never forget this drama till I’m older; mark my words ❤

  2. Jediprincess – where did you see the preview for ep13? I have looked everywhere and had zero success. I need to see that he is alive.

    1. Hi dear, he is as most of the followers want to believe look like in coma… check the preview at youtube for sbsdrama… or you can go to their website… i think there’s already a written translation of the preview as well… tc. ^_^

  3. I would send a gift box to the Hong Sisters if I thought it would help to ensure a happy ending. The OTP have both endured so much trauma and heartbreak in their lives and yet they have managed to get past their baggage and fall in to a beautiful love and if those sisters rip the rug out from underneath them I am going to hop on a plane to Seoul and give them a piece of my mind. And I can be scary! But I am pretty convinced that he is alive and will recover from this and they WILL get their happy ending.

  4. Yup……this is the best drama this year…and su ji sub delivered it geniusly…..even though the heroin is not tht beautiful but her acting certainly is beautiful……love ths drama so much but pls dont kill anyone….

    1. Hi Dania,

      all of us would agree on that… it was a sad kdramaland until sojisub showed up in his telescope.. lol The heroine has been very good wityh her projects… you might want to check her in The Greatest Love… it was also written by Hong sisters. ^_^

  5. OMG…i love your story idea. I would watch it. I am only on episode 10, my friend watched up to 12 and warned me NOT TO WATCH IT. i read just a little farther on your post and saw the word killed…I stopped reading. I don’t want to know about it. First of all only 16 episodes?? come on. I could watch 20 or 30 more. but no killing please. I’m with you, “Dear Masters Sun, don’t break my heart. I won’t watch 12 until 13 is available…I can wait a week, right? thank you for your post.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I know by this time you have caught up with episode 12.. Happy watching… I am so crazy over this drama that when episode 12 ended I came up with a plan on how to escape a possible disappointment if the story will not end up how great it started.

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