So they settled with the amnesia excuse.   I said I won’t whine.  So okay.  I’m not feeling better, I have exhausted all the So Ji Sub videos I can get from the video sites to help me with my meds, so I will just let this one cliché pass… plus I felt that they used it wisely anyway.

master13-00012master13-00019a ****Summary**** Tae-yang remembered the shaman woman who told her about the risk of her abilities and when to seek her guidance.  The shaman woman went Ursula and agreed to help her by waging her ghostly power.  They summoned back Joong-won to the living by using the sun necklace he gave her but calling him back will also erase the memory of him.  So now they use the necklace not for getting back the memory but erasing it, although I might think that it will still be useful in this drama’s conclusion. Joong-won woke up and when his aunt realized he has lost all his memories of Tae-yang.  He can only remember that stormy night when he taunted the thunder to strike him.  Aunt took that opportunity and asked her husband and Secretary Kim not to mention Tae-yang to Joong-won.  When he went home, he saw the wolf/sheep books that he was trying to read and was surprised when along with his amnesia his dyslexia was miraculously healed. Bored at home he visited his mall and crossed path with Tae-yang… The bench ajussi ghost tried to help by moving the trash can so Joong-won noticed Tae-yang’s back but his aunt saw what’s going to happen and so she revert his attention. 1379597304_574662 When Secretary Kim mentioned him receiving a special public duty award, he cannot fathom the heroic acts he was told he has done lately.  He stepped out of his room and even his reflexes are pointing to him in seeking the most important person his memory cannot remember. He entered Tae-yang’s room and again was surprised to learn he created that office.  Tae-yang was packing her things up with Kang-woo and chose not to face him. Knowing how Tae-yang’s heart was breaking, Kang-woo suited our favourite second lead costume and assured her that he will be there to protect her, but she politely declined his offer as she still thinks that being close to her might also put him in danger.   Yi-ryung showed up at Tae-yang’s rooftop place but Kang Woo was able to stop her from her potential bullying.  Bravely and openly showing her one-sided adoration towards Kang-woo, he thanked her for giving him an idea to become diligent with what he feels for Tae-yang. While on her car, Yi-ryung was having disturbing thoughts about Kang Woo and Tae-yang and over at Joong-won’s place his family was having dinner with Hana.  He asked his aunt about the books and her husband slipped nthat it could probably related to his someone special.  But quick to the charade they were playing Hana remarked that she owned it and left it by accident last time she was introduced to the housekeeper.  Aunt and Ha Na are pushing for a possible match with Joong-won and our poor heroine found the same books at a store and remembered how Joong-won told her he read that book and it caused his head to burst. 201309192244561710_1 Yi-ryung took action to mark her man and so she set up a date for Joong-won and Tae-yang at the place he declared his love for her.  While Tae-yang waits for Yi-ryung a ghost popped up but Joong-won also approached and calmed her down, and his immediate touch made the ghost vanished.  And at this point I was really feeling the pain, she must have been feeling.  She knew it was Joong-won’s touch that made her feel safe but she’s choosing not to make him remember her because she was stuck on that notion that she’s putting him on danger.  Joong-won quipped that he noticed her because they were reading the same book and mentioned how he felt something intense as well when he touched her, he asked if she felt it too, but she still didn’t face him and sobbed silently. Joong-won contemplated about his shelter-incident with Tae-yang but he can’t piece out when he felt that. 주군의-태양.E12.130912.HDTV_.X264.720p-BarosG07-47-08 Secretary Kim asked permission from Joong-won for a vacation.  It was also revealed his relationship with twins Hee-joo and Hana.  He was in contact with Hana but failed to locate Hee-joo when she was still alive.  And as we all know, it was revealed that the twins orchestrated the abduction and when Hee-joo died, Hana survived with the jewelry ransom. The brother-kids at Tae-yang’s study motel building went to seek their toy prizes and again surprised amnesiac Joong-won why he gave out his business cards and shop-all-you-want promise to those kids. And finally at the dying minutes of this episode the kids reminded him of they helped him read and how he was a special person to someone.  He asked the name of that person again and they said her name Tae Gong Shil/Tae yang. Then we see Tae-yang coming back home with a guest ghost – Cha Hee-joo.  She asked her to lend her body if she loved Joong-won.  But then Joong-won came, and touched her so Hee-joo wanished. 

“On that stormy night, who are you?  Are you Tae-yang?”




On that stormy night, who are you?  Are you Tae-yang? And they left us hanging on that question?  Depending on Tae-yang’s answer and Joong-won’s response after her reply.  We don’t know yet if he is feigning ignorance that his memory came back after the kids helped him tried to remember her.  I drew out these possible scenarios because I have to put it in writing so I won’t be thinking about it until next week.  The final 4 episodes I think would be very meaty, and I’m happy that the amount of sigh I made while waiting for this episode to be subbed paid off… calmed me and relieved my week-old broken heart.

Tae-yang confirms + Joong-won recovered his memory = Yey!  Joong-won ♥ Tae-yang 4ever!!!

Tae-yang confirms + Joong-won still has amnesia = Joong-won will ask questions until he gets the answer to all his questions

Tae-yang denies + Joong-won recovered his memory = Joong-won will push for their love once more 

Tae-yang denies + Joong-won still has amnesia = Joong-won might just go with his aunt’s plans and not push to uncovering that “something” missing in his life.

Tsss I am now even using Math because of this drama.  *chuckles


If all these scenarios won’t happen, and Joong-won remained amnesiac, then the surprise Hee-joo’s visit to Tae-yang will play an important role, if she will show up again and Tae-yang agrees.  I think her ghostly self realized that it was stupid to protect her evil twin so she will use Tae-yang’s body to warn Joong-won about it. I want to watch a lot of heart fluttering “Joong-Won-Tae-Yang moments”.  Who doesn’t?  There will be I think one final conflict that will close Hee-joo’s case once and for all and we don’t know yet if the evil shaman woman will show up again to make Tae-yang fulfil her promise.

Master’s Sun has always been consistent with its cliff-hangers and that’s why maybe kdramaland addicts have been raving and buzzing about it.  It is so caffeinated like that feeling when you are in the beginning of a relationship when you don’t want a night to end and yet you want another day to begin.  This has been making me act like a prisoner marking my calendar, waiting for that day that I know I will be happy.  *chuckles

This episode surprised me because whilst it went to the amnesia cliché, it didn’t make it like they were stuck somewhere.  It went strong to portraying how even without his memories of her, his connection with her is somehow still intact and his reflexes were helping him to fathom what he was supposed to be missing.  Given his curious self, I’m sure he will get to the bottom of it soon.  When I say “soon”, I’m hopeful, it’s the next episode.  I just wished that Tae-yang will stop blaming herself and also push herself to him instead of nursing a broken heart that isn’t supposed to be broken anyway. 

I am liking that all throughout the series, they have established the main conflict involving Hee-joo while inserting those other ghost cases in building up the circumstances that helped in making Joong-won and Tae-yang get closer and I am confident that the trajectory of the finale will be awesome and full of love.  ^_^



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