Tae-yang escaped Joong-won’s interrogation about her relationship to him by providing him answers to his questions but withdrawing the essentials behind their connection.  Without his memory he  cannot comprehend how she got closer to him and she explained that she has a special sixth sense that was of value to him but when he got hurt, feeling bad about it, she distanced herself from him.  He told her how things happened to him which in his sane mind was unlikely of him to do and yet he did it.  He also thought that he is forgetting very important but he can’t piece out the details.  He asked her if it was because of her and to evade his instinctive query, she replied that he did forget something and grabbed the cans of beer he left inside her fridge.

Joong-won questioned his uncle about his knowledge about Tae-yang and him and he responded that he can only give him answers based on the rumours about it but of course it was far from what really truly happened between them.  Late at night Tae-yang and Kang-woo shared some drinks.  Kang-woo worried about her situation since her shelter can’t remember her and she might be scared again because of the ghosts.  Tae-yang replied that she won’t be scared anymore because when she saw Joong-won’s wandering soul in the hospital that day she was so scared that nothing can top up that fright anymore.  She was already resigned to not dragging Joong-won in her life anymore.  She told him about her plans to go back to school asa her ghostly friends can help her out anyway to test questions.  Kang-woo quipped that since he’s good at protecting, he will be protecting her and they raised their cans to cheer each other up.


Joong-won meanwhile was still in deep contemplation about his situation.  He muttered that something felt missing in his body which of course all of us know mean that he’s feeling empty.

The next morning Madam Shaman visited tae-yang and reminded her of their contract in saving Joong-won and as it turned out Tae-yang became her ghost bounty hunter.  She was tasked to gather dead unmarried single women for her after-life match making business so off she played tomb-raiding while holding on Joong-won’s necklace everytime she gets scared. 


While Yi-ryun was being convinced by her manager about a Hollywood project, she saw Tae-yang with Madam Shaman speaking with clients.  She talked with Kang-woo about her possible shoot outside the country and mentioned how she saw Tae-yang with a witch-looking ajumma.

Kang-woo deduced who the weird looking ajumma was and asked Tae-yang about it.  She confirmed what he learned and told him not to worry as Madam Go knew her pretty well.

At work, Joong-won while browsing his voice recorder heard Tae-yang’s recording when she took in Secretary Kim’s post for a day.  Bothered by things always popping up linking him to Tae-yang, he went to her room and stared at an empty space which was seen by his aunt.

Tae-yang and Madam Shaman went to meet a client who was bothered by his dead ex-gf showing in his dreams.  He is getting married soon so he doesn’t want to be bothered by it.  At the same restaurant, Hana and Joong-won’s aunt waited for Joong-won for their lunch.  Joong-won arrived and saw Tae-yang happily chatting with the client confirming her knowledge of his dead ex-gf so he pressed himself to their meeting.  He touched her and the ghost disappeared so she scolded him for touching her when she’s working but Joong-won scared the ajussi to run and get lost if he wanted to be safe.  He proceeded to their lunch table and again looked at Hanna’s sun necklace wondering why he was so drawn to it.


Aunt asked Madam Shaman a favour about Joong-won’s ghost thus Tae-yang was summoned to their lunch.  Aunt asked if she sees a ghost in the room and Tae-yang confirmed it and  both Hanna and Joong-won’s  faces were startled.

“Cha Hee-joo ssi.  I don’t want to see you anymore.  So please tell us now, who was the person who made you die.  I will tell him.”

Joong-won stood up, touched her and made Hee-joo disappear.  Tae-yang again reminded him not to touch her when she’s working.  He grabbed her to talk outside and again denounced the reason why she has to let him go.  She warned him not to touch her again.

Secretary Kim figured out what happened to his niece Hanna and realized his new identity as well.  Kang-woo provided Joong-won with the evidence about Hee-joo’s twin so Joong-won learned about him trying to look for Hee-joo’s accomplice.

The ajussi who stabbed Joong-won went to Kingdom Mall looking for Tae-yang but was halted by Kang-woo’s martial arts moves.  He pleaded to Joong-won how he didn’t mean what he did but necause he covered himself to Tae-yang, he got hit instead.  Joong-won can’t understand why he was willing to die for her but Kang-woo confirmed and told him that he was willing to die just to save her.

Joong-won went crazy trying to solve his memory-loss-jigsaw-ouzzle and even resorted to the ghosts at Tae-yang’s used-to-be room for answers.


Tae-yang asked Madam Go if she knew how she obtained her powers and she responded that it could be because of her soul that wandered for 3 years after an accident.  Then we see Tae-yang’s ghost-coffee-loving-friend talking with a man who appeared to be also seeing ghosts.  What???  We only have 3 episodes and we have another male contender for the heroine’s heart?

Aunt asked Joong-won to become Hanna’s partner at an event.  His uncle told him that he was refrained from sharing anything about Tae-yang but he’ll do it now.  He told Joong-won how Tae-yang went to the hospital everyday, crying about his situation.  He also confirmed how his heart stopped and he literally died and came back to life.  He gave him an indirect advice that the sparkling-rich woman his aunt kept pushing to him could make a good life but he was willing to throw his life for ghost-seeing-poor Tae-yang.  That was the best line uncle said so far in this series.


Tae-yang went to Joong-won’s office thinking it was Secretary Kim who summoned her but it was in fact Joong-won.  They were on for confrontation #3.  Joong-won began his predicament by stating how he has been trying to grasp what happened to him and it has always been pointing to her.  He presented evidence and questioned Tae-yang like he was a lawyer but Tae-yang while admitting that she saw his soul, didn’t tell him what he told her when he vanished.

Kang-woo also concluded Hanna’s identity and was about to report it to Secretary Kim but the latter conveyed first his relationship to Hee-joo and Hanna.

Tae-yang and Madam Go went to their client’s wedding and Tae-yang finally convinced the dead ex-gf to let go of him since he is now married.  They saw Joong-won and Hanna on their way to attend an event.  Uncle mentioned how he saw Tae-yang in the lobby but Joong-won ignored it.  He told him how Tae-yang was bound to serve Madam Go for some weird contract.  Joong-won didn’t waste time and confronted Madam Shaman about it.  She asked if he’s interested to restore his memory but he dismissed it by saying he just wanted to know what the contract was but she hinted anyway that he just have to remember something he forgot before he woke up.  He still insisted about the worth of compensation and not wanting to go further with her taunting to restore his memory.  He muttered that all has been lost and he doesn’t want to dwell on it.  Madam Go responded how Tae-yang has been taking all the pain for him and he replied how he knew it that’s why he wanted to do his share.  He asked her how much the contract cost one last time and Madam Go replied how Tae-yang gave all her self so he can start calculating on that note.


Mind-exhausted to the puzzle he has been trying to solve, he leaned on the door and remembered how he stared at Tae-yang one time while she was resting at her office room.  His aunt and Hanna noticed him and they asked if he’s okay.  He excused himself and told them how he was not really feeling well.  He was again drawn by Hanna’s sun necklace.  He moved his hand trying to scoop something to hold and then voila!  His memory of the necklace came back.  He told them that he will look for something he lost.  Hanna tried to halt him and asked if her necklace was not the one he lost and he replied that it was the same but hers was not genuine.

Tae-yang pleaded to Hee-joo not to appeal her request anymore as she doesn’t care about Joong-won anymore.  She was about to throw Joong-won’s sun necklace but he got in time and stopped her from doing it. 

“Did you really think you could do without your safety shelter?”



My Thoughts:

This episode was a stubborn episode, until the dying minutes when Joong-won recovered his forgotten memories, the characters kept circling about “his stubborn urge to unravel the mystery of Tae-yang’s connection to him” and “her stubborn self denying his probing and still sacrificing their happiness because of her scary thought that she’ll put him on danger”.

If the man-seeing-ghost will be adding some jealousy push for Tae-yang and Joong-won I would love it.  I would like to see how Joong-won will take it knowing that the other man is at an advantage since he can relate to Tae-yang’s 6th sense very well.  For all we know he could be Tae-yang’s boyfriend while her soul was wandering for 3 years and when he was resurrected, he waited for the perfect timing to get their love story another chance in the real world. I’ll stop now, my imagination is running wild for endless possibilities.

3 episodes left and any moment they will reveal the truth about Hee-joo and Hanna’s crime.

Joong-won who has always been pushing what he felt towards Tae-yang again did it one more time this episode that I felt like it’s also a refreshing thing in kdramas when you have a stubborn romantic lead man who not even an amnesia was able to stop him from claiming the woman in his heart.

I see a very exciting episode 15 coming up as with his memory back I know Joong-won will not back down to convince Tae-yang just as how she should not be stubborn to think that she will bring misfortune to him.

 Episode 15, I am ready for you!  ^_^



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