kehkeh I’m feeling teenager-ish over this drama.. Eventhough I’ve seen the sweet scenes before in other dramas.. it would never go wrong to have Lee Min Ho standing gorgeously showing up at her school and waiting for the girl he likes… actually it could never go wrong when he just stands lazily in his greek-god-ish beautiful self… *chuckles
Episode 5 takes us to the big revelation that is I’m-super-rich-chaebol-son-I-like-you-can-you-handle-that? scenario.. The story is officially bound to go Boys Over Flowers from now on, I’m not interested but I’m excited to the sweet scenes I’m going to feast on. 


Old friends, frenemy, ex-gf, display gf learned that Tan is back and he is out busy watching the girl she likes from a far.  When he mustered his confidence to reveal his true identity, it was a painfully sweet moment that I was able to feel.  There she was asking about his wealthy background while reality was sinking to her heart.  No matter how she was trying to shove him off in her system, she yearns for those dreamlike days she spent with him.  And there he was confirming what she has just realized not denying every single of it, and just giving her that “i miss you, how have you been stare?”.

Tan’s father learned about his sons’ crushes and graciously offered Eun-sang’s mother to have her transferred to the elite school they owned.

And we ended with all the main student cast greeting Tan’s school come back as Eun-sang acquaint her self with her new school.



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