Dear Eun-sang your hair is soo long it’s already extending here to where I am sitting. I want to step on it but Kim Tan might kill me. *chuckles We have now reached a brawly kind of love. I feel envious why I never had a complicated love life in High School. For what its worth, I’m feeling the intensity of how a love that felt so right and destined to be can’t go on because it can’t happen. Did Aunt Aphrodite miss this rich-boy-poor-girl love story? Though we are still moving at a crawling pace, I can feel the emotions drowning the characters and immersing me. It’s a disheartening feel how Kim Tan asserts how he wants to protect the girl he loves, but Eun-sang rejects that protection knowing she has to protect him too.


Most second leads are usually meek, and I have a love-you-hate-you relationship with Young-do. I hate him when he’s starting to act unreasonable, but for the first time today I saw a facet and flicker of hope to salvage his unstable character which now I think will be a work-in-progress since he is starting to like a girl.


We are on two stubborn boys showdown and because it can’t be settled by money but by a girl’s heart.  I’m up for who would win this contest.

ep 6 the heirs




4 thoughts on “Heirs Korean Drama Episode 9 Quick Musings

  1. much as i love LMH, i hope to see more of ES and YD realationship, how far YD will show his bad boy side or will he gradually change for ES, as long as YD is a jerk there will be no love triangle, no girl in her right mind will fall for a guy who bullies her!

    1. Hi there, YD is starting to u
      act like a young man in love and he’s showing his character’s importance. And yes, I also look forward to what he will be doing to prove his love to ES that Kim Tan can’t do for her.

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