The only reason why I am watching “Golden Rainbow” is because of Jung Il Woo.  I adored him more than his bestfriend Lee Min Ho… must be the lazy smile, the flirty eyes and the always heartfelt character portrayal, but I pledge to catch up as much as I can to this family drama no matter how long it would take.


Golden Rainbow opened in May Queen/Stars Falling From the Sky vibe.  I witnessed a lead heroine from riches to rags story striving to be a good sister to her fellow adopted siblings.   Jang Ha Bin was born from an affluent family whose mother, Yoon Young-hye is despised by her aristocratic grandmother, Kang Jung-shim.   When her father died, Young-hye was left no choice but to watch her baby from afar.  She grew up in an orphanage with Kim Han-joo, Chung Uk-jo and Seo Jin-ki, the latter married the sister of her deceased rich husband and was serving the devil-chairman’s company.


Seeing the sadness as Young-hye longed for her child, Han-joo with Uk-jo kidnapped Ha-bin with Jin-ki’s help who harboured hatred towards his mother-in-law who has always treated him as an outcast.  Young-hye and Ha-bin had a short reunion but was halted when Jung-shim’s men found them.  Han-joo and Uk-jo were jailed for the attempted abduction.


Having money problems and being always scrutinized by his chairman-mother-in-law, Jin-ki has to find a way to sway her attention to bid him time to raise funds for the money cover up.  He tasked his man to kidnap Ha-bin when she was out with Halmoni-chairman at a theme park.  Smart Ha-bin faced with danger was able to escape the safe house she was brought to and walked to where her feet could bring her away from where she was kept.


Halmoni-chairman mustered all her power and riches to search for the missing granddaughter and when they found her clothing in the waters, they presumed she was dead.  Young-hye cursed the old woman for not taking care of her little girl and vowed to avenge her pain someday.


Ha-bin later showed up with an older boy who has to steal some food for his sick grandmother.  Han-joo and Uk-jo who learned about the culprits who were taking their fish castigated the children, but Han-joo’s warm heart won over the helpless siblings.  He decided to adopt the boy and the girl after knowing that their grandmother passed away and Uk-jo took the liberty of naming them after money.  The boy became Kim Man-won and Ha-bin became Kim Baek-won.


Han-joo’s kind heart later acquired new adoptees Shib-won, Yeol-won, Il-won and Young-won who were taken care by Baek-won being the eldest sister.  Life was hard and the family tried to stay afloat.  Baek-won has to sacrifice what normal teenager girls do to take care of her younger siblings.  Later on, a young lady about Baek-won’s age was added to the family after she squealed about her own father’s evildoings, who was also the same man who kidnapped young Baek-won/Ha-bin.



Not even visiting Han-joo in the jail, Young-hye emerged again after running away from some mafia-ish men with a lot of money.  She woke up with wounded leg and was helped by Baek-won.  They later on marked all their connection and Baek-won was happy to see the woman her father loved so much, but Uk-jo felt otherwise.


Jin-ki took in his son, Seo Do-young to Chairman’s house and has to bear the bullying of his father’s stepson just so he wouldn’t add weight to his father’s burden.  He displayed failure in his school grades but his father later found out that he was hiding his ability and following his instruction to him when he first entered the house.  Do-young developed fondness to Baek-won and has constantly been playing with Young-won who has to stay at his sister’s school before they could both go home.


Young-hye trusted her acquired money to Jin-ki and they planned on taking down the old chairwoman whose business is in the merge of bankruptcy.  Han-joo learned about the chairman’s business illegal activity affecting the town he was settling and confronted Jin-ki about it, gbut the latter remained blinded of the power and money he has so he disregarded his brother’s plea not to take the livelihood from small people like them.


Han-joo and Uk-joo were able to stalk and take pictures of the illegal fish trawling but Jin-ki’s men caught up with them and they all ended in the police station.  Old chairwoman who hated the man who abducted her granddaughter met again and ordered the police to imprison him but Baek-won and Man-won came to check what happened and unbeknownst to her true identity, Baek-won questioned the evil old woman spiting harsh words to her father.




So far so good for me, I like the children and the development of the characters.  Although I hate this kind of antagonism where the conflicts would evidently circle to the lead girl’s true identity, I am expecting a family drama presentation that won’t dig on vengeance but what the characters all deserve.  I am looking forward to how the romance would bloom, get intertwined and even get confusing. 

Dear Il-woo and Uee, Fighting!  Love, abby



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