It would be nice if City Hunter would come and help out Aboji to battle the villains in this drama.  *chuckles Well it was just a silly thought as there are plethora of villains showcased so far — the confused villain, the greedy villain, the unreasonable villain and the nonsensical villain.  But I’m still happy that so far they are not turning into a weep fest and not making me bump my head on the computer screen.  I love the adorable kids.  I haven’t checked how long this back story will go and since I signed up for this long agreement, I won’t complain.  Still strong as a family drama, there were a lot of heartbreaking scenes and life lessons explained.  This kdrama is so far best served to our grandparents and a must watch for the entire family.



Baek-won raised her voice to her estranged grandmother upon hearing her call her father bad names.  She argued with evil Halmoni but she remained victorious in sending Han-joo aboji to prison.  Aboji secretly gave Baek-won the film and asked her to take care of it. 




Jin-ki’s minions stormed at Baek-won’s house in their quest to find the film scaring the younger kids and menacing the house.  Just as when they are about to stress Baek-won, Man-won came and tried a duel with the minion leader to protect his younger siblings.  Jin-ki ordered to halt his frightening tactics and left the kids and the older kids crying and traumatized.




Young-hye learned of what happened with Han-joo and confronted Jin-ki about it but the latter diverted the blame on her for making grandma-chairman think that the children are theirs.  He reminded her about their illegal shipment business that will be coming up.  Young-hye tried to confront Halmoni but she didn’t use her “I-was-your-secret-investor-card” yet, she again rescued the older kids when social workers were trying to get them to be sheltered.  She learned that the younger ones were already grabbed by the social workers and was staying at an orphanage.




Do-young learned the truth about his father’s evil-doings and castigated him about it and threw a long “you’re a disappointing father spiel” to his father’s face and marched out to regret having a father like him.

Jin-ki who retrieved the film after Han-joo was left no choice when he learned that the younger kids was taken away gave the evidence to Halmoni and told her that he will call the police to order Han-joo’s release, but evil-Halmoni countered it by telling him that she already ordered the police to have him incarcerated.  Jin-ki tried to appeal to her decision, but Halmoni who was previously visited by Young-hye wanted to take that opportunity having known that Han-joo’s pain is also Young-hye’s worry.


Young-hye saw Baek-won crying as she stared at Il-won’s drawing of him and her.  She worried about how her younger siblings as she cried and was comforted by Young-hye.  The latter seeing the pain of Han-joon’s children went to visit evil Chairwoman and kneeled for forgiveness to have Han-joo be freed but was shown a news article about the company’s illegal fish activity.  Young-hye swore they were not behind it but the old fox remained firm.  Jin-ki dragged her out and told her that her visit to the Chairman yesterday aggravated Han-joo’s situation.


Baek-won tried her luck to speak with the Chairwoman but she was not let in by the guards and was shoved to the ground in the pouring rain.  Do-young heard her step-mom talked about a young girl staging a vigil in front of the house and offered his hand so she can go inside the house.



Halmoni-chairman showed Baek-won the news article but the latter denied that it was her father’s doing.  Do-young took the instant family meeting and revealed that it was his doing and that he sent the picture to the press along with the article.  He got a slap from his father by that revelation that infuriated his step-mom and evil Halmoni.

Do-young and Jin-ki engaged in a conscience versus power argument and this time enraged by his father’s principles Do-young won their debate. 


Baek-won explained to Halmoni how his father raised 7 orphans and tried to sway her previous decisions.  She promised her that she will repay her graciousness someday by raising fish.  Halmoni was surprised when she put her up in a fish culture quiz bee and she was able to answer it all in flying colors.  Halmoni stood up and left Baek-won unsure if she has softened her heart.


Baek-won went home tired from her conquest and cried again to Young-hye.  Man-won on the other side accepted a deal with the gangsters relying to the promise that it would release his father.  Uk-jo told Cheon-won and ajumma Young-hye’s identity while Baek-won listened to her father’s jail history narrated by Young-hye.  She also told her about the daughter who was taken away by her mother-in-law.  She showed her the baby pictures and told her that she was about her age.


It seems that there’s still a little goodness in Halmoni’s heart so when Jin-ki tried to talk her out about Han-joo’s case, she agreed to have him call the police and order his release.  She stared at Ha-bins picture as her encounter with Baek-won reminded her of her lost granddaughter.

Il-won was bullied at the orphanage and the game boy was taken away from him by force.  His siblings came to rescue him successfully but he won’t stop crying telling them that he missed their father and Baek-won.  But the cries were interrupted when Han-joo came to embrace all of them. 


They walked back home happily but the rain suddenly poured so they looked for shelter.  Han-joo taught his children how they should never be scared when they have each other.  They told them that as long as they are together no matter what storm might happen, they would get through it, and no matter how big winds may challenge them, it will make them stronger.

Jin-ki told Do-young that Han-joo was released and was so happy about it.  He reminded him to be wary of his actions.  Young-hye prepared a feast for the family reunion.  She asked Han-joo why he still keep the first gift she gave him even if it’s already broken but he remained distant with her and went out to go fishing.


Young-hye contemplating about staying with the family or taking her revenge to her mother-in-law took sick Il-won who was delirious crying out his mother’s name.  Baek-won came to the room to pour some hot water for Il-won and narrated how their strange family came together.


Do-young and Baek-won went to their secret place and talked about their life sentiments.  He told her how he envied her for having a warm father because his father isn’t.  He thanked her for listening to his daddy issues and sob stories.  They rode on his bike and Do-young asked her out to go with him to watch a movie on Sunday.  Baek-won saw Cheon-won washing the kids’ clothes and was welcomed by Young-hye.  They went inside the house as Cheon-won gave that slightly envious-glaring stare.

Jin-ki asked Uk-jo to help them with getting the illegal goods from Japan but he replied how he can’t navigate ship and to convince Han-joo to do it.


Man-won was threatened by the gangster boss to continue working for them and his fight skills video had him tied up to the agreement.  Jin-ki met with Han-joo and offered him the gold smuggling job in Japan. 

Baek-won and Young-hye were saying goodbye to each to each other when a car suddenly stopped revealing the gangster people who were chasing Young-hye.




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