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Historical writings documented how an alien landed in Korea 400 years ago. His space shuttle distracted the mourning pilgrimage of a young woman who lost her groom. Creating pressure from the sky, the young widow’s palanquin almost fell off a cliff if not for a strange good looking man’s freezing of the time interference. This man from another star’s name is. Over the centuries, he accustomed himself in human way of living and even limited his supernatural instincts and abilities while waiting for his chance to return to his planet. A chance that came in 3 months time but his eventual leaving will be shakened by an encounter that has delayed him in leaving the planet he visited.


Cheon Seon-yi amidst the blitz and glamour lives an unhappy life. Always criticized by her actions, her immense popularity has made her the subject of public scrutiny. Her cluelessness about things she posts overrides her goal to be closer to the people who were mocking and following her at the same time. While people praises her upfront, they would eventually say something against her, when she turns her back.


Fate permitted this alien and actress to live in the same building and at the same floor and that same fate has been linking their encounters from the past and the present time.


This sweet love tale is moving swift in catching my heart. I love that our alien hero’s self restrictions to be closer to earthlings will be tested by the same innate human nature known to us by the name of “love”.


Cheon Seon-yi’s strong facade but vulnerable bearing is so far an entertaining and endearing character to watch, and I am looking forward to how she will connect to her alien professor neighbor who was her long lost first love.


At 4 episodes, the promising story and highly-anticipated pairing is living up to its hype, and yes making me engrossed and all smiling. Dear You From Another Star, next year, please be still beautiful just like what you are right now. -jediprincess



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  1. This one has a hold of me as well… !!! ^^

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