You Who Came From The Stars” came up so strong and has set the bar for kimchidramaland way too early this 2014, and if this is a positive omen, I can hardly wait for a year so promising.

Feisty and fun, it has surely and splendidly build up the conflict, the romance, and the conflicting romance, binding me in perplexing contemplation of my own drama finale forecast. Will he stay an alien? Will his space shuttle be stuck in Mars? Will Gu Family Book finally show up and make him a human? Will she trade her lonely top star status and be a pretty alien? Or will she open the time capsule under the sassy girl tree while waiting for Gyeon-woo oppa. Tsssss It’s been a while since I’ve been dying of anticipation to what the conclusion of the drama I am stalking would be, so dear Mr. Director and Ms. Writer you are both doing a great job. *bow
I am excited to witness the fictional fulfillment of how love will magically work its way to make this alien and human love story feasible.


I love the execution of the characters in this tv delight because the main leads will be able to stand alone even if an eventual story slip might happen, which I doubt would be triggered anyway considering how the writer calculates the pacing without looking so dragging and predictable. It’s like a mixture of amazing awkwardness, cuteness and honesty… the conservative, recluse, pretending to be nonchalant but truly caring alien professor and the clueless vivacious cute in her self-centered way top actress, have been nourishing their romance in a traditional negotiating way where the girl always wins and the boy ends up giving in. Thus feeding on this premise, I fell in love with how they are coming to terms that they love one another.

Cheers to a runaway first half hit! I now look forward to the alien vs chaebol psychopath showdown alongside the eventual love admittance thread down the remaining episodes. I also want to see Song-yi claim her top actress status by teaching her envious double-sided friend that faking friendship guarantees losing a true friend.


Less the tears, sob stories and dramatic dialogues, “You Who Came From The Stars” is as crisp, engaging and gripping even without using the typical emotion inducing drama scenarios. Thriving on the character ups and downs, it etches facets of realities that teaches how people struggled to concede with their insecurities and are always won over by finding faults at something or someone they won’t even have to bother. Cheon Song Yi has had me girl crushing on her proud vulnerable self whose pain all women can relate to – that is pretending something doesn’t hurt when in reality it’s making you sob when you are alone. Her trying to rescue her self regardless of the crazy fix she succumbs to has earned her a charming heroine who would stay strong in the face of her adversities but would not hesitate to ask for help when she can no longer take it.

Most of the kdrama characters I grew fond of were of the eyecandy-princey-darcy-ish-jackdawson-ish kind of guys, and this will be the first time I am going to place a girl character on my favorite list. Not that Min-joon is overshadowed by his lead girl. Their chemistry is surprisingly impeccable with or without love furtive insinuations meaning to have the other party take notice. Theirs was a tv screen relationship definitely worth watching and undoubtedly addictive because of their extreme personalities and willingness to compromise knowingly and unknowingly to their differences.

Perfect for love month, if you are up to a romantic spree with your special someone… grab your popcorn, soda and a dash of this adorable romance drama.



One thought on “You Who Came From The Stars Halfway Ramblings

  1. YES. To everything you just said. This drama is very much in danger of becoming/remaining an all-time favorite of mine. Please stay wonderfully amazing- just as you are- through to the final episode…. please please please… ^^

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