If this drama will conclude satisfyingly with a well-knit succession of resolving the impossibility of an alien and a human falling in love with each other, I can now answer that question – “What’s my favorite korean drama?, without hesitation.  ^_^

You Who Came From The Stars episode 11 was a bliss. I laughed, cried and melted with Song-yi and Min-joon’s love story. And this is my favorite epilogue.. so painfully sweet. I just hope that it was just Min-joon’s premonition of an eventual danger and her realization of the man she’s been in love with would prevent his perilous encounter with the psychopath. Song-yi’s one night moving on from a painful one sided love fix was so hilarious and it made me remember all those crazy text messages and phone calls I did when I was also on that same boat. Kkk

8 episodes left and I’m feeling so depressed thinking on how my favorite alien who was not minding his earth life for the past 400 years now wants to gamble in his remaining 2 months stay because he fell in love with a human.  I was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling and feeling the same predicament as what he’s having.  This drama is so affecting and so fluid that while as a viewer, it’s giving me viable resolutions that are easy to imagined, I am left holding a pillow showing my puppy face and begging kdramagod to just have him become a human or her become an alien so they can live happily ever after.   Well the latter would be much more fun considering how she would be taking advantage of her alien powers.  And yes Twilight director, if you ever see this drama, this is how you make supernatural love tale so poignant and splendid in live action. period.


I hope the greedy psychopath didn’t take Min-joon’s sacrificial offer to vindicate the evil deeds he’s been doing, and I hope Hui-kyung will stop snooping and really do some action and help our love couple from his evil brother, because if the drama will suppose not give Song-yi and Min-joon a fulfilment to reciprocate their love, at least they should give them two months of doing cotton candy kiss, walking in a garden with couple jacket and all those sweet couple things.  *please

The way it is threading though is like Min-joon’s weakening alien self really has to leave the earth.  So I have been devising closing scenarios like Min-joon momentarily leaves and will join a reality show in his planet with being a human as a prize or when his 2 months end he will lose his alien power, and saved Song-yi from evil psychopath one last time, and will be in comatose state where his soul will found Tae-yang to help him tell Song-yi who the culprit is.  Or Song-yi making a scene when Min-joon’s alien brothers pick him up doing his 15 second fairy thing and making them fall in love with her too and they will just settle for alien invasion. *chuckles

I have this feeling I would really have a hard time sending off this drama, but at least it will make love month this 2014 more so memorable because of it.



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