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Rarely did a Korean romcom drama approach me and sweep me off of my feet every episode up to the finale, and to say that I was happy throughout my drama-stalking was an understatement, I was so elated with it.  You see, love stories need not to be so big romantic kind of way, not that I didn’t like the “alien-who-loved-me” twist but “You From Another Star” drew a great following because of the vibrant characters who has really brought to life their fictional images to an unforgettable and you-can’t-help-but-relate-to kind of way. I think the lightness of the conflicts and not involving much negative emotion, but focusing on making the lead couple work their way to defy the cosmic problem inhibiting them from being together gave a gratifying closure for the story.  You see once in a while jealousy, greed, family intervention, amnesia and annoying 3rd parties are not required to create a heartfelt love tale, you only need two hearts that love bravely and love back deeply.


Feisty and fun, it has surely and splendidly built up the conflict, the romance, and the conflicting romance, binding me in perplexing contemplation on how a drama with typical romcom premise surged a romantic bliss, never looking back and coming strongly and  surely each chronicle episode and seemingly faultless in executing the how-to-make-a-perfect-romcom guidelines.



Do Min Joon, an alien from another star came to earth during the Joseon era and has delayed his return to where he came from because he was waiting for a chance to meet a young woman who has made a connection with him in his early days of staying in a new world he’s trying to be acquainted with.  He has managed to mingle with human life for the next 400 years, and in the last 3 months of his eventual departure to return to his world, he met Cheon Song Yi, a famous vivacious actress who resembled  the young woman he has yearning to meet again before his presumed alien stay wanes. What used to be a mundane living for him changed 360 degrees as his connection with the pretty and feisty actress grew within him, and before he knew it, they have fallen in love with each other.  The road to finding love to the person you least expect it to happen and the pain of being hindered of the love they both deserve made Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi’s love story remarkable and deeply affecting.  There you have a girl who is not so perfect and at times have her own way of perceiving things but her ability to express what she feels and her sensitivity to know when to stop made her such an endearing and memorable heroine.   Do Min Joon, on the other hand slowly progressed to a hero worthy of shooting-star-give-me-my-prince-wish as he went from the stoic alien to a loving man all willing to give everything in his power to protect his woman.


Cheon Song Yi, a Korean top actress who has been a usual target of social media frenzy due to her dumb remarks was forced to enter school again to appease negative rumors that has been chasing her alongside the popularity status she has gained.  She attended the class of Do Min Joon, an alien incognito living on earth, waiting for the dying days of his earth visit who also happened to be her neighbor and was clueless about her immense infamous status.



Their love thread eventually started as Min-joon’s hearing ability learned of Song-yi’s fears and loneliness which sparked up his protective instinct that eventually solidified when he realized that she looked like the young woman who was his very first friend in the planet and whom he has been yearning to try and meet again through his years of living on earth.


When Song Yi hit the rock bottom of her career after being involved as a contributor of a fellow actress’ alleged suicide, Min-joon found himself standing up as her hero.  Little by little love blossomed in Song Yi’s heart, and soon enough Min-joon realized the same.


Fate, chance encounters and brave “i-love-you-right-now claims have never been so perfectly achieved until this love story graced kdrama screen and though there were minimal things that I wished was explained fully, I didn’t care less because the love progress moved to a pace where the character’s connection is sensitive to the story they are into, while the story glued out perfect pieces of events that maybe kdrama cliche, but were effectively used and concluded just the same.


I love the execution of the characters in this tv delight because the main leads will be able to stand alone even if an eventual story slip might happen, which was never triggered anyway necause of the brilliant writing that calculated the story flow without looking so dragging and predictable as well as staying realistic and amusing. It’s like a mixture of amazing awkwardness, cuteness and honesty… the conservative, recluse, pretending to be nonchalant but truly caring alien professor and the clueless vivacious cute in her self-centered way top actress, have been nourishing their romance in a traditional negotiating way where the girl always wins and the boy ends up giving in. Thus feeding on this premise, I fell in love with how they came to terms that they love one another.


Less the tears, sob stories and dramatic dialogues, “You Who Came From The Stars” is as crisp, engaging and gripping even without using the heavy and dark emotion inducing drama scenarios. Thriving on the character ups and downs, it etched facets of realities that teaches how people struggled to concede with their insecurities and are always won over by finding faults at something or someone they won’t even have to bother. Cheon Song Yi has had me girl crushing on her proud vulnerable self whose pain all women can relate to – that is pretending something doesn’t hurt when in reality it’s making you sob when you are alone. Her trying to rescue her self regardless of the crazy fix she succumbs to has earned her a charming heroine who would stay strong in the face of her adversities but would not hesitate to ask for help when she can no longer take it.



Most of the kdrama characters I grew fond of were of the eyecandy-princey-darcy-ish-jackdawson-ish kind of guys, and this will be the first time I am going to place a girl character on my favorite list. Not that Min-joon is overshadowed by his lead girl. Their chemistry is surprisingly impeccable with or without love furtive insinuations meaning to have the other party take notice. Theirs was a tv screen relationship definitely worth watching and undoubtedly addictive because of their extreme personalities and willingness to compromise knowingly and unknowingly to their differences.


I can say a lot of beautiful things about this drama but to make it simpler, I will just say that it is currently my all time favorite.  I was happy to witness the closure which gave me a happy ending and yet not leaving entirely its supernatural premise.  You Who Came From Another Star’s finale didn’t force the issue and gave a satisfying ending for hopeless romantics and threw a lightsaber party to scifi geeks.    It yielded a make sense ever after dream for the lead girl who has been patient to his eventual wormhole traveling man to fulfill his promise to his woman.  A classic love-you-when-you’re-here-with-me and love-you-even-more-even-if-you-leave irony and yet so indulging of wistful memories.  It was a heartfelt love affirming ending befitting of the bravery, honesty, unrequited love and a surreal romance wrapped in a pink bow.







  1. This is also my favorite Kdrama to date 🙂 I just love how the cast brought the characters to life especially Jun Ji Hyun’s portrayal of Cheon Song Yi 🙂 She also has this amazing chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun 🙂 I hope I could see them in another project soon.. gee… I miss watching this drama 🙂
    BTW, you have a great blog 🙂

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  3. I feel exactly the same way. Though I thought there were a few weak spots in the plot (Cheon Song Yi’s look-alike, the “bad guy”) I find that I don’t even care! The chemistry and relationship between our main couple overthrows all of that. The focal point of this drama was their love story- and it was… wonderful. Indeed, this drama is one of my all time faves! I’m feeling withdraws now that it’s over and look forward to re-watching it all in the future. ^^

    • hi joni… I bet you are missing them right now, because I do. kkk Where are yo9u from? Do you have facebook?

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