A North Korean spy infiltrating South Korea is a pitch I consider done deal everytime for me, and when you have T.O.P and his snappy mixed fighter moves not to mention his piercingly hot eyes and drowning voice, I ended up drooling and elsewhere dreaming about him.  And I am not even a kpop fan, but he was really amazing into that cold and gritty espionage stance all throughout.


Ri Myung-hoon and his younger sister tried crossing the border but was caught by North Korean soldiers, a North Korean official then offered him to become a spy in Seoul, and to protect his younger sister, he agreed doing so and become highschooler Tae-woo.  After his last mission though, he was betrayed and the vile NoKor official used his sister and his only friend as pawns to make him come out and deliver the diamonds he got from his last mission.  In the ensuing fight, Myung-hoon got South Korean NIS helping him, but unfortunately failing still to keep his promise to be with his sister.


Commitment has all the tried and tested elements of an action thriller.  Even the North Korean spy who got betrayed by his country premise is not something new, but the deft balance of the emotional struggles of the character, the not so many characters revolving and confusing the story and the sleek action scenes I think made me really like this drama.  For me it is important for an action movie, to not tire the lead actor out with a lot of people he has to kill and to also present a satisfying and whoa-inducing brawns and gun fights because I’m mainly watching it for the problem, fist fight and payback time.  So bless his steamy self T.O.P didn’t disappoint me.  *chuckles

I think I like it more than Secretly, Greatly who boasted of North Korean spies on a mission too.  It kinda felt like Ajussi-ish, but T.O.P in his hotness action star stoic looking face should really a promise to be seen more in a genre like this.  I think this will be his niche.  I think he is really cut in badass kind of movie.  I think he should belong to me. (hides from my boyfriend) kkk
So I daresay this is a decent spy movie you shouldn’t miss.  Polished, simple and gripping.



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