What if the loving and kind father you know is not really what he seems to be?


Jung Da Eun has been well taken care of and raised alone by his father who has done all the odd jobs in the world to support her.  She was struggling to get a job as an announcer and in one movie night with her friends, the loving relationship she has with her father was shattered by a suspicion when after the closing scene of the film, she heard her father’s familiar voice, revealed as the voice of the murderer of a young boy.  Nearing the expiration of the statute of limitation on the murder and abduction, Da Eun tried seeking the truth and inadvertently led the police in tracing her father.  Confused on her filial duties and not being able to accept that her loving father could do such a horrible thing, the memories of her father’s kindness to her overpowered the guilt she felt, and she chose to remain on her father’s side. 


After the police failed to match her father’s voice, she again confronted her father and brought him to the abduction place begging him to ask forgiveness for his sin, her father remained firm in denying the evil deed, but as soon as the clock strikes 12, his devil self resurfaced and rejoiced at his escape.


“Blood and Ties” raised disturbing thoughts in me after watching it for the reason that the killer was drawn in a very positive character.  A very effective role that really strengthened the depth of how the heroine tried to resolve the conflict, because it was a really perplexing decision and ordeal to cut ties with a person who has been good to you because he did something evil to another person.  It has a spontaneous plot but unpredictable characters and that has made me so engaged in watching it.  Provocative, bewildering and steady.  It surged a bittersweet twist at the dying seconds of the movie.  -jediprincess



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