This really narrated the story about hot blooded youth set in the 80’s.  Boiling hot that half of the story just involved brawls and bullyings.  kkk I like period movie productions because I get to be transported back to the time when I was not yet born or too young to remember.  And in this movie the only feel good thing I remembered is how I was able to have that “they-were-like-that-in-those-times” thoughts.


Joong-gil used to dote and protect Young-suk when they were in gradeschool but when he was misled that his mom left because of his father’s long absence due to work, he presumed that his dad’s frequent staying in Young-suk’s mother’s restaurant was because of an affair.  The friendship fell apart and Joong-gil became a resident playboy as Young-suk became the leader of the high school’s sorority group in High School.


Eventually Joong-gil learned of his mother’s infidelity.  Young-suk engaged in a fight with the girl (So-hee),Joong-gil likes and just decided to quit school and head to Seoul.  Young-seok’s boyfriend and also the leader of another school gang avenged Young-seok which infuriated Choon-gil but his weak self can’t match to his opponent’s strength.  To protect Joong-gil from being beaten up, Young-suk was clobbered by her former gang as she stepped out of her throne and left the town to let life bring her to where she could be.  Joong-gil learned of Young-suk’s sacrifice but he was already too late to claim back his first love who left him a letter encouraging him to pursue his dream of being a sailor.  He pursued his dream and years later went to visit Young-suk and married her.


It was not as affecting and enchanting as  “A Werewolf Boy”, and most of the time it was lacking of engaging elements.  It spiked up a little in the dying minutes, but overall it was not as engrossing as I hope it would be.  The potential of a nostalgic youth film was there but it lacked comic inserts and spotlight scenes that would make the viewers relate to the characters, or just even reminisce those reckless days they also had when they were young.  Fairly done, but a movie you will just easily forget.



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