How do you define a single woman’s worth?  Is it in the amount of love she can give?  Is it how far she extended herself to chase her dreams?  Or is it when she was able to define what makes her happy?


Miss Korea ran a woman empowering story of which all ladies can relate to.  It featured the strength in a woman’s failures and the weakness in a woman’s inability to not love fully.  It has clear and minimal conflicts to focus on which helped me stay on track in moments when the story flow is going dry and lacking of spontaneity.




Although the transition of plots and conflicts move after 3 or 4 episodes, Miss Korea is such a woman strengthening drama to see.  It presents those dreams a woman usually want… those wants a woman normally dreams… her insecurities, her triumphs, her vulnerabilities and her strength to pick up herself from the slump and her ability to acknowledge her failures but never letting it hinder to try and do better. 


And while I enjoyed the beauty pageant boot camp, and Venus tips here and there, and Lee Yeon Hee’s flawless skill to suit any character and Lee Sun Kyun’s adorkable oppa performance, I also appreciated the indirect lessons this kdrama taught a girl… “to believe that you are beautiful, to be comfortable with your skin and that the best make up and make over that you can freely have is loving someone and being loved.


Oh Ji Young has been working as an elevator girl in a shopping mall in the 90’s. She is loved and respected by her younger workmates as she stands up for them against their vile supervisor who doesn’t waste his time in humiliating and taking advantage of the girls every day. A true beauty, Ji-young was every boy’s dream when she was in High School, and when she was presented with another chance to be the woman she could have been, even if it was from the man who broke her heart, she agreed to plunge in the dangerous and cunning world of beauty pageantry.




A dark horse in the competition, Oh Ji Young was determined to secure the crown that would put her back in chasing her own dreams as a woman against fellow beauty queen aspirants groomed by the leading country’s salon while saving her first love’s cosmetic company which was in the brink of bankruptcy and was trying to back her up in their limited capabilities.



Hitting the culmination where she notched the Miss Korea crown, I felt was also the end of the story. After all, it was a character-oriented plot where the romantic hints were not the main drawer of the conflict and the story, but the persevering voyage of the heroine to be a woman of value to herself, her family and the man she loved. The last episodes were just reconciling sprinkles to end a closure safely and satisfyingly and without leaving me to ask the whats and the whys of the pre-disclosed side conflicts. In this year’s parade of melodramas and vengeance driven productions, I can even say that I might pick it at my Top 10 for 2014.  True, it may be not endearing all the time but it is such a story you can sit back and watch and feel so nostalgic, blessed and happy about being a woman you were before, you are right now, and you would be in the future.



 Miss Korea kiss



6 thoughts on “Hello Miss Korea! Basha!

    1. Hi joni… hmmm if you have other dramas in mind, i can help you out to pick bec this might bore you a bit bec of d pacing and not so much romantic kicks… but if you want just a laid back, not complicated heroine-driven drama, then you can go ahead and give Miss Korea a try. ^_^

      1. I’m not sure… Honestly with my schedule giving me little chance to try new shows I feel like I’m STILL stuck in a “You Who Came From the Stars” hangover- HA! Do you have any other recommendations?

  1. I watched the first episode of this but wasn’t getting into it…reading your review it sounds like I missed out, but does the show get better after the first episode? I loved Lee Sun Kyun in Coffee Prince but haven’t really liked him sense. 😦 Ack! You make me feel very conflicted now about this show. Cheer.s 🙂

    1. Kkk ahm it’s not really overwhelmingly nice but not bad either… and yes the pacing is really snail-like though… but at least there’s no plethora of conflicts… just for her to be Miss Korea… and it was not really that romantic…

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