Rom-coms are as always the main drawers of Hallyu wave followers through the years therefore competition to present a romcom that will stick and hook the audience has always been a tough case… Some may start strong and then dwindle in the end and some may start slow but go frenzily good towards it closure. “Fated to love you” has hit all the bullet points of a typical rom-com, even the cliches and the character prototypes but its endearing lead couple won my heart over even if there were dragging moments in the story.


I think being able to put up strong romance filled scenes as well as the chemistry between the eccentric, suave and winner of the best male laugh ever in the kdramaland and the meek and good-hearted heroine created a venue where audience are reminded that they too once dreamt of a Cinderella-ish romance.

Being able to focus on Lee Gun and Kim Mi Young’s relationship as it build up from perfect strangers to true love drew a connection that all viewers can relate to. It was able to examine how much a person is willing to give because of love.


After a blurry one-night-stand, Lee Gun was forced to marry a girl he barely know, Kim Mi Young and turned his back to a long-time girlfriend who prioritized her career than being with him. Soon enough he learned to love his new wife but was forced to give her up because of a genetic amnesia illness which is ever thriving in kdramaland. Facing personal problems and company issues, Lee Gun was left no choice but to push away Mi-young while breaking his heart in the process, and with the pain she was trying to bear, she unfortunately had an accident and lost the baby she was carrying.


Mi-young was convinced by Daniel to go to Paris and study painting as part of her healing process. Years after she came back to Korea as a budding successful artist. In her first exhibit, she posted her painting in memory of her lost child. Lee Gun who has been tracking her success visited the exhibit and bought the painting. Mi-young who was not meaning to sell the piece tried reaching out to the buyer and in his hope of connecting with her, Lee Gun pretended to be a woman and eventually become Mi-young’s secret confidante.


The estranged husband and wife got entangled again as Lee Gun’s company hired Mi-young to paint their products’ packaging and hidden sparks that both were trying to hide eventually freed themself up. Mi-young eventually learned why Lee Gun tried to protect her by pushing her away because he was scared that his genetic amnesia will hurt her just like what it did to his father and their family.


Mi-young realizing all that happened bravely claimed her ex-husband back but a minor conflict arose when her mother refused of igniting their relationship because of his illness, but the couple showed they were willing to take the odds to be together and their sincere love has won their mother over.


Fated To Love You invested on the bread and butter of Rom-Com dramas and luck was on their side because they have such endearing couples that made the easily foreseen scenarios still appealing to watch. They worked on the essence of “timing” in romance and remained steadfast with their theme until the conclusion and resolution of the love story. Now I have seen the Taiwan version of this drama and although the Korean couple won the heartflutters and bliss category, their Taiwanese counterparts I can say were stronger in the heavy scenes.


I have a slight issue to the sacrificial move of the hero when he pushed away his wife when he learned of his disease while being pressured as well by the business he has to lead because well it was something that made his character inconsistent to the Prince Charming they pictured him to be early on. That and the obvious unnecessary scenes to propel the story when they should have neatly closed it.

It’s a comfort drama pill you can watch in the rainy days but its romantic magic will definitely wear out after 3 or maybe 4 rerun sessions.




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