It might be the most unconventional modern romance drama I have ever seen but it has such a very affecting and unique story given that sickness in k-dramaland usually involves amnesia or anything fatal. Perhaps it comes with me being at my 30’s too that I don’t like being given tailored romantic dramas with the usual illness premise that is sometimes really tiring to watch. Sure I did enjoy “Fated To Love You” because it followed all the bullet points needed for a rom-com drama, but I’ll be placing Hae-soo and Jae-yeol’s love story as my favorites this year tied with the magical chemistry-filled connection of Do Min-joon and Cheon Song-yi in You From Another Star.


A famed fiction writer Jang Jae-yeol moved to his house he rented out when his crib required renovation. There he met two psychiatrists and a psychiatric patient with Tourette syndrome living in the most entertaining and reckless fashion that totally deviated from his being neat freak living given his obsessive-compulsive disorder. Plot got meatier when the inevitable connection of Jae-yeol to the virgin psychiatrist, Hae-soo, who just recently broken up with her cheating boyfriend grew so strong and mutual to the surprise of both parties with extreme perception differences.


Just when both of them surrendered to the idea that yes indeed they were in love, Jae-yeol’s childhood trauma matured resulting to “you-and-me-and my-schizophrenic-self” conflict that has made Hae-soo’s mother revolt on their relationship after suffering all her life taking care of her invalid husband. Jae-yeol while struggling to accept his sickness resorted to pushing his heroine away, but ended up realizing that he needed her while trying to reconcile his life.


The dots connecting the characters in small groups are as functional as when you view the cast as a whole. The friendship circle of the psychiatrists presenting a utopian human interaction that doesn’t follow bias and excess baggages was a delightful package that has driven the deft writing of the storyline. Jae-yeol’s emotionally wounded family was a picture of how even the most dysfunctional family need one another to heal each other’s wound while Hae-soo’s misplaced hatred with her mother’s infidelity that helped sent her to medical school has created a scar inside her which her professional self can’t even cure


True this might not appeal to hopeless romantics, but I’m sure everyone who has felt that moment when they give everything because of love would surely love this amazing story which I will be happily placing in my all-time favorites.


“It’s okay that’s love” is just how relationship realities are translated in a cherished, ardent, unadulterated, lingering, failing, and blissful TV drama scenes. The last 4 episodes has had me at my knees clutching my pillow, trying to subdue the emotional outburst from a beautiful and heartfelt thread of painful and fervid love moments that cut deep in my heart and my very own memories of how it felt to love someone deeply without holding back.


Seamless and unfeigned, it progressed from warm to romantic to sacrificial to against-all-odds and eventually to you-were-meant-for-me. I saw all the faces of love tackled bravely and painfully in this love story.


Without annoying third parties and excessive misunderstanding scenes, I grew fond of all the characters while enjoying a love narrative which took a different approach to defy rom-com rules by presenting the genuine feel of being with someone… the scare, the heart flutters, the denials and the bliss.


The fate of a successful romance lies not on how much effort each other has to put on to keep the love going because love is always never enough… it is always the choice to love someone that keeps a relationship endure.





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