Taunted as the best Korean Film for 2014, it is only befitting to start this year with the remarkable production and poignant portrayal of one of the best fought battle under the untainted maritime war encounters of Admiral Lee Soon Shin — one of the most revered naval leader in the history.


I usually munch rom-coms, thrillers and sci-fi movies, so I’m really picky when it comes to watching action films because I normally have those “what am I doing here?” moments when I unluckily get the all-brawly-and-no-story flicks.  With “Roaring Currents” though, I found myself quickly immersed with its nimble narration that progressed in a swift motion whilst covering all the significant details about the characters and the conflict.


Even with its serious and manly tone, this movie has just this undeniable depth and gripping effect that has made me cheer for the brilliant Admiral and his crew.  I swear I felt like I’m so tired in a heroic kind of way after that epic culminating assault between Lee Soon Shin’s out-numbered ships and the Japanese strong fleets.  It was intensely and vividly captured that along with the exhaustion, I also felt the bliss like I was with them in their quest to claim that victory.  *chuckles


The challenge for me when I watch a war film is that I get overwhelmed with a big cast and its long and brimming sequences of fight scenes.   So I really like that “Roaring Currents” all throughout didn’t deviate with the focal person of the film without overshadowing the value of the pertinent side characters who even with their minimal screen exposure were able to make their roles meaningful.  The combat scenes were niftily placed and were not overly done to balance the story narration and the message it was trying to impart.

2014 - Roaring Currents (still 4)roaring-currents-460709-2

I didn’t expect I would feel good after my movie experience with Admiral Lee Soon Shin and his men.  I think the film director impeccably established his character as a great strategist and commander but still able to show his frailties as a human.  It was a kind of film where bravery and patriotism were able to outweigh the shown violence and evilness in the movie hence it gave me a generally positive feeling.  Definitely living up to its hype, I found myself succumbing to the movie’s electrifying current and enjoying every moment of it.

-jediprincess ♥



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