In the dawn of his reign, King Jeongjo has to survive the myriad life threatening assaults by the opposition who wanted to satiate their political greed and remove him from the throne. With the help of a few trusted allies and his eunuch who was originally plotted in the palace to kill him, King Jeongjo dissipated the rebellion and claimed stability to his position.


Two of my favourite actors (Hyun Bin, Jung Jae Young) anchored this slightly thrilling film depiction of the assassination attempt on King Jeongjo in “The Fatal Encounter”. Although at some point it was brutal and bloody, the eunuch-king bromance and the assassin brothers’ connection helped a lot for me to have a positive feedback to this star studded film production.


It was polished and easy to digest but not much excitement like how Korean period dramas usually ploys their conspiracy plots balancing the villains’ attack and retaliation of the protagonist. In “Fatal Encounter”, all I remember is the sad ending of the eunuch and his assassin friend and Hyun Bin’s opening work-out-hello-lean-body scene. *chuckles


There were moments where I felt that the story was relaxed and it was neither a good or bad thing but it made the story less gripping. It was languid up until the culminating kill-the-king fight scene and I wished it would have been more unpredictable because the cast were all committed to their characters.


As each character was described while the story was being chronicled, I can’t help but noticed that the main character was almost overshadowed by the portrayal of the eunuch and the lethal killer because he was mostly stoic all throughout until he participated in the climactic battle to keep himself alive. I will name this movie more of a drama type which defied my initial impression that it will be filled with sleek action scenes because it was not. It mostly talked of the struggles the young King had and how he has to assess who to trust or not.



It was a case for me of really liking the people who moved in the movie, but the story I hope would have been woven more intricately and a little complicated to match the serious tone of where the story was derived. Maybe I was expecting a lot considering that it was good in paper and they secured a great cast, but it was only a decent showing for me and nothing much spectacular to boast.




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