Welcome to the psychopath chase where gripping episode endings build up to a long stretch of sweet annoyance and anticipation to a quaintly written story where the characters boarded on a race to outwit each other and the cost of each wrong judgment equates to starting points of a never-ending labyrinth.


Escaping from the man who murdered her parents, Choi Eun Seol woke up losing her memory and was given another identity by the detective handling a famous serial killer case.  Choi Eun Seol became Oh Cho Rim and along with her new life is her ability to know the smell of people through her eyes.


3 years later while working hard to become a performer in a comedy troupe, she got entangled in a police operation and met Choi Moo Gak, an officer who has been wanting to join the homicide department to obtain information about a case that involved his sister’s death.


When their destinies were finally unveiled, they were confronted by the realities that Choi Moo Gak’s sister was killed because the killer thought she was the witness who escaped his claws since they have the same name and the painful truth that the revelation came when they both realized they are falling in love with each other.


The fiend who cannot recognize human faces, the police hero who lost his ability to feel emotions after losing his sister and the brave heroine who can see through someone with her eyes were characters that fitted an easy to follow but strangely nerve-wrecking story perfect for a weekend drama marathon with your friends and family.


It was that brilliantly executed plot of the protagonists’ taking advantage of the killer’s inability to remember faces and the latter’s resilience in orchestrating evil ploys that drew my appreciation all throughout. 


There were no unnecessary hassles and side stories written to confuse or to lengthen the narration.  The plot was very clear on its premise and has always headed to the direction of uncovering clues without making the protagonists appear dumb.  It sailed to a direction of making the viewers go along with the process of pinning the vile psychopath to admit to his crime against the usual dragging guess-the-killer story. 


The mushy sweetness here and there, the steady writing, the oneness of the cast and the deviation from the usual kdrama plot stereotypes had me resurrected from my gym induced hiatus to break my kdrama/movie review dry spell.  It is a buoyant romcom drama served with a balanced mixture of thrill, comic kicks and romance that I would highly recommend for when you plan a kdrama getaway.



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