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The complexity of the multiple personality disorder fused with the fated but hindered romance of the main couple has made me ruminative deducting the precepts of the story premise of this smartly and quirkily written korean drama.  I knew it was all about trauma and I was happy that there was no extreme sacrificial bordering to stupidity acts done by the main leads in avoiding their destined love.

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Heir to a huge conglomerate company Cha Do Hyun has to face the scrutiny of the company he is bound to lead, but with his DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), his sane self has to clean up the troubles caused by the other 5 identities constantly crawling in his body.  It was no easy task, but with his disposable money and computer-brained secretary, he has been managing to do so.  When Chief Ahn visited Do Hyun to settle a minor setback caused by Se Gi, he also delivered the news that his grandmother summoned him to return to Korea. 

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But with his current monstrous condition, he refused to do so and was surprised to wake up sitting in an airplane because his bad boy identity Shin Se Gi took over his consciousness to force him to confront his role in the company.


A brilliant psychiatry student Oh Ri Jin has been living a free spirited life with her loving family.  Hiding his identity as a famous novelist, Ri Jin’s twin brother Oh Ri On sat beside Do Hyun on their way back to South Korea while the latter was on his bomb expert persona, Perry Park.  Pestered by the phone calls she was getting looking for the celebrated writer Omega, Ri Jin marched to the airport to give her brother a lesson and had her first encounter with Cha Do Hyun who believed Ri On’s words that she was lunatic.

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When Ri Jin’s carefree patient escaped from the hospital, she traced her to a local club where Do Hyun was also partying with his cousin.  Ri Jin’s patient
asked Do Hyun for help and remembering their previous encounter, he sided with the patient which left Ri Jin no choice and gave a judo move which shook Do Hyun and pushed his badass identity Se Gi.

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Fate has continuously brought Do Hyun and his multiple personas and Ri Jin together and she slowly tamed each characters even the stubborn Se Gi.  As the two gets even more closer, their fated past connection surged bursting from their forgotten memories to make them piece out the cause of Do Hyun’s mental condition and Ri Jin’s traumatic childhood.

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Ri Jin’s basement and fire phobia stemmed from the arson incident when she was young.  Her mother Min Seo Yeon was Do Hyun’s father’s ex wife, and her biological father died early.  Do Hyun’s father harbored hatred towards his father as the latter favored his estranged intelligent wife in running the company’s business.  He left home and was forced to stop his prodigal son act because his son, then named Joon-young needed to have his family name be registered for him to be able to enter school.

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The two children got very close and had been sharing the trauma brought about  by Joon Young’s father’s hatred toward his ex-wife’s daughter who has been kept in the basement when her mother and Joon Young’s grandfather died from a car accident.

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On the day Joon Young’s father was named the new chairman of the company, he sought his son whom he will formally introduce to the public and found him together with the girl he has been abusing.  Joon Young was thrown outside of the basement room and in his helplessness wanting to protect his friend, the first piece of his identity kicked in and perpetrated a fire to stop his father from his evil deed.

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Joon Young struggled after the separation from his friend and took her name subconsciously and lived his life as Cha Do Hyun.  Oh Ri Jin meanwhile was rescued by her mother’s friend who was working in the kitchen at the time in the party and raised her as her own daughter and a twin sister to Ri On.


Sharing some of the best and worst memories of their childhood, Ri Jin and Do Hyun embraced each other’s pain as Do Hyun’s identities bid farewell after the main leads finally confronted the past that entwined them.  Acknowledging forgiveness to Do Hyun’s father who was consumed by hatred, they let go of their fears and move on together hand in hand promising to share their pain and bliss of their past and future.


Overall I like the ambitious writing of this drama.  It was meticulous in inserting the conflict of the story, although it came to a point when it became too detailed dragging the denouement which they could have used in a few romantic notes in the penultimate episodes of the story.

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The sending off of Do Hyun’s characters warmed my heart especially that of Perry Park and Se Gi scenes.  I don’t know the extent of this psychiatric condition, but I liked that it was explained well how each characters emerged.  It was like Voldemort’s horcruxes in a positive way.  *chuckles

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Typically kdramas with chaebol power struggle plot involved unreasonable conspiracies and surprises so I think since the multiple personality is the carrying story conflict, it was good that it didn’t dwell on the money-filled but problematic chaebol world.


With multiple characters bursting in and out, the humor was ever present but not slapstick.  That Do-hyun/Se-gi roulette could be a useful tool when someone is torn between two lovers.  *giggles

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I actually feared that the characters might act stupid once the revelation of their connected past and linked present will be uncovered.  Thankfully they sailed all throughout with their rational minds.

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Beautiful in its strongest points and faint weaknesses, this is a perfect drama that will leave you happy and intrigued.  -jediprincess♡♡♡

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