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Time for my quick musings on the highly-anticipated korean drama of 2015 with powerhouse cast who helped surged high ratings even if mostly variety show regulars and loyal hallyu fans are really the drawer of numbers of it.

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The mixture of the inside production world of variety shows and the characters’ stories were nicely blended but it was the diversity and chemistry of the characters pierced my kdramaaddict heart.

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Dorky Baek Seung Chan knew he has brains but opted to use it to follow the first woman who made his heart throb to work  at the variety show department of a broadcasting network.  Unfortunately for him the noona his heart beats for likes another senior PD (production director) Ra Joon Mo who is besties with Tak Ye Jin who accidentally caused a minor bump on Seung Chan’s father’s car.

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The accident caused them to get closer as partial payments of the damage happened requiring them to meet up regularly with Ye Jin using her seniority to make Seung Chan ran errands for him.  Unlucky Seung Chan landed to the dying 2Days1Night team which needed reincarnation to improve the ratings.

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Known for being hot tempered Ye Jin spearheads the Music Bank team where she got an unpleasant encounter with a famous primadona singer, Cindy, but for the show to go on they acquiesce on the proper clothing or so Ye Jin thought, and the show went on with Cindy defying Ye Jin’s wish.

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Baek Sung Chan chanced upon Cindy on a rainy day and let her borrow the company’s umbrella but reminded her to return it to the lobby under his employee name.  Pressured from her busy schedule Cindy’s Sauron’s eyes mostly direct at her oppa  manager who has to take the top star tantrums thrown to him by Cindy almost everytime.
Time is ticking for 2Days1night staff to come up with a let’s-do-this-or-we-will-be-axed plan.  With Seung Chan’s analytical research he scored “lovers themed” format which Joon Mo initially booed but was agreed upon by the higher directors. 


To proceed with the show’s survival plan they have to notify the current members that the season will end.  The bad news delivery was almost successful but Seung Chan who was tasked to notify the most senior actress wasn’t able to extend the news thus earning a huge disappointment to the veteran actress who felt disrespected.


After an ugly closing party 2D1N team moved on to hurdling the completion of the new cast.  When the regular team members ran out of ideas they asked Seung Chan, and he cluelessly suggested Cindy to the teams -whats-wrong-with-this-kid faces but they let him go with his plan.

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Seung Chan went to visit Cindy and raised their proposal on how joining a variety show is beneficial for  her because her connection with the viewers will be solidified as she will be seen in images closer to typical people.  While in the middle of luring Cindy, the witch CEO of the talent agency burst in and refused strongly.  Seung Chan’s unfazed attitude towards witch CEO had Cindy saw Seung Chan at a different light and when Joon Mo marched to haul his newbie after learning he went to Cindy’s company and adding icy replies to witch CEO, Cindy has made up her mind that she will join the tv show.


And yes she did.  Seung Chan piqued Cindy’s interest without him realizing it.  While the pop idol grew fond of him, Seung Chan was also falling in love with Ye Jin who was in a complicated emotion with Joon Mo.


Feeling her top talent is already raising a rebellion, Cindy’s agency head retaliated and has slowly reducing her top idol perks and eventually ruining her reputation.  But with the help of Joon Mo and Ye Jin who retrieved an old off site interview, they were able to defend the fabricated attempt to ruin Cindy’s  career.


Ye Jin and Joon Mo also confronted their feelings towards each other and sealed the binding love they mistook as friendship.

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Seung Chan failed another chance at love but he gained valuable friendship that will last for a lifetime.

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For people expecting Kim Soo Hyun being captured in romantic moments, you won’t expect it in this drama so be prepared.  Nevertheless I think for legit kdrama followers you will get what you bargain for in this drama.

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It’s how we root for Alice in Wonderland and love seeking Disney princesses all at the same time.  “Producers” came up in a very interesting format incorporating the variety show world in a drama attack.  To achieve that you have to even out the laughter you get from the variety show and the valuable content you should give to the audience.

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And I immensely enjoyed the lessons focused in every episode which were derived from the variety program production world.  It gave meaningful life lessons and pointed out the challenges and limitations of human nature.


When joined together the four main leads were a delightful watch, even so in their personal struggles.


Seung Chan is a reminder of any person who was trying to find his niche in the corporate scene regardless if the motivation is absurd, like in his case to follow his first love.  He is a reminder of the extent on how much we can persevere and how trying a shot on everything is better than being coward to take a chance on it.


Ye Jin is a reminder of how even a person with the coldest exterior has a warm spot hidden in her.  Of a person who would be patiently waiting for the love she yearned for than waste her time to nonsense. 


Joon Mo is a reflection of those times when we built our character through standing firm with our principles and defying the norms for change to happen.


Cindy represented each one of us in our highest peak, when we hit a slump, and when we bounce back from it.


As I religiously watch 2D1N, I easily grasped the intentions and love the executions all throughout.  True, I might have wished for more love screentime but it superbly fed me stories that I have been on at some point of my life.


The engrossing 12 episodes will leave you lessons that basic self-help books have already vaguely discussed.  A breather from rom-com and melodramas, Producers will strip any work related stress you are having if you give it a chance.




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