This will be my first entry for this project.  I aim for a brief recap only for kdrama series I follow, as time won’t permit me for long reviews.  Work still comes first before my kdrama addiction I guess.  I pick dramas to stay with based on first impressions, casting of the drama and the previous works of the production team.   Hope I will endure this project.  *chuckles -jediprincess


She was Pretty (Ep 7&8)
Aww I finally got hooked in this.  We see Ha Ri’s selfish love digging on her bestfriend’s first love without the latter knowing it.  Just as Sung Joon recognized a strange fondness he was feeling for the real Hye-Jin, copycat Hye Jin/Ha Ri spoiled the moment by kissing him.  Sung Joon pressured from the magazine deadline went overboard and fired Hye Jin from a mistake she didn’t do.  Sung Joon tried to offer the job back after contemplating on his on-the-job-stress-rage but Hye Jin politely declined.  I hope the last minute preview is not a dream thread.   ^_^


Six Flying Dragons (Ep 1&2)
Hello Yoo Ah In in gorgeous mane.  The series kick off episodes introduced us to young Yi Bang Won, a son of Yi Seong Gye who will later become King Taejo.  In the waning era of Goryeo, General Yi Seong Gye was summoned back to the palace with his sons to be of help in the rotten government, but his painful past with a former friend had his hands tied by the evil villain and Prime Minister Lee In Gyeom who used Seong Gye’s weakness to bow down to his command.  Yi Bang Won witnessed the powerlessness of his father that when he helped out a friend whose brother was held captive, he made a bargain to Jong Do Jeon who promised him a resolution to end the war and to take down Lee In Gyeom.  Jeong Do Jeon a brave and skilled politician proceeded with a plot to prevent war by staging a protest in the presence of the Yuan envoy administrative officers and the ministers of Goryeo government.  Such courage he shown that the people and students watching were moved and gave their bodies to protect him when the Prime Minister ordered for his capture.
Six Flying Dragon premiere was very promising so I can’t help but dig history articles again to supplement my limited Korean history knowledge.


Twenty Again (Ep 11&12)
Ha No Ra is slowly becoming assertive and has bravely asked Kim Woo Chul to formalize the divorce.  She also confronted her husband’s woman. Cha Hyun Seok finally learned about the divorce as No Ra is starting to see Hyun Seok at a different light.  Finally Cha Hyun Seok revealed to Ha No Ra that she is his first love.


Sassy Go Go (Ep 1&2)
This is another youth story about two high school student groups.  The first group composed of the last ranking students who teamed up and formed a dance club while the other group of students were the rich-kids-grade conscious students who study hard for their college dreams.  They got entangled after hitting back on each other during hours of practices by the dimwitted dancers and hours of study for the smarties and because of their leaders who went digitally viral because of an almost kiss captured by the villain who was desperate to get to an Ivy League school.  The premiere episodes establish Kang Yeon Doo as the leader of the dimwit-dancers’ s club – Real King and Kim Yeol as the top student and member of the elite smarties of the school – Baek Ho.  The villain Soo Ah played the part of a lady from a rich family constantly pressured by her mother to study even harder and get a Harvard education.  The principal decided to have the groups combined to participate in a cheerleading competition and pitched Real King’s revival on the line if they will win.  Quick-witted Kim Yeol saw through the principal’s action as a way of helping Soo Ah who needed activities for her Harvard university application.  Yeon Doo who used to be friends with Soo Ah learned the former’s true colors and that she perpetrated the almost kiss report.  She vowed she won’t be used by her again.  After participating in a dance contest, Yeon Doo’s dance group friends slowly leave the group because of the pressure put up by the school.  Meanwhile Kim Yeol’s best friend attempted suicide again because of depression from an abusive father and the cunning principal used it to make Kim Yeol participate in the cheering competition.  Kim Yeol asked Yeon Doo to join but she faced him bravely and said no.  Boy the lead guy will really remind you of your high school crush.  So far it is living up to its drama title.


Because it’s the first time (Ep 1)
I have a very good feeling on this drama maybe because I like friendship circle stories.  The premiere episode introduced us to a neighborhood friends in their 20’s and their lives.  We also see a glint of love triangle on the side.  So far it’s the story of Yoon Tae O who is eager to date a nice girl to shrug of his first love emotions with his childhood bestfriend Han Song Yi.  Song Yi has been saddled with her family’s financial problems and the recent vanishing act of her mom.  She secretly likes Seo Ji An another boy in their friendship group.  I kinda like the premise of this drama maybe because we can all relate to belonging to a friendship circle.  I’m looking forward to how the story will move.

See you next week! -jediprincess



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