I kicked off with a “This Week on KDramaLand” tagline, but from now on I will be using this new tagline.
Autumn dramas are so far engaging to watch this year as we get a balance between the feel good stories and the scintillating ones.  I nearly collapsed absorbing all the characters paraded in Six Flying Dragons.  I sighed when finally Sung Joon took Hye Jin in his arms.  I am turning into a high school girl when I’m with the Sassy Go Go crew and I feel warm inside everytime I hang out with the vibrant friendship circle in Because It’s the first time.
This week I will have a late drama addition for the village.  Since I’m having a vacation here in Seoul, I will try to finish it by tomorrow.

Six Flying Dragons (Episode 3 & 4)

Jong Do Jeon’s pleas went futile after staging his protest and he ended being exiled after Gil Tae Mi tortured him. Old Choe Young confronted Lee In Gyeom about the lack of equilibrium happening in the government and ordered the latter to shit down the scholar leaders. The scholar leaders were captured and imprisoned as Yi Bang Won entered Sungkyunkwan. Ddang Sae and Boon Yi who got another clue essential to their mother’s disappearance went to sneak in to Do Jeon’s march to exile. Boon Yi faked tears and pretended to be Do Jeon’s daughter. One of the guards was moved and allowed them to speak with him. They asked how he knew the song and gave their mother’s name Gan Nan/Yeon Hyang who was revealed to be the deceased Queen No Gook’s maid. Do Jeon was confused how Yeon Hyang produced children when she died 17 years ago.

The upright Sungkyunkwan scholars continuously meet to study in secret but their group faced coercion from an opposing group headed by Gil Tae Mi’s son, Gil Yoo. In one secret meeting one of them was cornered by the scholar villains and forced him to burn Mencius’ book to which he declined so they put a tattoo on his forehead. He later committed suicide and his closest friend Heo Kang wailed in sorrow. They put up posters citing the evil brotherhood as perpetrators so an investigation was initiated by the government. The returning professor Hong In Bang spearheaded the investigation but it did not succeed because the prime witness who was also bullied by Gil Yoo’s group reversed his initial testimony. Heo Kang was framed after students were killed and his hanbok ribbon was found in the crime scene. Left with no choice Heo Jo gave his land to Gil Tae Mi so that his son will be released.

Yi Bang Won looked for Hong In Bang and was directed to a gisaeng house where he learned his trusted professor’s betrayal. He confronted Hong In Bang and they had a word battle about goodness and justice.

Hong In Bang’s man revealed how the students were already dead when he arrived and it dawned on him that the young student took justice by his own hands. The teacher confirmed Yi Bang Won about his evil act and they engaged in another principled debate about being just and being good. Yi Bang Won vowed he won’t be good until he reached a point where he is the strongest.

Ddang Sae set forth to find clues on his missing mother and was asked to search for Gil Seon Mi (Gil Tae Mi’s twin brother). He was captured by the traitor on Yi Seong Gye’s camp and forced him to spill why he knew the symbol. Gil Seon Mi rescued him and he revealed how he should halt his seeking because it will put him in danger. He revealed that his mother committed a grave sin to the deceased queen. They were interrupted by a Chinese sword master, Jang Sam Bong who was looking for the swordman who killed his best student. Gil Seon Mi provided him information and asked a favor in return, and that is to protect Ddang Sae. Jang Sam Bong offered sword fighting lessons but the confused young man refused and set forth to his waiting sister. He told his sister his failed plan and confirmed their mother’s death. A neighborhood pretty young lady, Yeon Hee, took care of him and Boon Yi as they prepare for a small town festival. Bandits flocked the small town after the government imposed securing private lands to fund the war and when the town’s people shooed them away, they came back with a vengeance, stopping the festivities and killing the village people. Yeon Hee was also dragged and raped by the vile bandits. Helpless with his incompetence, Ddang Sae tried ending his life but Jang Sam Bong came in time to stop him.

Six years after, Yi Bang Won perched on a rooftop witnessing Gil Yoo bullying Sungkyunkwan students. Baek Yoon, a high minister stopped them from the brutal discipline. A sword fighter stopped Baek Yoon and his fighter and asked his identity. Proud Baek Yoon confirmed his identity and in skillful motion killed Baek Yoon and his man. Following Sam Bong/Jong Do Jeon’s advice that Baek Yoon must die to end Goryeo, Ddang Sae/Lee Bang Ji cleared his mind on top of the mountains contemplating on his next move. He was trailed by Yi Bang Won who found Jong Do Jeon’s secret place and learned about a map of a new kingdom. The third and the fourth dragon, Yi Bang Won and Lee Bang Ji, were properly introduced.

P.S Yi Seong Gye and Jong Do Jeon were the first and second dragon.


She Was Pretty (Episode 9)

Having a firm goal to help out her father in their financial problem, Hye Jin turned over a new leaf and went back to working at The Most. She initiated her own make over to which she received positive comments from the team. Sung Joon gifted her with an ID holder and when Editor Kim learned about it, he gifted her with a pretty shoulder bag he said he got for 90% off. This is by far my most favorite character of Choi Si Won, can’t wait to see his big revelation. The team brainstormed on how grand they should prepare for the magazine’s anniversary but soon acquiesced to Hye Jin’s humbling suggestion of sticking to their magazine theme and focusing on the people behind the glossy papers. On the event day, the rain poured heavily which made Hye Jin worried since she knew Sung Joon’s rainy day fear. He was supposed to deliver a speech but he arrived after the lazy-italian editor saved the day.

Hye Jin was asked by the team leader if she wanted to create a children’s story book for the magazine. She initially declined the idea, but after encouragements from Shin Hyuk and Sung Joon, she asked the team leader if she can take the offer again.

Ha Ri has made up her mind to reveal everything. She wrote a letter and asked Sung Joon to make time for her. Hye Jin headed to Paju for a reporter interview for her project. Unfortunately, she picked the wrong key for team leader’s car. The team tried to contact her about the car’s problem. Sung Joon overheard the worrying chat when he called the office. When he learned about what happened, he ran fast and ignored Ha Ri after being scared of a real time traffic accident report. Sung Joon looked for Hye Jin like a mad man and when he recognized her voice calling him, he run towards her and took her in his arms.


Sassy Go Go (Episode 3 & 4)

Kim Yeol is a gift from heaven. He makes every 30-ish girl like me reminisce our high school girl self *chuckles I can’t focus on the story because I can’t help but melt whenever his cute self showed up on the screen. Okay I’ll go serious now. Kim Yeol was unfazed on Yeon Doo’s refusal to join the cheerleading team. He tried finding ways to convince the heroine. Soo Ah pressured from her mom’s school grades expectation went to her secret spot to smoke but Dong Jae and Kim Yeol caught her. Kim Yeol deviously attacked Soo Ah by declaring he lost his wallet after dropping the cigarette stick she was about to smoke inside her bag, but Yeon Doo who knew the reason why Soo Ah sought a cigarette outlet saved the day and forced Kim Yeol to stop his ploy. Ingrateful Soo Ah slapped Yeon Doo even if she knows the latter doesn’t have anything to do with it and ordered her instant minions to disrupt and make Dong Jae suffer in their basketball game. Yeon Doo confronted Soo Ah and warned her not to attack someone’s weakness. Kim Yeol forced another talk time with Yeon Doo to which she cried and wailed while admitting she knows her friends are suffering but her pride won’t allow her to say yes.

The parents of the elite smart group learned from their children about the cheerleading-competition-for-Soo-Ah’s-cause and questioned the principal by allowing it, but they later went to a steak house with Soo Ah’s mother. Kim Yeol’s last attempt to persuade Yoon Doo finally paid off. He told her that since she doesn’t want to listen to reasons, he will tell her a lie. He explained how his friend needed the cheerleading to happen and that the friend is like a brother to him.
Yeon Doo called Real King members in the middle of the night to tell them that they will be joining the cheerleading competition to revive their club. They went to the principal’s office and agreed to the truce while reiterating that the resurrection of Real King is on the line. Yeon Doo recorder the principal’s promise and off they set to join the cheerleading boot camp.

The Baek Ho weaklings can’t keep up with the strenuous training so they complained to their parents to be rescued. Just as the parents and teachers and students were in a ruckus after the pep squad coach dismissed the whiny smarties, a representative from the Education department marched to the school when he received a tip that the parents and teachers were manipulating the students’ scores for college admission goals. The principal and the parents calm down and made an alibi about a school activity being organized hence they were all in the same room. Pep Squad trainer who was initially ousted claimed her position back with the agreement that she will get to give grades to the members. While walking with Jae Dong, Yoon Doo almost got hit by shards of window glasses caused by cleaning students upstairs. Kim Yeol quick to his reflexes covered her body with his.

After getting hospital treatment, Kim Yeol coaxed Yeon Doo not to go back to school yet to stroll. On the bus ride going to school, Yeon Doo sweetly rested her head to her shoulders.
Pep squad teacher gave them a project to get to know each other well and Kim Yeol hinted how he currently likes a girl which made Yeon Doo blushed.

Ha Joon caused ruckus at principal’s office when he learned why Kim Yeol decided to join the cheerleading club and after a few gritty bromance bickerings, they calmed down and accepted their fate. Pep squad teacher ordered them to find her house for another group activity. When they reached the house a food spread welcomed them and they hunted drinks to accompany the food fest. Thinking the juice as wine, they ended up drunk and wasted. Kim Yeol walked to dizzy Yeon Doo and when she asked him to rest his face on the table, love hearts floated in the air. Yeon Doo in her drunken state realized the awkward situation, but Yeol was one step ahead and moved his head to kiss her.


Twenty Again (Episode 13 & 14)

Ha No Ra and Kim Woo Chul finally filed the divorce.  The house is being arranged to be sold as Woo Chul left the house first. Kang Hyun Seok confirmed Ha No Ra ‘s strange behavior is due to her liking him which the latter doesn’t reqlize because she has never been in love. Yi Jin was in fury after Woo Chul’s break up request and learning that he was looking for another University to teach. Hyun-soo and Hye Mi also decided to break up because of their different views of college life. Kim Hyun Seok nursed sick Ha No Ra and cornered her when he learned she will take a regular job and will probably leave her part time work with him. He made her realized her strange behavior towards him and told her again 20 years after that he still likes her.
Down to the last stretch although we don’t see much romance because the lead girl was married, I stayed glued with this drama because it is an encouraging story for women to always dream and to do things that make them happy. I am looking forward to a serene finale.


Because It’s the First Time (Ep 1 & 2)

Neighborhood friends Song Yi, Tae Oh, Ji An, Ga In and Hoon were always there for each other.  Tae Oh is a rich man’s son whose first love is poor girl Song Yi who secretly likes Ji An.  Ji An is a persevering young man who also secretly likes Song Yi.  Hoon is his father’s punching bag having been not meeting his expectations like what his older brothers do.  Ga In is Hoon’s closest friend.  She is a good-natured young lady who balances the friend circle together.

In the last episode Song Yi was forced to bring her younger sister to her aunt when her mother left the house because of their debts.  Song Yi pondered about the unfairness of life to her and spotted a telephone line for people in despair.  She blurted out all her grievances to the world but unfortunately got caught by police officers.  Meanwhile her friends worried about her predicament were waiting for her while Hoon forced his friends watched a lousy theater act which is soon to be his dream

Song Yi tried to explain that she doesn’t have a legal guardian to bail her out.  Her friends texted her and her heart fluttered when Ji An’s message was “I Miss You”.  The police officers were amused at the giddyish girl and settled to have their dinner while waiting for Song Yi’s friend to pick her up.  Tae Oh was contacted by Song Yi who was in the middle of strutting his manly charms to the blind date he left last time because he was defending Song Yi to her evil boss.  He was left with no choice but to leave her again upon learning his friend damsel is in distress.  But she already left when he came and the police officers thinking he was the boy who made Song Yi giddy-ish spilled out how Song Yi likes him.

Tae Oh was acting man-child with his supposed knowledge that his first love likes him.  He wondered where Song Yi is and was surprised to see her outside his home just done pitching a tent and asking him to live with her together. 

The next day the 5 friends were set to play basketball but halted witnessing Tae Oh’s father in an argument with Ji Ah’s aboji for the rent increase.  The boys shrugged the heat by playing basketball hard.  Ji An asked Tae Oh to tell his father he will clean one of his building to compensate for not increasing the chicken restaurant rent they own.  Tae Oh followed his friend and they cleaned the building together.  Resting in the rooftop the boys talked about a girl they think who like them lnot knowing they were thinking about the same girl, Song Yi.  Tae Oh claimed the girl is not jis type while citing her being clingy and bossy as Ji An admits he likes her too.

Hoon asked Ga In to call 911 if he doesn’t come out from their house.  When he entered their house his intellectual family ignored him which made him rant how his family looks down on him.  His father was enraged and threw him out of the house.  Tae Oh ordered pizza and was waiting for Song Yi to come back from work.  He thought about what he said earlier about not liking Song Yi and admit to himself how he is always fascinated with her.  Song Yi stopped by at the convenience store where Ji An was working and they awkwardly exchanged food they bought for each other.  Song Yi danced happily holding the canned juice she got from Ji An and she gets even gleeful when she saw Tae Oh’s pizza.  He handed her a plate and a soda and watched her munched the food happily.  Tae Oh opened about her liking a man to which Song Yi confirmed but replied it is not her priority now.  Tae Oh thought about how bland his life was, not having goals and not knowing what he wants.  He called Song Yi’s attention and asked her to enter his life and make him be with her like crazy because he also wants to be crazy about her.

Twenty’s love definitions are generally leaning to the sparky side.  It doesn’t see reasons often but will just go with the flow.  I like how the love line is unfolding in this series because at one point of my life, I was also that impulsive.  I am enjoying the light storytelling and interesting friendship story of these characters. 

I am also having a dilemma on who to pick between Tae Oh and Ji An… between spark and comfy.  So far this late youth drama is a reminder of all of us being lost and scared at one point in time and of the brave choices and grave mistakes we had to overcome.



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