Basking in today’s yellows, reds and oranges, our crew enjoyed marveling at Korea’s stunning gardens and foliage.


Today’s day trip goal required us to be aware of time.  That is something hard to accomplish in the age of selfie/groupie and when the places you visited were just effortlessly teasing us to capture the gorgeous scenic background.


Nami Island, Petite France and Garden of the Morning Calm challenged our still tired feet today, but it was definitely worth the plan.


To get to our starting point destination, we took the subway to Gapyeong station and rode the Gapyeong shuttle bus.  The bus is a hopped on bus that will give you a round trip ride to the main tourist attraction.  It only cost 6000KRW.  Since we were ambitious to visit the 3 tourist destinations, we took the bus ride, but if you only need to go to one or two destination, a cab would suffice. 


If you will take the Gapyeong shuttle bus, make sure to calculate what time you will leave from one destination to another and be at the bus stop early if you want to occupy the seats
Below is the shuttle bus schedule.


Our first stop is Nami island.  Home to lively maple, ginkgo and some other pretty trees that sprawled neatly in the island, Nami-seom is a perfect place yo set up family picnics and friendship getaways. 


To get to the island after you get off the Gapyeong shuttle bus, you can take the zip line for the thrill but with a pricey catch or you can take the usual ferry for a reasonable price. 


There are food places you can stay there for lunch and there is also a museum you can check out, but the main attraction would be the well placed line of trees fitting to beautiful frames for pretty selcas.


Admission Fee:  8000krw for foreign passport holders





Our next stop was Petite France, a miniature French village boasting with cheerful architecture and French themed shops and galleries. 


It is pretty small so you can roam around easily while assuming you are really in a French town.  Famous Korean dramas such as Beethoven Virus, Secret Garden and My Love from another star have scenes shot in this refreshing place.


Admission Fee:  8000KRW




Our last stop is The Garden of the Morning Calm.  True to its name, it will really soothe your senses and you will definitely fall in love with the splendid flower garden arrangements, charming topiaries and dazzling juniper trees. 


The place is just so lovely.  If I will get married, I won’t ask to have a wedding 20151023_16550120151023_16585420151023_170000

but I will definitely have a prenup photo shoot there.  Have I said how the place is just so entrancing?  I will let the photos I took speak for its beauty.  ^_^

Admission Fee:  8000krw


The Nami-Petite France-Garden of Morning Calm tour in Gyeonggi is a good deal for a day trip.  Make sure you leave early to cover all 3 destinations. 


Save more time for Garden of the Morning Calm as it is prettier than Nami island.  Make sure you leave early to cover all 3 destinations.  Save more time for Garden of the Morning Calm as it is prettier than Nami island. 


Be prepared of course for the long walks and make sure you bring a decent camera because you will definitely feast on the sceneries.




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