Six Flying Dragons Ep 5&6

The ministers were in chaos after the news of Lord Baek Yoon’s murder erupted. Hong In Bang thought of Jang Do Jeon’s words that killing Baek Yoon would end Goryeo. The ministers were grilling Gil Tae Mi who was Baek Yoon’s nemesis. The search for who-killed-lord-baek-yoon ensued and all of the opposing factions were tracing the identity of the assassin.

2015-10-29 18.08.05

Lord Lee In Gyeom consulted the leader of Hwasadan, an intelligence agency that collates the nation’s valuable information as Hong In Bang sought Jukryong, head monk of Biguk temple who was also clueless about the situation.

2015-10-29 18.07.422015-10-29 18.07.21

Gil Tae Mi gathered Sungkyunkwan students for interrogation while Yi Bang Won listened to the witness’ account of what happened. Someone blurted dangerous magpie, a skilled sword fighter who comes out when there were abusive Japanese pirates and was a famous storytelling subject in the market.  

2015-10-29 18.06.52

With the information he gathered, Yi Bang Won set off to the market and listened to the infamous storyteller. After the show Gap Boon, the masked storyteller’s sidekick was bullied by thugs asking for additional tax.

2015-10-29 18.06.33

She was helped by a swordfighting student Moo Hyul who was also Gil Tae Mi’s teacher’s student. He took down a fighter from a swordfighting brotherhood Plum blossom and when he told his master his first victory, his happiness deflated fast when his teacher told him that the swordsman came from an infamous group.

2015-10-29 18.06.12

Hong In Bang took charge to calm the rising strife by meeting Baek Yoon’s allies. He asked them to increase the taxes even more and to accept him as the new leader.

2015-10-29 18.05.40

Boon Yi, all grown up led the village people by planting crops in a discreet wasteland, but the governor’s men learned about their secret and killed half of their group’s population. They fled for survival but was captured by Japanese pirates. Yi Bang Won set forth to where the Japanese pirates were and met Moo Hyul who saw what happened to the poor commoners. It was no easy task to rescue the poor abducted village people so Yi Bang Won devised a strategy to take down the soldiers slowly while pretending to be members of a merchant group. But when Boon Yi was released from the sack she attacked Bang Won and Moo Hyul accidentally blurted that they came to free them which put the pirates on their feet to attack the intruders. Moo Hyul rose to the occasion and his fighter spirit saved the day in one flash eliminating and scaring the pirates.

2015-10-29 18.05.112015-10-29 18.04.38

Bang Won advised Boon Yi that going to the magistrate’s office to complain about the massacre won’t do any good because of the existing law so Boon Yi ranted how he doesn’t have a right to speak his opinion because he has never lived the way they did.

2015-10-29 18.04.13

Worried about her, Bang Won was crossed on what he should do to help her situation and there they saw her walking all dirty from the fire and smoke coming from the magistrate’s grain storage. They bantered with the risky act she did, but she didn’t care anymore and just wanted the deceased people who were deprived with grains be able to take it in the afterlife. Taking a small wooden totem, Boon Yi, the fifth dragon made up her mind to find Sambong who previously visited her and instructed her to make use of the wasteland and to stop dwelling on her sorry life. Left with nothing to do again, she was determined to seek Jang Do Jeon’s advice.

2015-10-29 18.03.55

Boon Yi sought permission to leave their group for the meantime and while they were worrying for the expenses, Bang Won entered with his silk clothes and golden accessories. The village people tied him up naked and took all his things which they can buy. Moo Hyul confronted his swordmaster on why he lied about his ability and left his claw for good. Bang Won was rescued by his protector and after dressing up in shabby clothes saw Boon Yi talking to the owner of the room they were staying. He chased her to the grassy field and when they have pointed out clearly how she is mistreating him with all the kindness he has shown. He saw her wooden doll necklace which was the same he found in the secret room he was exploring.

2015-10-29 18.03.032015-10-29 18.03.26

The news of unfair taxes from Baek Yoon’s land taken over by Ho In Bang reached General Choi Young and his followers pointed out how he should take action. Ddang Sae and Gap Boon listened to the talk as they were both part of the musical group performing. Ddang Sae was in a serious mode realizing that Baek Yoon being dead was not making any progress to a new world he has been dreaming.

2015-10-29 18.02.32

General Choi Young visited Lord In Gyeom and demanded him to have Ho In Bang stopped his unfair taxes to the people.  The latter upset about the scolding he got ordered to see Hong In Bang fast who was then in a meeting with Jukryong.

2015-10-29 18.01.33

Jukryong explained how he learned about the whereabouts of Sambong through his priest follower Lee Eun Chang who became a merchant at Sogam market. Boon Yi, Bangwon, Ddang Sae and Moo Yul were all at same market to seek Lee Eun Chang who was cornered by Jukryong monks but was freed by Ddang Sae. Boon Yi stepped on Lee Eun Chang’s place and was brought by the monks to their temple for questioning. They hid her as a corpse who died from the plague but Bang Won remembered the mark left when he bit her. They went to the temple but the monks came prepared and just when they will be slaughtered, Hong In Bang stepped in and they spoke about the situation.

2015-10-29 18.00.25

We saw how In Bang forced Bang Won to write a demeaning poster against Heo Kang’s father which forced the older Heo to commit suicide and how through the years In Bang has offered Bang Won to side with him but the latter was tough not to give in.

2015-10-29 18.01.08

While the scholars were debating, Ddang Sae came to rescue Boon Yi but was held up by the monks, Moo Hyul was also on the scene and was able to free and drag Boon Yi.

2015-10-29 18.00.02

Boon Yi brought the letter strip she was asked to decipher and went to the woods to crack the code through the doll necklace. While she was doing it, Bang Won who bumped with Lee Eun Chang got the same paper strip Boon Yi had. After breaking the code both of them set forth to Hamju where Jang Do Jeon was.

Now that the story is slowly tying the characters together it keeps getting better.  I like the contrasting passion of the young characters and the cunning ways of the seasoned personas.  Lee In Gyeom/Choi Young actually feels like Gandalf/Saruman *chuckles.  I look forward to the love lines and to a lot more trance moments with Yoo Ah In. *blush -jediprincess


Sassy go go Episode 5 & 6

Cheerleading trainer arrived to the drunk high-schoolers floating in alcohol.  They rushed to go back to the school but Soo Ah burdened by the mounting pressure was left behind when they pulled over to rest a bit and pee.  They came back to look for Soo Ah but Yeon Doo hurt her ankle and took the kdrama piggyback chance ride which made me really jealous.  *pout  Soo Ah was found by Ha Joon and they raced through time to beat the opening ceremony at school.


 Principal and her teacher minion were guarding the gate so cheerleading trainer took charge and performed an impromptu routine to cover the students getting inside the school premise.

Yeon Doo was bothered by her vague recollection of a drunk moment with Kim Yeol at the rooftop so she tried to confront him about what happened and he confirmed cooly that they didn’t.  Later when Kim Yeol was alone he recollected how he almost kissed Yeon Doo but she dozed off right at the moment.


The cheerleading trainer divided them in two for a task to make a cheerleading routine.  Soo Ah was teamed with the Real King members as Yeon Doo headed the Baek Ho smarties.

Homeroom teacher was put in a predicament by a nosy producer who wanted to scoop about the illegal grading system done in the school and when one of the smarties acted careless and complained Yang Songsaenim brushed through her chest part while doing the cheerleading practice and it was made bigger by the rich mom’s club pushing to terminate Teacher Yang in his post.


 Supergirl Yeon Doo wanted to help out and almost gave an interview but was dragged by Kim Yeol to lecture her of the repercussions of trying to resolve other people’s concern.  Yeon Doo’s mom also told her the same thing so she decided sadly not to pursue helping Yang saem for the mean time.  Grade conscious Soo Ah conspired with the girl who claimed sexual harassment and with that, Yang saem was ordered to exit the school.


Ha Joon even begged his father to help the homeroom teacher but bad dad wasn’t fazed with his request.  The girl who overreacted about the sexual harassment regret her rash act and lie.  Yeon Doo talked to the girl to shake out some sense to her and in their festival performance, they raised apology and come back placards to the whole school watching.


I am only watching this drama because Lee Won Geun is a happy pill but there’s no depth nor lingering effect this drama will give you.  It is not melancholic either but the young characters remind me of when I was not thinking much but just doing what I want.  I just want this to remain balanced with teen angst and filled with Kim Yeol’s face and I’m good.  haha  I think every girl who watches this drama would agree how our highschool prince charming day dreaming moments have Kim Yeol as the prince.  -jediprincess



Because It’s the First Time (Episode 3)
After Tae Oh blurted his surprising “make me crazy” line, he muttered how he wants Song Yi to at least make an effort to appear like a woman in front of him if she has a crush on him.  Song Yi straightened out his crazy thoughts and admitted that she indeed likes someone but not him.  Humiliation poured on Tae Oh’s ego so he pestered Song Yi to spill why she likes another guy.  Song Yi walked towards him placed her hands on his shoulders and re-confirmed straight to his blushing face that he is not the guy she likes.

2015-11-02 08.24.16

Ji Ahn had a slight rebellion spree over the quality of life he had to endure with his father as Ga In and Hoon were together with the latter’s new found dream of becoming a theater actor.

2015-11-02 08.23.58

The next day Sherlock Tae Oh camped on Song Yi’s work places to figure out her crush.  He went to the gas station, school library and dragged Hoon and Ji Ahn to the restaurant where Song Yi does her part time jobs. 

2015-11-02 08.22.49

Song Yi worried about drunk Ji Ahn whose drinking habit is helping out anything moving in the vicinity.  Ji Ahn sobered up and as he returned Song Yi’s handkerchief, he told her that her crush feels the same way too. 

2015-11-02 08.22.21

Ji Ahn and Tae had a quick chat when they arrived at school the next morning about the girls who like them.  Tae Oh saw the blind date he ditched and tried to run after her but she was lost in the crowd.  The classmate who introduced the blind date mumbled how the girl thought he was weird sending text messages when she didn’t meet him and when he confirmed the face of the blind date, it turned out not to be the girl he met at the coffee shop.

2015-11-02 08.20.42

Ji Ahn opened a group chat topic of Tae Oh’s ghost date.  While he defended it to be true the rest of the gang thought otherwise.  Then Song Yi just realized the girl they were talking about was sitting all pretty beside her in the class. 

2015-11-02 08.21.312015-11-02 08.21.04

The chat concluded with Tae Oh’s analyzation that the girl likes her and she could be the stalker who sends him  gift 3 times a year, but Ga In surprised everyone when she admits that the 3 gifts were her doing and had a ghost filled the chat room in silence momentarily.  Ga In broke the ice and invited everyone in their house for a party.

2015-11-02 08.20.21

Song Yi approached Tae Oh’s girl and introduced herself formally.  She learned a piece of information about her which she gave Tae Oh later.  

2015-11-02 08.19.58

At night as Ga In prepares the food, the guys were debating how to ask Ga In’s stalker confession but bright Ga In made it easier by verifying she was indeed the stalker. 

2015-11-02 08.18.16


Tae Oh asked her why and got another punch when she nonchalantly replied because she liked him since grade school.  Tae Oh explained how he cannot reciprocate her confession since he likes another girl but happy Ga In responded how she doesn’t expect anything but will continue to just like him to everyone’s surprise.

2015-11-02 08.18.40

2015-11-02 08.19.03

Ga In bid farewell and asked Hoon to sleep with her father in the room.  Song Yi on the other end seriously talke to the remaining boys on how they were encouraging Ga In to a fault.  How they should make her face the reality that her father is dead. 

2015-11-02 08.17.54

But the next morning Tae Oh and Hoon accompanied Ga In who was imagining her father working out.  Hoon told Tae Oh not to take seriously what Ga In said last night and claimed that he is really the guy he likes while pointing out proof about his claim. 

2015-11-02 08.17.33

Song Yi got annoyed when Tae Oh told her about the morning work out.  Tae Oh explained how them boys believed that Ga In is strong enough to come out of her situation and that they are willing to wait for her.  Song Yi acquiesced to their thinking but insisted that she will bring Ga In to her father’s grave to pay respect on his death anniversary.  Tae Oh noticed that Song Yi used his washing machine and fidgeted when she laundered his underwear but she pulled Miranda Kerr’s (blind date girl) phone number and used it as a bargaining agreement for her stay in his place. 

2015-11-02 08.17.15

Tae Oh skipped his class and attended Miranda’s media class as Hoon’s mother visited her son at Ga In’s house and gave him a ticket to his theater dream. 

Tae Oh cornered Miranda/Ryu Se Hyun and recited the details he knew about her.

2015-11-02 08.15.562015-11-02 08.16.23

Later he joined the movie club she was in and walked with her in the neighborhood while taking pictures.

Song Yi called Tae Oh and asked him to give her encouragement that it’s okay for her to confess her feelings to her crush.  Tae Oh questioned why she changed her mind when she told him she would only love him from afar. 

2015-11-02 08.15.042015-11-02 08.13.56

Tae Oh’s mood changed after the phone call  and Se Hyun teased him that either he likes Song Yi or she is his first love.  His phone rang again with weeping Song Yi on the other line and pleaded him to meet her in their old house.  He bid farewell to Se Hyun and rushed to her crying friend.

2015-11-02 08.13.03

When Tae Oh can’t find something to wipe Song Yi’s tears, he took of his shirt and gave it to her while I swooned on the topless body and the gesture.  *chuckles  Tae Oh validated that she was rejected and insisted on knowing the identity of the man who made her cry but Song Yi refused to react. 

2015-11-02 08.13.32

Just then Se Hyun walked towards the bickering friends and they both explained the situation not to be misunderstood.  Se Hyun gave a non committal response and walked in the house when the two realized she lives in the house and they were blocking the way.

2015-11-02 08.09.26

So I’m excited to know the reason why Ji Ahn rejected her.  It has been fun to hang out with these neighborhood friends and they are really making me miss my growing up friends. 
I like the building up of friendship-turned-love premise of the story if this is where it is heading. -jediprincess


She Was Pretty Episode 10 & 11

Hye Jin spoke with her superior at work when they were settled in Sung Joon’s car afterwhich the awkward moment coming from the dramatic hug lingered on the air as the car music played songs reminding of their very recent embrace.

2015-11-02 15.38.082015-11-02 15.37.48

Hye Jin pondered on what has been happening with him and Sung Joon as she walked towards home.  Finally mustering her strength to reveal the reality to the man she likes, she headed back to look for him.  When she reached his place, Hye Jin saw Ha Ri talking to Sung Joon and her bestfriend’s betrayal dawned on her. 

2015-11-02 15.36.572015-11-02 15.36.34

Sung Joon asked Ha Ri to let him rest for that day so she wasn’t able to give the letter she wrote to reveal everything to him.  Hye Jin finally pieced out the situation and opted not to confront her friend about it but went to an endless walk to wherever her feet will take her. Shin Hyuk came to her rescue and listened to her sob story.  He gave her a ride and when he asked her if she will go to Sung Joon once everything is settled, she confirmed that it’s where she is heading since their feelings are mutual.

2015-11-02 15.36.15

Hye Jin saw Ha Ri fixing her shoes to no avail.  Ha Ri told her it’s a hopeless case and that she will buy her new ones to which Hye Jin agreed for the first time.

2015-11-02 15.35.59
Sung Joon and Hye Jin were both sleepless that night contemplating about their feelings.

2015-11-02 15.35.14

The remnants of last night’s episode surged again in the morning when Sung Joon cornered Hye Jin and forced her to drink coffee with him.  Hye Jin was able to evade Sung Joon’s we-embraced-last-night-so-what-now attack and luckily spotted Shin Hyuk who saved her from that hot spot.

2015-11-02 15.34.35

Things get uncomfortable in the office  as Hye Jin tried to hide from Sung Joon’s gaze.  After the staff meeting he ordered her to bring the minutes and had her stay sitting high in front of him until he’s done reading, but just as he was trying to open the conversation again, Hye Jin stopped him and made an excuse of something she has to do.

2015-11-02 15.34.012015-11-02 15.34.202015-11-02 15.33.29

The Most People talked about the recent SNS update of famous writer Ten which I think is Shin Hyuk in real life.  Hye Rin came to find Sung Joon and asked him to buy her a lunch meal which he gladly obeyed.

2015-11-02 15.32.27

Sung Joon left the clothes he has to wear for the business meeting and no one wants to bring the clothes so it fell on Hye Jin’s hand.  He finally cornered her and asked her to have some tea before she leaves.  Sung Joon confessed about how he can no longer deny what he is feeling about her even if he tried to avoid it. 

2015-11-02 15.31.412015-11-02 15.31.23

Nervous Hye Jin fumbled on the teacup after the revelation so her clothes got wet and was forced to change to Sung Joon’s clothing. Sung Joon adjusted the sweater while telling her that he didn’t mean to startle her and just want her to know how he feels.  Hye Jin who chose to wait for Ha Ri’s action even if she already wants to be in his arms opted not to respond to his thoughts.

2015-11-02 15.29.46

Shin Hyuk met with Ha Ri and revealed to her that Hye Jin learned about her lies recently but her kind heart wants to wait for her to say it first and that she believed she has good reasons for doing that.

2015-11-02 15.27.25

Ha Ri entered the house with a heavy heart and saw Hye Jin slumped down on her knees.  She apologized and thanked Hye Jin for understanding her and promised that she will return to her rightful place the next day.

2015-11-02 15.26.572015-11-02 15.26.352015-11-02 15.26.18

Hye Jin finished her first interview with the children’s book writer and bumped with Sung Joon in Heyri Art valley.  They went to see some paintings in a gallery and stopped on their favorite painting which I still don’t know what the title is and I’m so overdue to research about it.  *giggles  They were pestered by some nursery students on a field trip and a couple asked them to take a picture and offered to take their own picture too.

2015-11-02 15.25.33

Hye Jin finally learned that Editor Kim came to rescue her the other night and even got hospitalized because of it.  She confronted Shin Hyuk about it and he admits to it and further added how he also wanted her to worry about him.  He pulled the Jackson favor deal recorder and told her he will claim the last favor and took her to his arms.  He told her that he can’t take her as a friend because he likes her.  And yes the best second lead for this year is Kim Shin Hyuk.  ^_^

2015-11-02 15.14.50

Ha Ri and Sung Joon agreed to meet after work and when Ha Ri sent off a VIP guest.  She was about to call Sung Joon who was done with his meeting earlier when she heard someone called her name and she responded to it only to realize that it was Sung Joon who called her name.

2015-11-02 15.14.09

It turned out that Sung Joon saw Ha Ri’s employee of the month poster and Ha Ri confirmed what he just learned when he called her name and she replied.  Frustrated Sung Joon questioned Ha Ri and her identity, and she was left no choice but to disclose her lies. 

2015-11-03 16.33.26

Bewildered Sung Joon left Ha Ri and drove his car to melancholia while his brain finally processed what his heart remembers.  Flashbacks of real life Hye Jin and his memories suddenly coincided for affirmation. 

2015-11-03 16.32.59

Shin Hyuk hugged Hye Jin and told her to just be with him if she is hesitating going to Sung Joon but her phone rang and when she realized Sung Joon already knew the truth, she rushed to meet him leaving Editor Kim behind. 

2015-11-03 16.32.242015-11-03 16.32.42

They talked and cleared the misunderstanding and had a great time finally freeing themselves from the confusing ties that kept pulling me together.  They agreed to put the past behind and move forward.

2015-11-03 16.31.13

Hye Jin rushed to their home and asked Ha Ri what happened and she revealed how Sung Joon learned the truth accidentally and how she wasn’t able to explain properly.  Hye Jin saw Ha Ri’s torn apology letter she was meaning to give to Sung Joon and ran to look for her.  She found her crying hard and felt sad how she can’t seem to figure out what’s best in their situation.

2015-11-03 16.30.442015-11-03 16.30.24

Sung Joon was excited to go to work and bump with Hye Jin going to the office.  Hye Jin dodged his hand trying to hold hers and acted like she doesn’t remember their high school memories when he brought it up.

2015-11-03 16.29.25

Sung Joon was perplexed and annoyed at Hye Jin’s drawing of a friendship line so he interrogated her what happened overnight.  She explained how they should maintain a professional and friendly level which baffled him even more as he thought they both see each other as a man and woman.  Hye Jin can’t explain that she had to be distant because in doing so she won’t hurt her best friend.

2015-11-03 16.29.01

Sung Joon got grumpy when he overheard senior editor Kim teasing Hye Jin about Shin Hyuk that when she brought in the minutes of their meeting, he coldly muttered how she can just send it through email and paid for the regular coffee she buys him.  Hye Jin agreed and turned her back but heard him silently pleading that he can’t be just friends with her but she was saved by the bell when her superior entered the room.

2015-11-03 16.28.34

Hye Jin dragged Ha Ri back  to their house who was about to go out with a stranger.  She scolded Ha Ri who has been avoiding her but Ha Ri retaliated how she should be mad at her and pleaded that they stop their argument as she was tired.

2015-11-03 16.27.282015-11-03 16.26.42

Hye Jin went to her house to sleep and all the family members asked about Ha Ri which irritated her even more.  Sung Joon called Hye Jin and learned from her sister that she was at their house.  Hye Jin who stepped out to catch some air was surprised to see Sung Joon.  Her parents were happy entertaining him and when his father offered him alcohol, he accepted it and just with one shot he fainted.

2015-11-03 16.26.24

Sleepless Hye Jin checked on knocked out Sung Joon and was surprised to see her parents staring at their future son-in-law’s handsome face.  She shooed them away but did the same thing they were doing.  Sung Joon woke up and he asked her if they can talk outside.  Sung Joon asked her again what changed overnight since he is having a hard time understanding it. 

2015-11-03 16.25.31

Hye Jin answered him that Ha Ri likes her so she wanted to take it slow to cushion her friend’s pain.  Sung Joon countered that it is her that she likes even then, right now and in the future.  He added that he won’t push her but he just wanted her not to run away from him.

2015-11-03 16.25.13

The whole office was flustered learning Shin Hyuk might transfer to the opposing magazine company.  Shin Hyuk entered the office and all eyes were on him about his interview but he stepped out to break the craze.  Hye Jin followed him and he denied going to New Look.

2015-11-03 16.24.37

The last magazine edition hiked up in sales so the Editor in Chief threw at them the company credit card to enjoy but warned that she’s expecting no. 1 on the next issue.  Sung Joon met with Shin Hyuk and convinced him to stay by divulging how the company needs him to survive.

2015-11-03 16.23.10

Hye Jin went home to their bare house and was nervous when a neighbor left with a lot of stuff.  She rushed to the airport and cried worrying on how her friend decided to leave when she doesn’t know how to survive without her.

2015-11-03 16.22.54

There’s something about Hye Jin and Ha Ri’s friendship that I found so amusing.  Regardless of the betrayal, each of them acknowledged their faults and knew well what they should be apologizing for and what should be comprehended no matter what.  Hye Jin is a tiringly sweet character but how she responded to what Ha Ri did to her really convinced me that she was a nice character.  She is a kind of girl friend I would want to have in a lifetime. ^_^


P.S  I will have a separate round up for Bubblegum and The Village (if the village will give nice first 4 episodes) before I include them to October 4th week round up.  Please excuse my delayed recap as the autumn vacation held me exhausted.

20151023_1230592015-11-03 16.24.55


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