Reminiscent of Rooftop Prince and Queen In Hyun’s Man in terms of its vibrancy, and romance, Splash Splash Love is an MBC drama special full of cutesies and charm at a very quick pace that you will be able to finish in one-sitting.  Another beautifully crafted time traveling romance between a high school senior who was off to take the dreaded SAT exams that will determine her future and Joseon King Lee Do (King Sejong) who was hailed by history books with his accomplishments.  This is a period drama done in short cut but definitely full of quirkiness, feel good after effect and love.

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SAT examination has been putting a lot of pressure to present day Korea to any Senior Highschool students because it will decide what they will become in the future.  Jang Dan Bi, our lead heroine has the same problem.  On the day of the exam, she was cramming on what else she needed to answer well and left her umbrella inside the bus.  Rain soaked she passed by a park and a lot of inhibitions kept running in her thoughts.  She suddenly heard the sound of drums coming from the ground.  She found a water wormhole and feeling she wanted to disappear that time she bravely jumped to the wormhole and emerged to Joseon era where the King and his government people held an offering for rain to come and break the 3-year running drought. 

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The King who was not a fan of superstition was left no choice but to acquiesce to the ceremony.  Mistakenly thought as a eunuch because of her top-knot and the same word used for high school senior and eunuch in Joseon period, the King took him under his war and Dan Bi became his private tutor solving most of the problems in agriculture, botany, biology, anatomy and other sciences.  Later on the King and Dan Bi developed feelings to one another amidst the persecution of the evil government officials who refused to leave the traditional Joseon culture.  The Queen who was initially pressured by her father became friends with Dan Bi and with her help, her social status was improved to 3rd rank, was given a name and was later became a concubine. 

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On the night the King showed Dan Bi, the Korean alphabet he was working on, she politely declined the King’s order to stay by his side.  He walked away not knowing she will be knocked down and the hall and Hangeul’s beginning was burned to ashes.  Lee Do came to rescue Dan Bi and went to spend one last time with her.  He promised that he will find her again in another time.  Dan Bi came out from the worm hole in the park and rushed to attend the SAT exam.  On her way home from her part time job, the rain fell again and she was rescued by her lost umbrella held by a man who has the same face with the Joseon King she fell in love with.


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2 thoughts on “Splash Splash Love Drama/Movie Quick Recap

  1. I watched this one not long ago and if I were to describe it in a word.. or two.. it would be fluffy romance 😀 Nevertheless it was an interesting watch and worth the time. This one actually reminds me a lot of One Sunny Day, one of my favorites.

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