Forget the grueling gym work out, home yoga sessions and sadness inducing diet plans… Just allot 2 hours in 2 days watching Oh My Venus and you will miraculously lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks. It’s true. No hidden agendas, no diet pills, and no aggravating body pains. Sign up for a 14-day trial period at Coach John Kim’s Venus boot camp and see for yourself what the rest of the women who tried the program have been talking about. *chuckles


Seriously now, if they want a solution to the alarming woes of women struggling to keep up with their weight, they should hire So Ji Sub oppa to be their personal trainer and the world will be a better place. *giggles


Oh My Venus went to the typical Korean drama rom-com milieu of a rich heir who fell in love with a normal girl but with a fitness program twist. Kang Joo Eun was a feisty Korean lawyer with a steady long-time boyfriend. She was living a calm life and the only concern she has was her weight loss struggle.



She used to be the high school boys’ dream in her hometown Daegu, but life’s complications took over and she failed maintaining her goddess self. She eventually lost her boyfriend to an old chubby law school friend who managed to discard her old fat self.


Wanting to reclaim the self-esteem she has been losing, Joo Eun took the opportunity of forcing herself to be coached by a famous weight loss trainer, John Kim, when she chanced upon their identities after retrieving their belongings which was left in her possession. When John Kim’s crew was visited by Joo Eun to impose herself on taking their training, she assumed the manager was John Kim and not Kim Young-ho, the crew was forced to accept her request to shut her mouth in publicly declaring John Kim’s hiding in Korean soil following a scandal he had with a famous Hollywood celebrity. They went on the quest to recover Joo Eun’s Venus body though unbeknownst to Joo Eun, the training was not being done properly.



Young Ho unfortunately witnessed Joo Eun’s love humiliation with her old flame and has stood by her side to salvage her depleted self-worth. With Joo Eun’s unfailing determination, he corrected her initial understanding of who John Kim was and decided to formally coach her and bring her back to life. Sparks eventually connected them together and just as Joo Eun’s body fats were falling, they too began falling in love with each other.



I could stare at So Ji Sub oppa’s steamy self all day and it won’t still suffice the sweet craving I feel for him.  He’s my dream guy, a manna from heaven and the only arms I dream being imprisoned with. hahaha Hallyu land is like a big aquarium of hot guys , but So Ji Sub oppa’s cold exterior and warm heart is just a solid punch on why he’s able to pull his cliché character in this drama and trance a multitude of women to an intoxicating bliss. Yup I’m not ashamed that my religious following of “Oh My Venus” stemmed from my undying one-sided love with him and I can’t be any happier when the story enticed me with enough Kim Young Ho’s smoking topless exposure and knees-weakening gaze to keep me from being inspired to the fitness goal the drama was trying to impart. So there drama… mission solved! *giggles




But seriously, I already outgrew the over-used rich guy-normal girl love story setting, but for the lightness and the girly-drooling moments, I would forgive the shallow conflict of this drama. Oh well and because anything is forgivable with So Ji Sub oppa in it.  But it would have been nice if they push it to Joo Eun’s initial dream to recover her old Venus self. Putting that Young Ho’s family’s company problem conflict was a bit awkward for the plot. It was not fitting.  Since they presented Young Ho’s broken self, I think they should have followed that lead.  There’s a lot of emotional struggles for couples in their 30’s because most tend to not unpack their baggages so they could have circled in their plot.  They could have lengthened Joo Eun’s rally to win Young Ho’s rich family to make the drama even more sassier and feel good.  But anyway, I got what I bargained for, if not for Joo Eun and Young Ho’s chemistry I would have really pouted.



I want to commend on the show’s drive to encourage women with weight worries to lighten up and push themselves to be even more disciplined in following their fitness programs as it would be a propelling force to reclaim their confidence and to live a robust life.  If you can get a supportive partner/boyfriend with that then you are definitely on the right track.



With ample cutesy love scenes and charming on screen adorable couple, this rom-com offering will wear out a week’s work stress. If you want an uncomplicated blithe and feel good love drama, this will definitely satisfy your craving. Add So Ji Sub on the side, and boy it’s definitely a winner all throughout. –jediprincess ♥♥♥






































5 thoughts on “John Kim – the long awaited solution to women’s weight loss problems: Oh My Venus Korean Drama Series Review

  1. I have not finished this drama. But it is as you advertised. Not a compelling story. But for the romantic funky spunk music between the two main characters. I love their chem. Watch Arang and the Magistrate. I forgot her name. But she is also in there. I love her spunk. But yes. Love their chem.

  2. I agree totally with everything written here. But my favorite movie starring So Ji Sub has got to be Sorry I love you. I cried throughout this entire movie. Talk about tearjerker this one has got it wrapped up. I’ll have to agree that all of So Ji Sub’s movies are really sad. Always was another, but at least it had a happy ending. Thank you Abby in Hallyu-land for bringing us the drama!

    1. Thank you Sharon for the warm words… Sorry I Love You I’ve heard is really a tearjerker so I didn’t watch it… haha But thank you for reminding me of it now I feel compelled to watch it this weekend.

      1. Good for you jediprincess you won’t regret it! I didn’t movie I meant series but you know what I meant. The only one of So Ji Sub’s series that I have a problem getting into is Ghost, I am going to try my best to watch the whole thing this weekend! See you in Hallyu-land!

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