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Everything about this drama screams about the kind of friendship, worries and love confusions we had in our early 20’s.  The story was narrated unadorned but the characters were limned delightfully.

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Tae Oh, Song Yi, Ji Ahn, Ga In and Hoon are five childhood friends who have relied to each another while battling the challenges of braving the world where they are expected  to face failures  and not warranted to give up on it. 

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The age when they have the freedom not to rationalize loving someone, but are restricted to chase their personal dreams because they either doubt themselves or they are forced to go against their will by their families. 

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These hinged friends experienced life cruelties from their own families and unfortunate events, but they have managed  to shelter one another and gave strength to overcome their battles.

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Tae Oh the rich boy of the group had Song Yi as his first love and best friend.  When he thought he was able to escape in his crazy first love shadow he courted a lady at school, but whenever Song Yi is in need of him, he just felt compelled to be with her making his girlfriend jealous.

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Song Yi struggled with her mom while growing up after her father departed early.  To make the situation worse, her mother ran away leaving Song Yi and her sister.  She was left no choice but to plead Tae Oh to shelter her for the mean time.  Song Yi has long harbored affection towards Ji Ahn. 

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She thought it was mutual, but when she confessed, he had to let her down because he can’t entertain dating while he chasing his dreams and resolving the fnancial problems he and his father have.
But seeing Song Yi’s deflated self after the rejection, he pleaded come-what-may and feigning their relationship to the group they started dating.

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Hoon who came from a family of intellectuals was a disappointment for not having something he can be praised for.  Finally he was inspired to try theater acting and with Ga In’s encouragement, he pursue a new-found dream. 

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The group has been shielding Ga In in her own happy world.  They dared not to wake her up to the reality that her father died a year ago.  She vocally admitted her liking to Tae Oh  not realizing Hoon likes her a lot.

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The story moved in presenting their usual bickerings and fun times and hit the conflict of Tae Oh finally waking up to the truth that he loved his girl best friend even when he finally got his dream girl.  No spices.  No heaviness.  Just culminating to the main lead’s decision to let go of his one sided first love. 

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Yes I wish it would have been longer but given the simplicity of the  plot, it wouldn’t give a justified stretch.  It was a nice watch while you are on it, but won’t leave a lingering impact after.

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But if you want a short, feel-good 20’s drama that you can finish in one sitting on a weekend or when u want to feel distracted, “Because It’s The First Time” would serve the purpose of entertaining you.  Sweet and upbeat… I’m sure this friendship story will make you remember those blithe days of being wild, young and free. -jediprincess ♡♡♡

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7 thoughts on “The Sweet and Upbeat Memories of our 20’s: Because It’s the First Time Korean Drama Review

  1. I’m watching this now coz it’s on iflix and I’m LOVING IT!!! I need more shows w/ Kim Min Jae in it. huhuhu shet. Love ko si Minho. I just finished To The Beautiful You so I needed another show w/ Minho in it again. super not disappointed and i looooveee it!!

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