Though dwindling in numbers in the recent years, I still go to Korean Romantic movies for my digital source of love vibes.  There’s just something piercing on how Koreans do it, and they never run out of stellar ideas to bring out breath-taking sketches of love stories that transcends across different ages.  Even now, I still feel giddy-ish when I go to a sudden trip to my Kmovie library and watch films from more than 10 years ago.  And since it’s Cupid’s favorite month, if you will be staying home this Valentine weekend, I would like to share you my personal favorites, picked from the bottom of my heart and validated by my fond memories of watching it.

Happy Love Month everyone!  
Happy Lunar Year too!

My Sassy Girl – Because every girl secretly wishes to have a Gyeon-woo in their lives.

images (12)

Il Mare – Because you only need a time warping mail box to exchange letters and eventually fall in love.

images (25)

The Classic – Because we cannot end up with our one great love.

images (28)

Daddy Long Legs – Because there will be that one person who will love you greatly with all his heart.

images (26)

My Little Bride – Because we realized too late that love is there all along sometimes.

images (27)

Daisy – Because we protect the one we love at all cost.

images (29)

A Moment To Remember – Because our best love memories are kept in our hearts.

images (30)

A Millionaire’s First Love – Because we become a better person when we fall in love.

images (31)

Lost and Found – Because we get confused reading which love is really given to us.

images (32)

Love Phobia – Because a man has only one first love.

images (35)

100 Days With Mr. Arrogant – Because we literally do everything for the one we love.

images (33)

Lovers Concerto – Because a fated love can end due to an un unfortunate chance.

images (34)

200 Pounds Beauty – Because hell hath no fury when a woman in love got fooled not so nicely.

images (36)

Heaven’s Postman – Because love can happen even in the most impossible beginning.

images (37)

Someone Special – Because love happens surprisingly when we stop looking for it.

images (38)

Always – Because love can spring  unexpectedly and truthfully.

images (40)

Neverending Story – Because two strangers can take on a journey and fall in love with each other deeply.

images (41)

A Werewolf Boy – Because love waits.

images (44)

My PS Partner – Because love can be served sassy and sexy.

images (42)

Love 911 – Because love can overcome the fear of losing someone.

images (43)

More than Blue – Because we overlook love when it comes from a friend.

images (45)

Once in a Summer – Because young love is the sweetest and most kept in our memories.



Christmas in August – Because you love in the moment so that you won’t regret it when it’s gone.



Two faces of my girlfriend – Because you have to love your girl in her ups and downs.



Hello Schoolgirl – Because we love even with the discrepancy in age.



Closer to Heaven – Because we love in sickness and in health.



A wolf’s temptation – Because love is being tangled in a sweet love triangle.

images (46)


The Beauty Inside – Because you always recognize and feel in your heart when you finally fall in love.

images (48)


5 thoughts on “Timeless Korean Romantic Films Perfect for Love Month

  1. Hi Abby, Followed your recommendations on what to watch in Korean movies & drama series.Do you have a 2015 love story movies must-watch list already? Thanks,Kay

    Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2016 23:51:46 +0000 To:

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