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Before hallyu wave spread  in my country, I think almost all the girls of my generation relates to having Dau Ming Si as their first tall-dark-and-fictional first love.  Meteor Garden paved the way to us girls realizing that yeah Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were pretty but these China-eyed hunks were better.  It was  immensely popular back then that people literally stop what they were doing to get giddy-ish about the love-you-hate-you relationship between Shan Cai and Dau Ming Si.

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Yes, Jerry Yan is also my first love in the myriad of fictional guys I literally slept with in my drama binge-ing.  Even now, he still occupies a space in my heart.  After the Meteor Garden stardom, as a faithful fangirl I followed all his dramas but nothing came as beautiful as when he swept my heart in his pilot drama… until “Loving Never Forgetting”.  True, he was on another rich and powerful portrayal, but my weak heart translated it to feeling his role was exactly seeing his Dau Ming Si role 10 years after.  True it felt like a story of another favorite Taiwan drama of mine “Autumn’s Concerto”, but I got what I bargained for… I got dreamy and felt good staring at his handsome face every episode. 

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Loving Never Forgetting is the sweet story of a woman who after having a one night stand with the man she greatly admired got entangled again in the past she was trying  to bury to save her son’s life.  Wu Tong who has full of dreams got an internship at a big company which is owned by her one-sided-first-love. She later got pregnant and after being disowned by her family, she chose to raise her son.  On her son’s 5th birthday, he met an accident and was helped by Li Zhung Mo who later donated blood to his long lost son when Wu Tong pleaded for help and revealing his relationship to her son.

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They went on a trial  for their son’s custody and Wu Tong lost it.  Later on Zhung Mo realized the special bond between his son and Wu Tong, and quickly enough he found himself falling in love with her fast.  They were faced with family problems and misunderstandings but because they were both holding on to the love they had for each other.  They surpassed every challenge thrown at them.

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I think even with its simple plot what made the story endearing is how typical their lovestory was.  It was not stupidly done with unnecessary conflicts to lengthen it but just focused on how the main leads found their way back to each other while falling in love even more in the process.

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Though not tightly woven, it was brimming with on screen love chemistry that I crazily felt it flowing from the television  and just making me heave a sigh on when I can possibly have a love like that.  *chuckles

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If you have been busy with your life and you want a weekend date with Jerry Yan, go catch this drama online.  It is always healthy to help yourself with a digital romance serving sometimes.


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