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There’s just something sincerely sweet when turning screen pages of love stories that were  set when romance was not digitally induced and when couples actually talk and share kisses because they reached that loving point through shared memories of being together all the time.

2015 - C'est si bon (still 5)

C’est si Bon tells the story of a famous acoustic music hall in 1970’s Seoul, South Korea where free spirited singers were applauded by its vibrant 20’s audience.  Two already famous singers Song Chang Sik and Yoon Hyung Joo were joined by Oh Geun Tae and together formed C’est si Bon trio which became a favorite act of the music lounge patrons.

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Their start was full of bickerings as Hyung Joo and Chang Sik were in a quest to prove who was the better singer between them and adding another clueless member with no guitar skills didn’t help at all in the business owner’s goal to launch the trio.

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But when they seemed to have shut down the idea of doing the act together, their muse, Min Ja Young came to life with her pretty self and charming smile.  She was mutually liked by the three instantly making them revert to their initial decision and agreed to the unofficial birth of C’est si Bon trio.

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Oh Geun Tae was aware on how he can’t compete with his two new found forced friends, but lady luck was on his side and he was liked back by Ja Young.

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After their music performance break, C’est si Bon Hall went to a cozy renovation to the delight of the trio who kept complaining about the place’ shabby appearance and just as the group was getting popular and Ja Young was also fulfilling her dreams of becoming an actress, their blossoming love was halted painfully.

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On the comeback performance of the Trio prior to their official radio and tv guestings, Oh Geun Tae’s heart was broken to pieces when he witnessed Ja Young being proposed to by a well-known film director who also offered Ja Young a film offer that will launch her to stardom.

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Geun Tae and Ja Young broke up sadly and the former did not attend the radio broadcast opting to leave Seoul to heal his grieving heart.   The trio launched proceeded and change the name to Twin Folio which later became popular as a singing duo.  But they were thrown to a marijuana scandal ending their immense popularity and closing the celebrated music lounge.

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20 years later, the narrator of the movie and Geun Tae’s closest friend has been living a peaceful life in Los Angeles CA as a business owner and radio music announcer.  He chanced up Ja Yeong and caught up with news about his friends in Seoul.  The next day Oh Geun Tae visited him and pledged a radio guesting after they drowned in alcohol.  After the taped broadcast, Chang Hee told Geun Tae that Ja Yeong was also in the state.  Geun Tae responded to that news by admitting to him how the marijuana scandal was pinned to them because he squealed them to the police. 

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Surprised by the revelation, Chang Hee just stared at his old friend walking away.  Ja Yeong and Geun Tae bumped with each other in the airport and chatted awkwardly.  When they parted ways, Ja Yeong called Chang Hee about meeting accidentally meeting Geun Tae in the airport.  Chang Hee mentioned Geun Tae’s revelation and joked on why she was not included in the names the police interrogated in the heat of marijuana controversy.  Ja Yeong flashed back to her memories of her asking Geun Tae what he can do for her as Geun Tae’s memory revealed how he provided the names of his friends in C’est si Bon but begging hopelessly not to include Ja Yeong to the investigation as she was just starting to fulfil her dreams.

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Ja Yeong searched Geun Tae frantically in the airport to confirm that he betrayed his friends for her, but Geun Tae again just chose to not affirm what she said, walked away finally collapsing on the floor in agonizing love pain as Ja Yeong can be heard crying painfully as well.

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I love the guitar-based music and songs in this period love and friendship film.  It was calming and inducing of ardent memories we tend to recall  in bittersweet  bliss.  It made me exhaust what online resources can give me to listen to Twin Folio’s  music.  It moved me to a realization that I dig love movies with a lead man who does  everything stupid he can all for his  first love.  *wink

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I don’t know if being in my 30’s have caused me to be fond of period stories these days, but staged in 70’s era the costume and production design were done superbly solidifying my dream wedding in 60’s and 70’s theme.  haha

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With enough humor and wit and uncomplicated  narration, I enjoyed the cheerful  vibe of the movie all throughout and felt sad on the heart-wrenching scenes.

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For some lucky ones they would end up with a happy-ever-after, but for some loving the person with all their heart is the closest they can get to be with their one great love.  I give you C’est si Bon if you want a solitary and quiet movie me time filled with love.  -jediprincess


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