I don’t know how to start my thoughts about this drama but I will try.  It felt like that sweetest romance you had which turned a nightmare overnight.  I want to blame the writer and PD for sleepwalking somewhere, but out of the initial cutesies  and romance, I will try  to be forgiving.  It was still not as bad as “Big” drama but it was a case of a company not being able to put up with its employees’ rallies settled amicably to giving some chocolates, going to the moon and just disappearing to the unknown.  Haha


For the standard summary, “Cheese in the Trap” is a college campus romance between a complicated rich man’s son’ with trust issues and a normal girl who made the man she fell in love with trust humanity again while battling her own personal and family issues.  They have great friends.  There were a few romantic filled moments up to midway of the drama until they pushed on unnecessary plot conflicts instead of focusing on building the romance even more.


 Let’s make this short and simple, don’t watch it anymore.  Or just watch the first half and then move to another drama.  Or watch the full drama when you are heartbroken so that you will be numb when you hit the ending of the story. 



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