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I think I can now conclude that I’m a secret Jang Na Ra fan because I have seen all her dramas underrated and the famous ones too.  I don’t like the male lead in this drama for some reason I also can’t explain  but I stayed faithful because of the relatable friendship plot in the story.

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So I met Han Mi Mo, a former famous girl group member who owns a marriage match-making company of sort who was also positive that she will be given a second chance in love.  She remained friends with her fellow girl group members who were also having love and relationship issues on the side.  On the day that Mi Mo learned about her  boyfriend’s infidelity she chanced upon a childhood friend, Song Soo Hyuk, who was working on an online showbiz newspaper catching celebrity scoops here and there.  He appeased her betrayed heart in soju bottles and they ended up causing ruckus in the city hall trying to register their instant marriage.  When they sobered up, they ironed their crazy act and went on to their own businesses. 

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Mi Mo in her sleeping night gown landed to the hospital where doctor bestfriend, Goo Hae Joon was working and confessed to the handsome doctor her attraction  towards him.  Yes the characters here were sort of moving in a typhoon like level in their impulsiveness and rational thinking but it was more cute and exciting nonetheless.  Hae Joon was revealed to have been a fan of Mi Mo in her girl group days so after contemplating he told Soo Hyuk about his intention to date Mi Mo to make sure that the latter won’t have problems with that.  Soo Hyuk gave her blessing and soon enough Mi Mo and Hae Joon became a couple. 

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Later on Mi Mo realized that the thing she had for Hae Joon was not  enough to move her heart and to make the matter worse she was slowly realizing that it was Soo Hyuk that she wanted all along and Soo Hyuk who felt the same way was torn between her and his best friend.  Soo Hyuk took a break and left the country just when Mi Mo braved the odds that they can be together.  When he returned from love hibernation they finally claimed their love second chance happy ending.

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Cooked and prepared like your average romcom, One More Happy Ending was a delightful watch.  I would like also to applaud the strong side stories of the supporting characters which were equally vibrant as the main love story.  The plot delved on the varying emotions of women struggling to keep up with love and relationship.  The marriage camp and relationship board sticker ideas were also some of the cutesies I will remember about this refreshing romcom.  This most likely will appeal to singles in 30’s who have failed their marriage once… who are finding the love lost along the way in their current marriage… who are unsure of finally settling down and who have been waiting for the right person to come along.

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Love perspectives change as you age and as you learn from your past mistakes.  What I learned about this drama is to never give up on love and romance and to understand its importance in sustaining a relationship.  Love will take different forms in a relationship as time goes on.  It will kick off to adoration, go steady through memories and romance, move to years of comfortability and will stand firm to loyalty…  and it is important that in  those changing moments you are by your lover’s side.

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Nicely blended, safely done and just pure encouraging love and dating narrative.  One More Happy Ending was as bright as spring and feel good as summer… perfect to add on your romcom binge list.

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