I say web dramas are good quick fix when you are waiting for a new drama addiction to happen or when you can’t still move on from a recently concluded drama that you loved.  I will try to write about web dramas that I was able to watch since they are easy to finish.  I think I already wrote Splash Splash Love and I’m going to write about High End Crush now.


 2016-04-23 14.18.03

There are three reasons why I watched High End Crush – Jung Il Woo, Jung Il Woo’s lazy smile and Jung Il Woo’s flirty gaze.  *chuckles  While kdrama addicts these days like Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho, I have this one sided romance with Jung Il Woo even with him not continuously stringing out perfect dramas in the past years.  I just love him without definite reasons like I do with So Ji Sub oppa. 

2016-04-23 14.12.03

A kdrama unni told about me about the web drama and since I know it will not take a while to finish it, I grab some almonds and imprisoned my Yoo Si Jin heartbroken self to finish the story.

2016-04-23 14.31.56

It was your typical rich-guy ordinary girl love story where again Jung Il Woo’s character chased down a girl who didn’t like him at first.  Now it’s making me realize that most of his dramas he was doing the chasing part.  I hope that he will take on a project that will showcase his commited portrayal as he is one of those actors with really great acting skills, but his recent projects have not evolved to notable ones.

 2016-04-23 14.16.52

Born from a rich family, Choi Se Hoon is a successful entertainment CEO who takes pride on having the Midas touch in raising talents in Korean show business.  When his prized talent ran away from his guards his assistant was left no choice but to bring a pretty girl Yoo Yi Ryung who rescued the runaway talent as a replacement for a campaign ad shoot.  From there his life was changed.

 2016-04-23 05.09.02

Choi Se Hoon walks proudly inside a building and barges in a meeting he was not invited.  Another entertainment executive, CEO Jang and a film director are discussing an artist they want to star in a project which was initially going to Se Hoon’s company’s artist.  He blabs about the obvious conspiracy brought about by the bribe they will get from the aspiring artist they are trying to groom who came from a rich family.  Perplexed by the sudden outburst and tricked to finally acquiescing to the initial agreement, the perfectionist CEO storms out of the room after winning his argument. 


He heads to his psychiatrist who has been mostly problematic facing his eccentric and arrogant patient who always complain about why there seem no order to the world he lives in and why he is the only perfect person living in it.  Sensing his psychiatrist’ disinterest to his grievances he calls his attention so the latter replies how he should see the bright side of life to which he counters by saying how he admires him by remaining optimistic in life even when he lost his girlfriend and stock money.


After the grueling session we see the psychiatrist also seeking his doctor and blurting out all the frustrations he had with his most hated patient.

2016-04-23 07.18.33
Se Hoon drives casually after his forced check up and scolds his assistant after losing one of his stubborn artist, Bora.  Running out of time for the scheduled photo shoot, the assistant took the woman Yoo Yi Ryung who rescued the stubborn artist from the company people chasing her. 

Se Hoon is able to locate Bora and heads to the shoot where he sees a woman sparkling heavenly and prettily and on cue we hear the voice over of the psychiatrist explaining a theory evident to people blessed with everything in life and is being tired of having it.  Se Hoon is enchanted by the beautiful woman smiling in the camera.  Little did he know that she who will soon make him realize that he cannot get everything that he wanted in his life.


Episode 2

The photoshoot was a success but Se Hoon is called to appease the wrath of Yi Ryung who is left naked in the dressing room when Bora shows up and everyone became busy.  Se Hoon rushes his way to calm her down but receives a face slap and fainted when he perches on the portable dressing space while Yi Ryung is on her undies.

Se Hoon wakes up embarrassed and infuriated when he remembers what happened.  He sits down with the only person who has hit his face and suddenly feels that talent instinct of looking at a face which is a raw diamond to be polished. 

2016-04-23 07.13.06PicsArt_04-23-08.41.43
Se Hoon calls his psychiatrist for his advice on the current confusion but he ends up resolving his thoughts on his own. 


He approaches Yi Ryung and clears the misunderstanding and as an apology he boastingly offers to raise her as an artist but she declines the offer which confuses our hero even more. 


He drags Yi Ryung closed to him to which she pushes strongly making Se Hoon fell on the ground again.  When he wakes up Yi Ryung left already.


Episode 3

A second knock out surely raises hell to Se Hoon and when he finds the culprit his complaint backfired when Yi Ryung is helped by another CEO who brings in a lawyer to retaliate on the physical embarrassment he endured.  


Se Hoon’s right hand narrates how she met the chubby CEO when he got lost in Odaesan and cooked a hearty breakfast for him. 

Se Hoon seeks his psychiatrist again babbling about how Yi Ryung catches his attention when she’s not that stunning.  As always he resolved his own issue and translates his fixation towards Yi Ryung as a new challenge in his already boring life having accomplished everything at a young age. 

He commissions an expedition to get Yoo Yi Ryung but impatient on the progress, he takes it on his own hand and drives all the way to Odaesan but ends up getting lost in the mountain.


Episode 4

Se Hoon  finally reaches Yi Ryung’s house in exhaustion but finds out that she was not home.  He tries looking for her and finds her floating in a nearby spring.  Remembering what the old man who taught him the way to her house said about Yi Ryung’s body becoming feeble, he jumps in the water to save her which surprises Yi Ryung who was actually resting.  She swims away from him and when his adrenaline rush worn out, his body remembers that it doesnt know how to swim.  *chuckles

Se Hoon freaks out when he wakes up in a dark place and screams when he realized he was naked.  When everything that happened registers, Yi Ryung explains that she had to take off his wet clothes or he would have been sick.  She blames him for scaring her in the water and did not buy his excuse of why he is in the mountain. 


Dressed in her grandfather’s clothes, Se Hoon begs Yi Ryung to stay with him as he is afraid of the dark but she refuses to do so.  They engage in a tug of war to which Se Hoon won landing himself on top of Yi Ryung.

 2016-04-23 08.47.30

Episode 5
Se Hoon teases Yi Ryung about how she is underestimating his strength but feels uncomfortable when her blinding beauty hit him. 


In the office the company staff are having a good time analyzing the CEO’s sudden disappearance. 

2016-04-23 14.24.24

Se Hoon appeals to Yi Ryung again when he notices the scary night so Yi Ryung finally gave in and offered her hand.

Se Hoon wakes up in the morning and finds a rope attached to his hand.  Yi Ryung checks on him for breakfast and scolds him for causing a sleepless night for pulling the rope every hour.

2016-04-23 14.21.32
Se Hoon counts the side dish Yi Ryung prepared and fusses about why it was only 5 but eventually eats it when Yi Ryung ignored his tantrums.  

Se Hoon tries convincing Yi Ryung again to sign the contract but the latter refuses even when he rants how he never go beyond to what he is doing right then so he can persuade her.  When she asks if he likes her,  his proud self can’t believe that she actually have thoughts of that so Yi Ryung pretends he is not existing again but he keeps on pestering her.  He brags about how she would regret not accepting an amazing opportunity but she just keeps on doing her house chores.  Annoyed for disregarding his presence, Se Hoon takes over her house chores while blabbing about the reasons why she should not pass on his offer.



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