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Maybe because I like history that’s why I have patience with period and war films.  Plus the fact that the plot covered espionage and and it was top billed by acclaimed South Korean actors, those are enough reasons why I enjoyed the swift moving and easy to  follow historical movie based on the happenings of Korean  Independent movement in the Japanese occupation period.

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The story and screenplay were not complicatedly conceived which is good because the film was mostly filled with gun fights and action scenes.  But even with the brawling binge, the conversations of the cast flowed naturally in the story explaining what was happening and where it was going.  That’s what I first notice, the narration was neat and straight to the point without diminishing the thrill of the plot.

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If I am a guy Ji Hyun unni will be my first love. *chuckles  Through the years I love how she experimented on the roles she took in the big screen including her role in this film.  I think being powered by an amazing cast, the storytelling was achieved quaintly because of the commitment of the actors to their roles.  Lee Jung Jae was cold blooded and annoying as a villain but you can also understood his sentiments as a double faced freedom fighter who just wanted to survive in those trying times. Ji Hyun unni looked like a professional sniper not budging whenever she shot those bullets but was also vulnerable in scenes that tested her faith to the cause she was fighting for.  Ha Jung Woo was as always cool and collected and slipped  in to his character perfectly.

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The conclusion was half-sad and half-resolved as the conflict culminated to the freedom army completing their task although losing the hired assassins who helped out in the spur of the moment for that cause.  It’s not typical to get happy  endings with all your main characters intact on the closing curtains in action films, but at least the closure satisfied the decently written story.

A perfect Saturday movie if you are into thriller action and spy film.  Definitely worth the hype and will not disappoint you.  -jediprincess♡♡♡

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After failing to murder the governor general, freedom fighter Yeom Seok Jin fled with Kang In Gook’s wife and her twin daughters.  Kang In Gook is a Korean businessman supporting the Japanese empire. 


A traitor to his country, Kang In Gook trapped his fleeing wife and resistance fighter and ordered the death of his wife but one of his daughters escaped with the hired caregiver.


Years later, the sporadic factions of Korean Independence Movement set to motion an assassination attempt and asked Yeom Seok Jin to gather the needed players. 


Stubborn resistance members Ahn Ok Yun, Chu Sang-ok, Hwang Deoksam were brought to Shanghai and met Kim Won Bang who gave the details of their mission.  They were set to enter Gyeongseong to kill Kang In Gook and a Japanese General Kawaguchi who has mass murdered Korean people including Ok Yun’s adopted mother. 


Sniper Ok Yun was appointed as the leader since Won Bong reasoned out that she shot her own leader to which the two men agreed.

Unbeknownst to them Seok Jin sold their plot to the Japanese and Ok Yun was almost captured inside a hotel cafe but was helped by a hired killer “Hawaii Pistol”.


Ok Yun, Deok Sam and Sang Ok entered Gyeongseong and was sheltered by a madam club owner.  Meanwhile Seok Jin commissioned Hawaii Pistol to preempt the planned assassination by ordering him to kill the three freedom fighters.  Hawaii Pistol wounded Deoksam who fell in a creek.

When the Japanese missed the freedom fighters they threw the wrath at Seok Jin and the wily villain proceeded to Gyeongseong where he can be useful. 

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His teacher who suspected his double sided blade confirmed his being traitor and ordered the younger freedom movement members to kill him but he was able to defeat them.  It was revealed later on that he pledged allegiance when he was captured and tortured after his failed assassination. 

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Hawaii Pistol and sidekick ajussi rode the same train cart with the General’s son Mamoru who was scheduled to wed Kang In Gook’s daughter Mitsuko.   Hawaii Pistol pretended as a navy officer and left a friendly impression with Mamoru.


Seok Jin reached Gyeongseong and saw a picture of Kang In Gook’s daughter.  He realized how she looked exactly look like Ok Yun and later on confirmed that Ok Yun was one of the twin sisters who survived and was raised by the nanny.

The team proceeded with their attack plan without Deoksam but failed when Seok Jin notified the Japanese of the assassination plot. They switched cars so while  Ok Yun  and his team wounded the Japanese army, they weren’t able to kill their targets and sadly Sang Ok was killed in the encounter. 


Ok Yun met Mitsuko for the first time and was shot in that moment of confusion.  She was subdued together with Hawaii Pistol who was supposed to kill her but was caught in the scene by the army.

They routed their captors and entered a hospital to treat Ok Yun’s bullet shot.  He convinced Ok Yun to give up on her mission but she reasoned out that even if everything was seemingly hopeless, it is important to have people like her to carry on the mission.  

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Hawaii Pistol retreated to his kill mission and left Ok Yun.  He was welcomed by an impromptu check up where he posed as a navy officer. The soldier troop ready to question him rushed to accommodate General Kawaguchi’s son, Mamoru, who was set to marry Kang In Gook’s daughter Mitsuko, Ok Yun’s twin sister.  Hawaii Pistol witnessed Mamoru brutally shot a young girl who accidentally bumped on him and vowed that he will soon get the poor girl her vengeance.

Mitsuko learned of her twin sister’s address through her prescription glasses and paid a visit to her apartment.  Around that time their father learned of the existence of his long lost daughter.  They rushed to the address as Mitsuko pushed Ok Yun with her bag and told her that she will deal with her current situation.  Not recognizing the daughter she raised, Kang In Gook killed Mitsuko as Ok Yun fled the apartment. 


She was offered a ride by a cab driver thinking she was Mitsuko and her nimble mind took advantage of the situation and assumed her dead sister’s identity.  PicsArt_04-24-02.57.38


Deoksam survived and his wounds were tended by madam club owner.  Ok Yun met Hawaii Pistol when he visited Mamoru and and  revealed her true identity to him.  She halted his plan to kill his groom on a stand that it was her mission.  She reminded him not to miss the celebration tomorrow.  


On the wedding day, Deoksam and Ok Yun were posed to fulfill their mission.  Seok Jin recognized Hawaii Pistol as a guest and dragged him out of the  wedding hall.  When the fathers of  the couple were called Deoksam showered the  hall with  bullets. 


The bullet chaos were exchanged as Hawaii Pistol freed himself and helped Ok Yun and Deoksam win their battle.  When  Ok Yun hesitated to kill her father,  Hawaii Pistol saved him as Kang In Gook pointed a stuck gun to her.  Deoksam unfortunately died as Ok Yun was able to kill the General. 


They escaped the scene by holding Mamoru and Ok Yun as hostages.  Seok Jin still unaware that Mitsuko is Ok Yun negotiated with Hawaii Pistol to release the hostages.  Hawaii Pistol and his sidekick took a tunnel for their escape route and let Ok Yun go in the front door. 


Seok Jin and his troop moved to the end of  the tunnel and waited for Hawaii Pistol and sidekick ajussi to emerge.  Hawaii Pistol stabbed Seok Jin in his heart  but the latter survived and attended a trial to his evil doings when Korean Independence was finally achieved.


In the closing seconds, Seok Jin saw Mitsuko and followed her.  He was led to one of his freedom fighter brothers, Myeongwoo, whom he thought he killed.  Seok Jin was shot alternately by Ok Yun and Seok Jin’s old brother.  He ran for his life but fell on the  ground lifeless.




4 thoughts on “Assassination Korean Movie Review

  1. Hello there 😉 Seeing the screencaps for that film reminds me of two movies set in Southeast Asia during the early 20th century: Bodyguards and Assassins (from Hong Kong) and The Good, The Bad, The Weird (a Korean-style western film set in Manchuria) =))

    1. hi monching the film covered the 1930’s to early 40’s in South Korean history and yup Manchuria was also one of the settings for the film. I saw “The Good, the bad and d weird” but not Bodyguards and Assassins but thank you for the recommendation. : )

      1. You’re welcome, and hope that helps. (Thanks for following the blog, by the way). 😀

        Bodyguards and Assassins is also a good film if you’re looking for action with a pinch of history, plus a sprinkling of kung-fu (though it’s set in Hong Kong around the time of the 1911 Xinhai Revolution). 😉

      2. I haven’t checked that much HK films but I’ll see what I can do if the film is available online. Seems you are a busy-going-anywhere type of person so might get some tips I can also try. Happy Weekend! ^_^

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