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Episode 6

Yi Ryung can’t seem to fathom the persistence of a famous CEO in trying to sign her up as an artist.  She declines the offer again, but is bombarded with reasons why she is refusing it.  She states how she can’t buy that she is fit to become an artist to which Se Hoon replies that not all celebrities knew that they will take that path.  He adds how fate has brought them together having been able to locate her house hidden in the mountain in just one try but his pleadings still did not win her heart.

After debating if he will salvage his pride or push with his intentions, he ends up going back to Yi Ryung where he sees another chubby guy visiting her.  Manly territorial sparks flew between the two men enamored with Yi Ryung’s beauty. 


Episode 7
Se Hoon shows up to his office to the surprise of Chief Heo.  The latter learned that his boss was in Odaesan luring Yi Ryung all along.  Se Hoon cannot comprehend why he is in an extreme bad mood.  The people around him has to bear his scattered rage due to his failure in convincing Yi Ryung to sign up as his artist.

Se Hoon caught a news report of an extreme bad weather warning in Odaesan mountain area.  Thunderstorms hit Yi Ryung’s house as she holds on to her dog, scared and worried in the dark. 


A shadow creeps on the door as Yi Ryung’s dog welcomes rain-soaked Se Hoon.  Yi Ryung throws her body to his arms for strength and comfort to Se Hoon’s surprise.

The next morning Se Hoon successfully brings the elusive “hit item” he was picturing for the company.

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Yi Ryung still does not submit to Se Hoon’s offer which irritates the hero’s patience.  Chief Ho takes the reign and reminds his boss that he is not impatient like that before. 


He begs Yi Ryung to just do a music video project with them.  Se Hoon threatens revealing their hug incident again so Yi Ryung finally agrees and starts meeting the artists in the company.

Se Hoon stares at Yi Ryung’s photoshoot solemnly complicating his thoughts by over analyzing his strange fixation to Yi Ryung.



Episode 8
Se Hoon drives Yi Ryung home asking about his first day.  He walks her to the apartment’s door.  When she refuses about the mobile phone she will get soon, Se Hoon counters that she is already 100% trouble so turning it to 101% won’t make any difference.  *chuckles


Yi Ryung still cannot grasp his weirdness but she is starting to lighten up with his caring ways wrapped in strange coating. 

The next day Se Hoon goes to Yi Ryung’s place suspecting her love for food but really just wanting to eat his breakfast there. 


He still sulks about the 9 side dish meal she gave chubby CEO Jang and when she clears that it was not 9 side dish our childish CEO is in cloud nine happy greeting everyone in the office about the side dish battle he should have not been worried about.
Se Hoon’s team feel weird on how their boss has been acting weird in his treatment with Yi Ryung and he denies strongly that he likes her.  The news reaches chubby CEO Jang’s camp of Se Hoon’s company move in getting Yi Ryung in the entertainment industry.
Se Hoon’s management team raises the alarming special treatment Yi Ryung is getting when she hasn’t even signed the contract yet. 


The boss strongly disagrees to the preposterous idea but when he learns that Yi Ryung was dragged by the girl artists for a newbie disciplinary session he rushes to see where Yi Ryung is getting her dose of bullying only to find out that kind Yi Ryung warmed the “it girls” of the company by praising their beautiful faces hence they end up being friends with her.


Episode 9
Se Hoon is surprised that Yi Ryung was not bullied.  He tells Chief Ho how he is worried about the thought of her being beaten up and what he would have done if she was bullied.  The latter teases him of totally falling for the girl and how his sweet ways is making him feel good.  Se Hoon freaks out when Chief Heo mentions that Yi Ryung will go to the club with the other artists.  He rushes to stop it blabbing about how a “hit item” must not be exposed only to be halted when chubby CEO demands compensation to the damage one of Se Hoon’s top artist did to chubby’s artist. 

Yi Ryung joins the music video practice of the soon to be launching boy group in the company but feels disconnected with the men surrounding him.  Bora blurts that her dating inexperienced self is hindering her to let loose so she suggests that she needs to go with her to a club and she needs a make over too.

Chief Ho asks Se Hoon if he should start looking for a new job noticing his boss’ rush judgments lately, but he reasons out that they can’t do anything on the scandal so they will sell the two artists involved as one package.  They see the girls coming out of the room after dolling up Yi Ryung who is uncomfortable with the mini skirt she was told to wear.  The two hide and let the girls pass by.  Se Hoon asks Chief Heo about how he just went blank after seeing how pretty Yi Ryung is so the latter just explains it to him directly that he is totally in love with her.

Chubby CEO is eavesdropping all throughout with his minion and is upset on finding out Se Hoon’s obsession to Yi Ryung.

Yi Ryung is debating on texting Se Hoon or not since she did not see him all day.  Just then Se Hoon calls and orders her to go to another room to pick up the tablet for video calling.  He teases her when she realizes they are video calling blabbing how an old fashioned woman knew it. 


When the doorbell rings and Yi Ryung puts the tablet down to get to the door, Se Hoon hears rambling sounds and drives all the way to check what happened to her.  She opens the door in one piece and confusion to what he is doing in her doorstep.  He reaches out to her and embraces her.


Episode 10
Se Hoon scolds Yi Ryung for opening her door easily and runs down domestic violence caused when you are oblivious to your surroundings.

Yi Ryung responds how she knows someone who fainted from her slap when he tells her how confident she is with her strength if in case she will become a victim of violence.  Se Hoon reaches for her hand and inches closer to her as the close proximity confuse both of them. 



Se Hoon blabs how he cannot understand why his heart pounds heavily and why he had to run everywhere because of her.  Baffled on how his erratic emotions behave recently  because of Yi Ryung, Se Hoon steps out of her apartment.  He remembers the reason why he came but Yi Ryung did not tell him that mountain oppa stopped by in the apartment.

2016-04-30 18.49.23

The next day Se Hoon is welcomed with Yi Ryung’s big pictorial picture framed in his room’s wall.  Se Hoon bickers with Chief Heo but the playful chief cannot understand what he is fussing about when everyone knows he liked it.

Yi Ryung goes to the music video practice again.  The coordinator coaches her to think of someone who calls her emotions if she doesn’t like a man specifically. 

Yi Ryung lightens up and taps to her memories with Se Hoon.  Her smile brightens the practice contrary to Chief Ho’s war look face after getting a punishment from his temperamental boss. 


Se Hoon rushes to look for Yi Ryung when the boys told Chief Ho that she goes out after the practice.
Yi Ryung goes to a cafe to meet mountain oppa and chubby CEO.


Chubby CEO Jang cites reasons on how he can help an artist concept for her and mountain oppa when he sits them down for that i-will-annoy-Se-Hoon-meeting, but he stops midway when Se Hoon shows up to break the tricky get together he was not told by Yi Ryung.



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