Out of all my fictional boyfriends that change every now and then depending on my mood, Healer is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.  *wink  I could choose from princes, time travelers, rich guys, military and police officers, doctors and the rest of white collar jobs available to men, but the night courier who takes on highly confidential work commissioned secretly and dangerously by powerful men in the society is who I want to wake up with if it is permissible.  *wink

Healer is one of the best dramas you should include in your list if you haven’t seen it yet.  It has a brilliant premise about a one-of-a-kind hero who chose to disconnect from the society, but accidentally grew attachment to a woman who drew him out of his hibernation.  The drama quaintly linked the furtive relationship of the characters while building up the plot’s climax and romance to perfection.  It is so addictive, stimulating and amusing — and that one drama you can sit on with family, friends and even your lover.  I’m almost two years late to review this drama but I hope you can find time to watch one of the best dramas on my list.


In 1992, Moon Shik was friends with four other people – Kil Ahn, Myung Hee, Jun Seok and Young Jae.  They hang out at a junk yard where his 3 friends Healer’s father and Young Shin’s biological parents ran a pirate investigative radio program tackling society issues that were being hidden to the public. 

Moon Ho who has long harbored love to Myung Hee, took on an offer by the Elder, a powerful man that secretly calls the shot on the political and economic control of the country.  Later on he married Kyung Hee who was binded in a wheelchair because of an accident.


Meet Joong Ho aka Healer – the best night courier in town.  He lives alone without social interaction aside from his partner hacker and a young lady in the team in a wide space dreaming of buying an island for his retirement.  He is skilled in avoiding CCTV cameras and can crawl, leap and climb from one building to another.  He works with an ajumma hacker in mission impossible courier service of stealing and delivering items ordered to them by clients who are usually from the rich and famous.  


We opened the story with Healer being asked to receive a package by JaeIl News, a big news company ran by Kim Moon Shik.  He faced another private team hired  by Kim Moon Ho, a famous newscaster also Kim Moon Shik’s brother, but successfully completed his mission beating the group of thugs assembled by the private team.  After his defeat, Kim Moon Ho placed a mission for Healer to find his long lost niece who disappeared 20 years ago and was believed to be dead.  Off Healer to chase Chae Young Shin, a writer from an online entertainment website specializing in tabloid news.  She hero worships Kim Moon Ho and dreams of becoming an influential Broadcaster someday.  Healer managed to get Young Shin’s finger nail for DNA and Moon Ho confirmed his sister-in-law’s  daughter is alive.


Healer was again commissioned by Kim Moon Ho to research about Chae Young Shin so he stalked her all night and day.  Young Shin witnessed a  woman, Joo Yun Hee being assaulted by a man, Hwang Jae Guk, who turned out to be an entertainment company president while she was stalking on a top actor.  When she realized the woman will be taking her life, she rushed to save her and brought her to their house where her father agreed to be his lawyer to plead her sexual assault claim.  

But Hwang Jae Guk is under the protection of an influential, top secret group where Kim Moon Shik is also affiliated.  Moon Ho who has long confirmed the puzzle pieces he was working on will have to stop his older brother succumbed to even more wickedness.  

When Jae Il company double-crossed him by pinning him as the murderer of the man involved in the work he did for them, he found the scenario on how his recent jobs are strangely hitting something inside him. While on the job watching over Young Shin, he saw Moon Ho late at night staring at Young Shin and figured the connection of the client who asked for the paternity test and his connection as the brother of Jae Il company’s president.  He followed him and broke into Moon Ho’s house and saw the group picture of his father’s friends which he also had. 

 Wanting to unveil his recent discovery, Healer assumed a new identity the next day as Park Bong Soo and went to work in Someday News and became Young Shin’s junior for him to get information in processing the mystery of his father’s death and his friends of long ago. Meanwhile Double S courier service teamed up with Moon Ho to do tasks that will cover their organization’s evil works. 

Young Shin asked her boss to publish her article related to Yun Hee’s case but the boss refused to challenge the repercussions of the article if it gets bigger since it involved a major political party player and a famous entertainment company president.  But after Young Shin got drunk from their team dine out, she published an article without his superior’s permission and caused a ruckus the next day as the parties involved in the story made a move to silence the scandal.  

Moon Ho offered to take over the story but Young Shin declined.  Soon Moon Ho’s men cornered Young Shin and Bong Soo.  Young Shin asked Bong Soo to run and call the police but he suit up to his Healer self and came back to rescue Young Shin.

Healer trapped the leader of Double S affirming the involvement of Kim Moon Ho in almost kidnapping Young Shin, but over Yoon Hee’s case, Moon Ho’s men was able to reverse the situation by naming Yoon Hee as a gold-digger and accusing her of slander so they had to halt on their initial plan.  While Healer is getting to the point of finding out how his father died, worried ajumma hacker and his master who has returned from his hiatus asked him to take a vacation but stubborn Healer wants to get to the bottom of the questions in his head bothering him.  

He visited Hwang Jae Geuk and secured the saved videos of the women he traded to his clients while Young Shin is being mentored by Moon Ho to her new role.  Healer asked Young Shin to go to the rooftop to retrieve the video he got from Jae Guk’s safe.  She tried talking to him about the DNA test and the last time he saved her, but Healer held back on the growing emotions he is feeling for her.

Kim Moon Shik and Congressman Kim meet with “The Elder”, the head of their untouchable triangle.  The Elder castigated Congressman Kim on his reckless scandal as Kim Moon Ho bought Someday News to build a more compelling online news broadcast site.

Healer paid a visit to Kim Moon Ho to clear his name or he will expose their secret organization, but on his way out Myung Hee was on the door and called him Jun Seok after Healer’s resemblance to his late father. Just as Healer taunted his superior’s to reveal the relationship of the woman who called him his father’s name, his master interfered and confirmed Myung Hee’s identity as the woman in the group picture.  Young Shin almost get to the verge of his connection to Moon Ho, but  the latter was able to dodge the tough spot he was on.

Sang Soo from double S met with Moon Shik and disclosed Young Shin’s details and we get a flashback on how Myung Hee asked Moon Ho to find Ji Ahn who was left near the garbage bin when their whole family fled after learning they will be chased by the people behind the risky scoop they got.  Moon Shik found Ji Ahn, but lost her when he bought a drink for her in a nearby convenience store.

The Elder learned from Moon Ho’s psycho secretary Oh about the latter’s wavering heart out of the guilt he has been carrying from the death of his friends.  He ordered Secretary Oh to give a warning to Moon Ho by trapping Young Shin in a broken elevator, but ajumma hacker alerted Healer and saved her from that near death experience.  Trembling from the experience, she worriedly thanked him for saving her life again and just as he walked away from her, it dawned on him how the woman he has been protecting has understood and accepted him without asking anything in return.  He went back and scoop a sweet kiss under the falling snow.

After Young Shin’s elevator encounter, Moon Ho rushed to warn his brother not to touch Young Shin or he will lose Myung Hee once she learned the truth that her daughter is alive, but the latter doesn’t know about what the Elder commanded his psycho assistant and that Ji Ahn was still alive.  Young Shin called Bong Soo from a telephone booth and cryingly confided how she is waiting for someone to meet her but worried that he will not come at all.

Young Shin confided to Bong Soo how her heart fluttered with Healer which made our hero smiled as his protective instinct has long been hooked by Young Shin without him realizing it.  Ajumma hacker and Master deduced how Healer/Jung Ho has finally fallen in love with a woman but it gets complicated because she is the daughter of Kil Ahn who was supposed to be the friend his father killed.

It was Congressman Kim’s press conference and Moon Ho’s company can’t get through it so he sent Young Shin and Bong Soo for a make-over and pretended to be attending a wedding on the same hotel of the conference.  Young Shin successfully threw in questions that made Congressman Kim felt off guard and was broadcast live on the internet website.  Back on the villains’ den, they were left no choice but to drop Congressman Kim as a Seoul mayoral candidate.

The Master met Jung Hoo to clear the things he wanted from his father’s picture only to worsen it by learning that his father committed suicide because he killed someone.  The Master challenged Jung Hoo to find out the real truth behind his father’s death by finding the person who took the group picture as he strongly believed his father won’t kill anyone.

Healer went to Moon Ho’s place, revealed his identity and questioned him about the missing pieces of the puzzle he was trying to solve just as Moon Ho found Young Shin’s cellphone on Bong Soo’s jacket.  Healer offered Moon Ho his night courier service in exchange of the story from 1992 but he made an agreement for him to reveal himself first after using Young Shin’s cellphone as a bait.  Moon Ho made Jung Hoo remembered a memory from his childhood where he played with a young girl.  Healer confirmed his identity as Joon Seok son and recalled the uncle who used to baby sit for him.  Moon Ho told him about who his father supposedly killed which made Jung Hoo frustrated because he was Young Shin’s daughter.  He challenged Jung Hoo to clear the suspicion on his father’s murder accusation.

Healer conversed with ajumma hacker on how he will continue working on Someday News and blabbed about his fondness over Young Shin and his plans to clear his father’s name so that he can like her freely.

Hwang Jae Guk committed suicide after Someday News’ exclusive online broadcast.  Moon Ho and Jung Hoo went to the old dumpsite to start unveiling on the what-happened-in-1992 project.  

Ajumma hacker told Jung Hoo about Young Shin’s email and intention to go on a midnight movie date with him without him showing himself but just his presence.  Jung Hoo and ajumma prepared a candle lit pathway and stuffed toy for their first movie date.  They sat silently watching the movie.  When the movie ended, Jung Hoo reached for Young Shin’s hand and held it tightly.  

Healer went to retrieve Joon Seok’s confession file but found it empty so he used his teue identity to get the information relating to his father’s death.  Moon Shik was alarmed of Jung Hoo’s visit for his dead father’s file and went to meet him directly.  Myung Hee who has started being suspicious of Moon Shik feigned ignorance when she saw their guest.  Jung Hoo learned about Myung Hee’s lost daughter Ji Ahn and confirmed with Moon Ho that Ji Ahn is present day Young Shin. Moon Ho explained that she had to hide Young Shin because he had to protect her. Jung Hoo denied him of involving himself to them anymore even with Moon Ho telling him how powerful their enemies were.

Jung Hoo conversed with ajumma on how she really cared for him thats why she tried to make his connection with Young Shin break. She knew about their fathers’ backstory so she didn’t want him to get hurt but Jung Hoo bluntly revealed that he can’t run away and just want to protect Young Shin because he liked her a lot.

Moon Ho and his Someday team went full throttle in attacking Kim Moon Shik with their online broadcast.  Jung Hoo asked Moon Ho to not make Young Shin in the dark and revealed everything but the latter wanted Young Shin to learn everything on her own.

Meanwhile Moon Shik threw a bait to catch Healer by using his mother after ajumma tracker was alarmed that the psycho assistant met with his mother.  Healer was disarmed by a poison gunshot but was rescued by his Master.  Ajumma hacker called Young Shin to find Bong Soo and took him to the hospital. While tending to sleeping Bong Soo, he reached for her hand and she suddenly realized the feel of Healer’s hand and realized Bong Soo and Healer were the same.

Master Young Jae was transferred from Moon Shik’s Men to the police station.  Young Shin pretended that she doesn’t know Healer’s identity yet.  The Master was interrogated by cyber police Yoon Dong Won but the poison given by Secretary Oh kicked in and killed the Master after admitting in to all Jung Hoo’s recent works.


Healer went off the radar after his master’s demise so ajumma  hacker was left no choice but to bring life to him by sending Young Shin.

Jung Hoo tried pushing her away but he surrendered the idea and let the pain in his heart washed away by Young Shin’s warmth.

Moon Shik finally confirmed Jung Hoo and Healer’s identity and was apprehended on how everything will turn out if Myung Hee the only thing he wanted in life will know everything soon.  Healer and Young Shin proceeded to obtaining information to support the news they are working on about Hwang Jae Guk’s suicide.  Moon Ho confirmed that his brother paid a man on Detective Dong Won’s team.  He made an agreement with Dong Won to get a scoop on the police officer who poisoned Healer’s master.  The police officer called Moon Shik’s assistant as he planned his escape route but Healer held him binded until Detective Dong Won’s team came.

Someday News aired the story of Moon Shik’s connection to Ki Young Jae’s death to ruin his Seoul Mayoral candidacy campaign.  Myung Hee almost reaching his breaking point wondering about how much lies her husband has been hiding refused to talk to Moon Shik. The Moon brothers had a phone spat and raised war to one another.  

The next day Myung Hee called Young Shin agreeing to an interview but Moon Shik quickly get to where the game is heading and asked her to spare some time for him.  Moon Shik asked Secretary Ahn to divulge the made-up lies of Healer killing people to frighten Young Shin adding the murder of Jun Hoo’s father to his friend.  Moon Ho rushed to Jae Il news and finally told Young Shin who her real mother was.  

Jung Hoo worked with ajumma hacker in tracing the interview files needed to absolve his father’s supposed crime not realizing that Moon Shik and his team already placed a bait. 

Young Shin called Jung Hoo about the revelation she had that day so he had to rush back to be at her side.  While thinking over the events of her day, Young Shin felt frustrated about being kept in the dark.  When she mustered to get back at her feet, she picked up the case files and realized Jung Hoo’s father and her father’s connection.  Jung Hoo arrived at Young Shin’s room and she trembled at his sight signaling she figured out everything.  He reached for her but she can’t help but act cold and stepped back so Jung Hoo had to walk away promising he will find the truth about their fathers.  Young Shin ran to catch up on Jung Hoo, embraced him and made him promise to come back even without not being successful with securing evidence.

Jung Hoo met with the police who took his father’s statement.  He learned how his father’s statement was fabricated and that how he has a tape recording of the interview.  Ajumma hacker thru Myung Hee’s bug information alerted Jung Hoo that Moon Shik’s men tailed them through the police.  Jung Hoo fought with Moon Shik’s men but the police got hit by baseball bat causing his death and making Jung Hoo appeared to be the culprit.  Before the police faded, he managed to tell Jung Hoo three numbers.

Secretary Oh was released from the jail and went back to Moon Shik’s house on the same day Young Shin visited Myung Hee.  Jung Hoo rushed to the location while Secretary Oh reported to the Elder.  The Elder ordered Secretary Oh not to reveal it to Moon Shik having known that he will fall apart is Myung Hee left his side.  Jung Hoo scared Secretary Oh and while fumbling on things at Moon Shik’s study room, he saw his Master’s charnel house documents and realized that the numbers given to him by the dead police was for a charnel house – his father’s charnel house.  Myung Hee narrated the story of what happened in 1992 to Young Shin and suffered an attack in the process.  Young Shin finally realized why she wasn’t able to talk when she was young as it was the last thing her mother told her to do.

Moon Shik met with the Elder to proceed with their future plan.   Someday News prepared to go on a live internet broadcast uncloaking the events of 1992 as Jung Hoo and Young Shin headed to the field site to support the report.  They went to So Jung Seok’s charnel house and went to retrieve the confession tape but acted as a decoy to thwart the men chasing them.  Jung Hoo’s junior already emptied the spot before they came and delivered the parcel to Someday News team.

Jung Hoo was captured and was brought to where Elder’s location is.  On cue his meeting with the Elder was captured to live online feed through his camera glasses.  The broadcast narrated how Kil Ahn and Jun Seok stumbled on a secret group that manipulated politics and laws to suit their taste.  Kil Ahn was caught by the men and killed him as Jun Seok fled with Moon Shik from the scene.  The same organization – Farmers is led by the Elder who recruited Moon Shik with the promise of making him powerful and letting him live with Myung Hee by his side.

Moon Shik retaliated by doing and impromptu interview to answer allegations about his candidacy and his relationship to the Elder. 


He reverted his current predicament by attacking Moon Ho’s irresponsible journalism move and made himself shine by presenting how he has fought for press freedom in the past.  Moon Ho received summons from government offices and the office was ransacked following his brother’s attack.  

Moon Ho was abducted by Moon Shik’s men so Jung Hoo left Young Shin to rescue Moon Ho.  Young Shin was caught by psycho Secretary Oh and held her captive while Moon Shik’s men coaxed Jung Hoo to reveal a tip they got from Russia and to state his involvement in the recent killing of the police witness while Young Shin is on the brink of being poisoned.  

He agreed to state the forced confession and went off radar to catch the Elder’s secretary.  Myung Hee finally left Moon Shik and went to Someday news for interview.  They disclosed a bridge accident that involved Omega Investments where the Elder is also affiliated to present their final story of the illegal venues of where the Elder’s money is coming.  Jung Hoo secured the finger prints of the dead police’ culprit and ajumma hacker handed it to Detective Dong Won.  

Unfortunately, ajumma hacker took the hidden bait of Secretary Ahn so she had to leave her technology crib just as Jung Hoo penetrated their headquarters.  Jung Hoo rushed to help ajumma and they stayed at Young Shin’s place in the mean time.

On the final win or lose match to end the Elder and his men, Someday news had to broadcast an interview with a biochemistry researcher who was a witness on a bacteria research to contaminate the public drinking water so that privatization will take place.  The research harmed and killed village people where the tests took place.  The company behind the research was also led by the Elder.  The villains pulled another shot by publicizing Jung Hoo’s confession so he was left no choice but to join Elder’s camp.  

Young Shin was able to lead the researcher to the rest room for an interview but Healer took on his role with the villains and dragged the researcher out.  They ran and chased each other and finally Detective Dong Won fired a shot to Healer.

It turned out that the heroes devised a plan to get rid of Jung  Hoo and Healer’s identity while catching the last story to put the main antagonist to jail.  


As a night courier serving privy and expensive tasks, Healer’s routine life changed after his encounter with a woman connected to the death of his father.  What made me like the drama a lot is how the story telling was focused and neatly tied up without room to uncalled for sub plots.  It moved engrossingly while uncovering the link of the main characters in the past and their children in the present time.

The writing made the audience cheer for the characters and even feel the heart fluttering romance that built up for the lead couple while being excited on how the main conflict will be resolved.  I think most girls will agree that Healer’s story just held us breathless and those moments when he kissed Young Shin we felt it leaving the TV screen like we were all kissed by him too.  *chuckles  His enigmatic charm will make any girl want to be in his arms for protection.   

The story’s main conflict focused on peeling the truth behind the lead couple’s fathers’ death while journeying on their fated love.  It aligned to Healer’s character strength to propel the excitement while he did his gripping missions… circled on Young Shin’s character as the focal tug-of-war battle between the Moon brothers’ villain and hero complicated relationship and surged high to the my-father-might-have-killed-your-father-but-i-promise-i-love-you-and-i-will-protect-you love plot of the main leads. Healer justified the superb writing with how the characters went passionately driven to bring out a scintillating storytelling.

While a lot progressed in the story, it never missed it steps in binding the romance, the back story and the conflicts together.  It made use of the parallel plot about upright journalists in presenting the same events of the characters in the past and the present.

Song Ji Na is a seasoned TV writer but it amused me how she pulled a modern story that will make superhero movie romance plots look stupid compared to Healer and Young Shin’s love line.  Even with Faith, she has shown a commanding conception of how each role players would give justice to the shifting of the narration.  She was patient in explaining the smallest details without losing the thrill of the conflict.


Having Old Boy’s Yoo Ji Tae on board is already a reckoning force in the cast but the drama has such impeccable main leads and supporting characters that stayed focused and immersed in their roles hence giving such an impressive life to the story.

Healer’s role is one that will sweetly haunt women in their dreams.  Ji Chang Wook pulled his kickass character so well I can’t associate him anymore but with Healer.  

The bromancenemy between Moon Ho and Moon Shik left me annoyed on how their blood relationship inhibits themselves to go all-kill on their endless battle of their opposing views.  The Master-apprentice relationship of Healer and Young Jae although short, brought life to building our main hero’s integral presence as well as tying up the mess of what happened to the friendship circle that he once belonged to.  The ajumma-healer partnership was the most amusing connection in the drama, it was even more fun because ajumma who likes making kimbap and knitting wowed me with her acting as an invincible hacker that defies the cyber police and tricks in the country.

There were small problems that were laid along the way to boost the main conflict of how the protagonists will bring justice to their fathers’ death by ruining the villains through innovative news broadcast.  In this crime-romantic-drama-thriller premise, the story got so intoxicating because it assimilated Healer’s Promethean skills and heartfelt media coverage to battle the conscience-less power players of the country.  When your cast is smart and the writing is nifty, there’s no way the notes will not be hit.  That is the case for Healer.  I would also like to commend how I enjoyed Healer’s theme music on its placement in the drama and how the villains even with their old personas masterfully made the lives of the heroes hard by utilizing their vile ways.  


Healer is one of the best dramas of all time in my list.  I refused to number them because there’s not much on my list.  It’s already hard for me to fall in love with a kdrama so I always go for ingenious plot and how the cast suited up to their roles in bringing out the beauty of the story.





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