Dear Another Oh Hae Young,

For the spot on bliss and tears you gave me as a woman and not as a kdrama critic this time, I forgave the extension to benefit some more money for the high ratings.  *chuckles  For me your story reached its most beautiful place when the heroine, after all the betrayals and half-hearted i-love-you replies and confusions, still chose to be with the man she loves.  She might appear weak for letting her love for him consume all the reasons why she should let him go.  She might look desperate for throwing away the fears she felt, the days she half-lived and the moments she almost gave up.  But at the end of it all, she just wanted to love and be loved back.   She just wanted a love that beats in her heart. 

love, jediprincess

Another Oh Hae Young took me by surprise because I was not hooked on its opening episodes.  I gave it another chance because I know how great Eric Moon was in his previous roles and I’m happy I didn’t give up easily.  The love progression was realistic and at the same time surreal.  It tapped on those moments when we were all left hanging and indecisive to admit that we were in love.


On the day before her wedding, Oh Hae Young told her parents that the wedding will be cancelled because of her change of heart.  Her parents who can’t understand why she passed on her wedding when she’s in the ripe age to get married was upset on how everyone they know will think about the current situation not knowing that it was the fiancé, Han Tae Jin, who called off the wedding but Oh Hae Young pleaded for him to make it appear that she halted their marriage plan.

Passing on to the stages of grief, Hae Young’s parents can’t keep up anymore to her craziness and forced her to be kicked out of their house where she ended up renting a space with an unblocked door connecting to a neighbor tenant.  The hot neighbor is Park Do Kyung, a sound producer who has been seeing a psychiatrist because of his vivid visions of a woman whom he never met and who turned out to be Oh Hae Young.

In a ludicrous twist of fate, Park Do Kyung learned that the revenge he pulled on his ex-girlfriend’s supposed boyfriend who left him on their wedding day went to Oh Hae Young’s fiancé because they have the same name and attended the same high school.   Han Tae Jin was forced to end the relationship with her and provided a crazy reason for the break up because he will soon serve a jail sentence.

Hae Young and Do Kyung started up on a cold start as the latter is confused on the unexplained apparitions of her in his life.  He foresees what will happen between them and saw how he will die in the future.  After chasing over Do Kyung, and recognizing the reason why his consciousness gave him a peek of what his tomorrow will be, he finally reciprocated and take all the way his love for her unfazed of the premonition warnings he was getting. 

 Just as everything was settling, Hae Young learned why Tae Jin had to leave their wedding behind and has to confront the truth if her love for Do Kyung was worth the pain she went through when she was ditched in her wedding and if it is fair for her to leave her ex-boyfriend after knowing the reason why he had to hurt her.

In the end, Hae Young chose to follow her heart and embraced Do Kyung regardless of what happened before their romance’ fulfilment as Do Kyung learned how to break the unexplained mirage affecting his relationship with Hae Young.


“Another Oh Hae Young” was as prettily written as Descendants of the Sun, but even more heartfelt because of the realistic approach of the love plot.  The kisses were intense the arguments were heart-wrenching and the scenarios created were what you really do in a real love world.  

We typically get utopian love stories, but that was not the case for “Another Oh Hae Young”, they shared the pain and the bliss in its barest and heart piercing manner.  What drew the viewers is how the angst and confusion of qualifying love was stripped to its messiest and yet sweetest state just how someone would remember how he fought for his one great passionate love.

I think anyone who has loved someone to the point of being drained and crazy will have a weep fest watching the drama.  I can only imagine the heartbreak the writer of this drama had experienced in his life to capture the real emotion someone has to go through when he is bargaining with love and when he is angry and missing the person at the same time.  

If there’s one lesson Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung’s romance would leave their viewers is that how you don’t overthink when you intend to love someone all the way… how you say I love you because that’s what you felt at that moment… and how you embrace the love feeling because you believe it to be true.  

Another Oh Hae Young killed the hype of Descendants of the Sun effortlessly in my heart when I thought it will linger for a while because I can relate so much to the heroine on how she bravely fell in love while in pain and acknowledged that she can’t unlove the person overnight.  


I can’t help but admire Oh Hae Young for her fearless understanding and strength of her nothing-left-to-break-but-still-willing-to-love kind of heart and her relying to her family in her moments of vulnerability. 

Her love comprehension of her next door neighbor could-be-could-be-not one sided love, tested her unique character if she will love defying reasons or if she will love to understand everything in the process.  She is that perfect example of a woman who loves at the moment and will push to it regardless.  I was laughing hard when she was begging her parents’ permission for her to live in with her boyfriend.  How cool is that.  On that note, I love the direct and implied lessons her parents delivered in the story.  How they stood up and stayed with her in her moments when she can’t even think for herself. 

 Park Do Kyung also represented the kind of man, us girls dig.  That kind of man that will make it hard for you to calculate his next move or if he is testing the waters because he doesn’t want to complicate things

I love the supporting cast who went to portraying crazily amusing roles.  From Do Kyung’s jaded older sister who speaks French when drunk… which is usually every night… to the womanizer lawyer-best friend and easy go lucky younger brother with free spirited girlfriend and to rival Oh Hae Young who didn’t make her quasi villain character looked pitiful.  I only have high praises to Hae Young’s parents who supported their daughter as she embarked on all unimaginable things she did for love.  


Another Oh Hae Young is not just your typical rom-com drama.  It takes pride on its keen perception of the difference between how a man and a woman take on distinct approaches on loving someone while weighing on their pre- conceived inhibitions that the relationship might not work.  It tackled playfully and seriously the kind of love someone can give after learning lessons from a heartbreak.





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