It also surprised me that I’m still religiously watching this 50 episode period drama since I gave up on Six Flying Dragons after 20 episodes and hasn’t reconciled yet my feelings with Yoo Ah In again. *chuckles It’s the simple narration and the laid back approach of “Flower in Prison” that made me still excited looking forward to episodes each week. Plus I like dramas with smart characters, and that is one strong feature evident in this sageuk presentation.


Halfway in the drama now, we were introduced with new characters like the King deprived of his power by his Regent Mother Queen and the police grandson, Sung Ji Hoon, of Ok Nyeo’s master who initially was set to marry the daughter of the lead villain.
We are still in search to uncover the truth behind Ok Nyeo’s mother’s death while cheering for Yoon Tae Won in his quest to annoy the lead female heroine under the protection of his powerful vile father.


I like that there’s a lot of side stories that will push a more thrilling resolution to the penultimate conflict and the fact that it didn’t overwhelm me an ounce while there were a lot going on in it. I credit it to the neat story telling that is making use of the characters’ back stories to connect a balanced building up of the enthralling trajectory of Ok Nyeo’s journey in claiming her identity.



I think the second half will display the romance plot and will push new conspiracies and betrayals that will make the drama even more beautiful. If you haven’t caught up Ok Nyeo and Tae Won’s adventure, make sure to start the soonest as you will thread quite a long line to finish. -jediprincess ♥♥♥



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