The yin-yang love battle between the science oriented lead man and the superstitious heroine started cute, stayed sweet and hilarious but pushed its luck too far in securing a safe ending.  That being said, I won’t whine but I won’t give high praises for it.  Lucky romance is like your summer fling, it was good while it lasted, but then eventually when it ended, there was no lingering feeling.




Shim Bo Nui has devoted herself to taking care of her sick sister in coma, Shim Bo Ra after her accident which she blamed herself for being the reason for it.  She has a strange belief that she is a bearer of bad luck that anywhere she goes, she cast on salt and red beans to protect the people she will encounter.  Her out of this world belief sprung from when she sought the help of a fortune-teller in her effort to help her sister survive.  The fortune-teller made her believe that she is a curse to everyone she loved and made her follow his crazy ideas to help with her supposed jinx.  When Bo Ra escaped death after following the fortune-teller’s recommendation, Bo Nui decided to heed his advices at a cost of living peculiar in the modern society.



Meanwhile the over analytical CEO of a gaming company -Zeze, Je Se Hoo was in distraught after the game they were developing was stolen by Industrial spies and was launched at a different country in a tweaked version.  To bounce back from the slump, he promised his investors an amazing game and fortunately stumbled on a game created by Bo Nui.  “IF” game was one of Bo Nui’s works from the previous company she worked on and was an RPG game meant to experience the amazing perfect life of the main character that will be programmed in the game.


Bo Nui was tasked by the fortune-teller to sleep with a man born in the “Year of the Tiger” in a full moon to preempt the looming danger of Bo Ra’s demise.  When she learned that Se Hoo qualified to the man she was hunting to sleep with, she bargained IF game for him to agree to date her and spare hours to be with her alone in the hopes of something steamy will happen between them.  Se Hoo complied to her wish and to her boss’ request to take in Bo Nui in his company and sealed the deal for the possession of the IF game.



Smart Se Hoo soon deduced the crazy “i-have-to-sleep-with-you-to-save-my-sister” plot by Bo Nui and denied his participation to her crazy idea.  As Se Hoo is used to believe only to things proven by facts, he was caught off guard meeting someone like Bo Nui who gave high regard to her unfounded beliefs. 



When Bo Nui finally settled a one-night stand with a man that will fulfil her sleeping-with-tiger-man delusions, she was put in danger of being exposed to a video scandal but Se Hoo came to her rescue.  She soaked herself in soju after her failed attempt to put back Bo Ra to life.  Se Hoo dragged her drunk self to his place and slept through the night with her.


After literally sleeping with a man born in the year of the tiger, Bo Nui received a good news from the hospital about Bo Ra lifting her finger, and from then on she marked Se Hoo as her very own talisman.  Bo Nui reunited with her childhood friend Geon Uk who was a famous tennis player on vacation in Korea in search of his long lost father.  He was initially offered to be the primary player on the game Bo Nui developed but declined the offer, but after hearing how Bo Nui made the game out of her sister’s love for Bo Ra as she wanted her to experience the good things in life through the game, Geon Uk who was also slowly harboring fondness on Bo Nui concedes and signed up a deal with Se Hoo’s company.


Not understanding the concept of love, Se Hoo woke up one day being bugged by thoughts about Bo Nui.  He tried digging through books and search engines to the strange emotion he was feeling and finally confronted the evidences thrown at him.  He chased Bo Nui with all his geeky might, but the latter refused to admit her mutual feeling worried that she might brought misfortune to him.  But persevering Se Hoo’s effort paid off as Bo Nui dismissed her woes and claim the love he offered.


Just when everything is going smooth along with their new found love and Bo Ra’s positive recovery from her coma state, Se Hoo’s company hit another attack when the game they will soon launch was corrupted by a virus leading to casualties as the computers by the people who downloaded the game was also affected by the virus.  To make Se Hoo’s situation even worse, he got into accident on the day he decided to propose marriage to Bo Nui.  Feeling that her jinx caused all of Se Hoo’s troubles, Bo Nui ran away thinking it will protect the man she loves.


When Se Hoo was left no choice but to leave the business he built, he set up a new company and created an anti-virus program to revive the “IF” game.  He tracked down Bo Nui and broke up with her formally leaving a note in her hand.  After a year, they met again in a new game presentation conference where they both introduced two games that symbolized the different paths they took on their quest to find love.  Bo Nui came back to their old house along with Bo Ra and reconciled with Se Hoo to continue their halted romance.




“Lucky Romance” had a simple plot of a girl who deprived herself of being in love out of fear that her built in jinx instigated by a quack shaman’s advice would make her pure love turn to a curse to people she cares about.  Then she met a man who cured that deluded credence and never gave up on her no matter what even if she kept pushing him away.  The narration started well for the story.  It threw a hook using the extremity of the love couple’s personalities and how they eventually fell in love with each other.  The middle part was a cotton candy festival as delightful scenes paraded before heading to the conflict.  However it failed to end with a smooth finishing kick.  Lucky Romance made use of cute epilogues that viewers look forward too as an aid to what really conspired to notable moments in the story. 

The stride to emancipate the heroine in acknowledging that she deserved to be happy was fueled with redundant scenarios that didn’t help propel a gratifying ending for the story.  It would have been nicer if they resolved the industrial spies that they weren’t able to corner while leaving Bo Nui and Se Hoo blissfully inlove, instead of laying a “road to love perdition” for them to conquer in the closing episodes.




Being a pure romance story where the conflict was centered to the main characters’ sensibility, it was a really good showing for the love couple especially the hero.  I am suffering from Hwang Jung Eum rom-com drama saturation that I didn’t feel something new on her portrayal as Bo Nui.  But Ryu Jun Yeol as Se Hoo was a chimeric bliss with his antics as a grown man experiencing being in love and in a relationship for the first time. 


When the lead couple finally surrendered to the idea that they were bound by fate and unrequited love, that for me was the resolution for the conflict having established a heroine that has an insufferable sacrificial lamb nature.  So when they pushed to going back to where it all started confusing Bo Nui all over again, when she just had denounced her attachment to her illogical fears, I felt that it did not make any sense. 




Mediocrely done with some wacky and sweet notes, Lucky Romance is a rom-com drama perfect for those who still grieved on Ryu Jun Yeol’s Jung Hwan Reply 1988 character.  At least his role here was spot on decisive.  It had a stable and sunny story-telling but failed to tidily fetter the conflict to secure a satisfying closure.  Nonetheless, it notched a safe landing with its last minute tweak of bringing together the unified game developing and lifetime wishes in the finishing frames.






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