Sadly, in my melancholic attempt to look back on “Entertainer”, there’s nothing much that I remember about it, no matter how much heart Ji Sung oppa gave to the drama.  The story as a whole was not something that I would reminisce in the future.   Sure there were a little highlighted moments especially those musical performances but they were overshadowed by the lack of the vibrancy of the storytelling.   So I’ll be making this a very quick review.  Skip it when you have a pile of kdrama on queue to watch.  Even if you will watch it for Ji Sung oppa, there’s nothing much oppa-happiness-pill that you would get anyway, so settle with other dramas that would make the most out of your time.  I watched it because I was counting on Ji Sung oppa’s choice given that I liked most of the dramas he did, but there’s really nothing much going on. 


“Entertainer” tells the story of an entertainment manager who hit a slump on his life and resorted to forming a boy band to resurrect his career and to avenge the bitter betrayal he got from the company CEO he used to work with.   There was a backstory that connected him and the second lead playing the lead vocals of the boyband he created and they both relied on each other when they were hit with life’s misfortunes.   Entertainer closed to a happy note bringing down the villain and making the dream band famous but in the course of beating the conflicts, the story remained dormant in expounding a stale plot.  It failed to add dimensions to a more engrossing actors that would have lifted the given cliches to a more decent showing.  Yeah I think the lackadaisical effort of the actors was the main culprit why it failed my expectations.


There’s a half-baked love triangle that involved the boyband lead, the manager-turned-CEO and the boyband lead noona.  In the end it was not a fulfilling romance because the narrative was swerving to character centered to conflict centered to resolution centered all in confused same time.  Had it taken a patient approach, it would have concluded to a decent ending. 


The drummer was the only thing that I liked about this drama and he was taken away in the dying frames so yes, there’s not much reason for me really to prolong this article as I really don’t have much to tell but for the sake of my devotion in kdrama review writing, I would bear it some more.  


I don’t know if it’s the chemistry of the cast, the boring storyline, the stoic romance or all of it happening at the same time.  Though it’s not as bad as “Big” or that recent Rain oppa drama, it made me emotionless while watching it.  It baffled me how my fortitude was at a different level in witnessing it happen, and being okay with how much the story progressed from  stagnant to lethargic to not being able to accomplish anything.   I can’t help but sigh for all those wasted hours and talent. 

“Entertainer” with its highly famous cast is far from the great showings we are so far getting in kdramaland this 2016.  It will be overshadowed because it really didn’t accomplish a fairly done production. – jediprincess♥♥♥



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