On to a modern poor girl rich guys tale for Cinderella and the Four Knights!  There’s not just one prince though but four to take care of our female lead.  All for my love for Jung Il Woo oppa, so trite and all, I’m all in for this sweet ride.

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Hardworking Eun Ha Won tells the children she was baby-sitting not to believe in fairy tale Cinderella basing on her own experiences of doing a lot of side jobs.  She added that they should learn to fend and support themselves on their own when they grow up.  
2016-08-13 20.19.58
Living with her step mom and sister, she has been saving her money through a handful of part-time jobs to fulfil her mother’s dream of her studying in college and being a teacher eventually.  While she lived with her uncaring step-family, she maintained an optimistic life by just moving forward to follow her goals.
2016-08-13 19.09.41
Haneul Group chairman is getting married for the fifth time and he wants his stubborn grandchildren to show their faces in his wedding banquet.  
2016-08-13 19.11.48
So his assistant summoned the stubborn heirs who are not close to each other to deliver the news about Chairman Kang’s marriage.
 2016-08-13 19.09.07
Heir #1 Kang Hyun Min is notorious for being a ladies’ man.  He only knows two types of women, those he currently dates and those he will be dating soon. 
2016-08-13 19.13.56
He is not in good terms with cousin Heir #2 Kang Ji Woon who belatedly learned that he is from a rich household and is full of repressed emotions he has yet to conquer. 
2016-08-13 19.14.312016-08-13 19.08.22
Relaxed, cheerful and the only normal from the 3 cousins would be Heir #3 Kang Seo Woo who is a famous idol singer.
2016-08-13 19.13.21
While Chairman Kang’s new wife is brewing an evil plan on the soon to be riches she will be getting from her husband, the Chairman only worries about how he can make his reckless grandchildren to live harmoniously in their mansion.  When their butler was pinned upside down in the ceiling with a masking tape, he ordered his assistant to find a working butler at all cost.
2016-08-13 21.12.53
Park Hye Ji is Hyun Min’s childhood friend, she has a one sided love towards Hyun Min and a close friend of Ji Woon as well. 
2016-08-13 19.10.27
While she was busy preparing the dress she will be wearing for the wedding celebration, her object of affection made a bet with his friends of bringing to his grandfather’s wedding event the first girl who will enter the door of the party they were enjoying.
2016-08-13 20.19.29
It turned out to be Ha Won delivering a pizza from her part-time job.  When the arrogant customer refused to pay and insulted Ha Won by not following the special instruction of having a pretty girl bring the pizza, she threw in some martial moves forcing the scared rich coward’s friend to pay.  Ha Won apologized to the guests and left the place just like nothing has happened.
2016-08-13 20.19.10
Hyun Min tracked her to the convenience store where she was also working and offered her money to pose as his fiancee.  He gave his details in case she changed her mind when she refused his initial offer.
2016-08-13 20.18.482016-08-13 20.23.10
The next day Ha Won bought a bouquet of flowers to see her mother and deliver the good news of being admitted to college, but was surprised that her urn was removed from the usual spot of the columbarium. 
2016-08-13 20.22.44
2016-08-13 20.18.06
The manager told her to pay the 5 Million won dues in order to keep her mother’s place.  Unbeknownst to her Ji Woon was also there visiting his mother and witnessed how she begged to the manager about her situation.  Ha Won wept and debated on whether she will use the money she saved for her college tuition or for her mom’s resting place.
2016-08-13 20.17.43
Ji Woon told Hye Ji how he doesn’t have intention on going to the wedding because he felt not welcome there anyway.  He went to a car repair shop where he used to work and offered his friends a food treat.  He went to the nearby convenience store where Ha Won was working.  He asked her to heat the food but had to go back to the shop as he left his wallet.  He overheard one of his so-called friends blabbing how he doesn’t treat them well and just with food when he had all that money to spend.  Sad about knowing people’s genuine selves when money is involved, he walked away and was approached by Ha Won who demanded him to pay for the food.  He promised to give money the next day as she walked away saying how he can’t even apologize for the trouble he made.
2016-08-13 20.18.27
Hyun Min transformed Ha Won to his beautiful fiancee after she agreed to his proposition.  Little did she know that he was planning to create a ruckus to his grandfather’s event by not telling her of his real intentions of putting up a play meant to annoy the old man and his young bride.
2016-08-13 20.20.36
They walked together from the other side  of the venue’s balcony while the old couple were doing a wedding march of their own.  Hyun Min told his grandfather that his fiancee is his wedding present.  
2016-08-13 20.17.23
Realizing the child play he pulled, she snapped at him with her strength and forced him to bow and offer respect to Chairman Kang who was amused by the young woman’s reign over his grandson as Ji Woon made his appearance and was intently looking at his cousin’s show.
2016-08-13 20.16.58
Annoyed at Hyun Min’s child play, they were still arguing when Hye Ji approached Ha Won and introduced herself.  Hyun Min shoved her away but Ji Woon came to Hye Ji’s rescue. 
2016-08-13 20.21.032016-08-13 20.21.32
He stepped in and confronted Ha Won over her agreeing to Hyun Min’s ploy just so she can get some money and threw bills on her face. Now that was being rude.
2016-08-13 20.16.36

We have so far established the relationship of the characters and the future love polygons we will be seeing. We even saw a glimpse of a future wealth tug-of-war conflict.

I’m a bit jumping into conclusion but because it’s easy to read what will happen in the next episodes — that being Ha Won becoming the butler of the three brothers cohabiting in the mansion.  I’m going to look forward the cutesies and the eventual falling in love, one sided love, fight over one girl kind of love in the future.

For now I will just savor the moment of being in another 8-week relationship with my Jung Il Woo. 

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