Our Cinderella got a dose of reality that hard work and optimism do not suffice when you tackle on life and that you have to take on once in a lifetime opportunity offered to you.  Meanwhile her princes are confronted with the extent of control their rich grandfather has on their lives.
2016-08-14 18.15.09
Hyun Min picked up some bills thrown by Ji Woon and put it back on his jacket while giving a warning not to mess with his woman.  Ji Woon questioned his claim of Ha Won as his woman, and just as they were going to brawl, Hye Ji shouted for them to stop and walked away.  
2016-08-14 19.31.57
Ji Woon followed but was halted by Ha Won who lectured him that money should not be thrown because he doesn’t know its value for those people who has to work hard for it.  Ji Woon pinned her on the wall and warned her to get lost of his cousin’s life, but she pinned him back on the wall and countered that if he mess up with her again he will be dead.  rawr
2016-08-14 19.31.33
Ha Won returned all the fancy accessories and clothing to Hyun Min and threw a shoe at him.  She hurried to leave the place just as Ji Woon glanced at her with Hye Ji on his motorbike.
The two arrived at Hye Ji’s house and he asked her why she liked Hyun Min that much when he doesn’t even care, but she is determined that she will make him fall for her soon.  
2016-08-14 19.30.59
Meanwhile Hyun Min was castigated by Secretary Lee on the trick he pulled and gave him a picture of his real fiancee which he will be meeting soon.  He  cautioned him to be cordial to her if he wanted to keep his heir position.  
2016-08-14 19.30.35
Chairman Kang sipped on his coffee and spoke about how his fifth wedding was so amusing, thanks to a young woman who seem to know how to disarm his grandsons.  He ordered his secretary to get information about Ha Won.
2016-08-14 19.30.13
Ha Won politely asked her step mom if she could lend her some money for her college tuition and promised to pay back through her wages.  But the step mom took it as a brazen request and blabbed how she might have hoped for Yoo Na all this time to not make it to the colleges she applied for. 
2016-08-14 19.29.54
Secretary Lee reported to Chairman about Ha Won’s tenacity in enduring 10 part-time jobs to support herself.  He added her non-pleasant living situation in the family and her desire to study in college.  
2016-08-14 19.29.25
Ha Won was brought to Chairman Kang and their similarity to slapstick comedy and books hits on right away.
Secretary Lee proceeded to presenting the reason why she was summoned.   He narrated the high-end specs and worth of Sky House and introduced Chairman Kang’s heirs which the latter simplified to a playboy, a thug, and a good-for-nothing.  
2016-08-14 19.28.36
He requested Ha Won to live with them in Sky House and make them turn to decent human beings.  In return he will pay for her college tuition and even send her abroad for her studies.  Ha Won replied how she thought rich guys were not supposed to learn proper decorum im case they end up giving out the family’s riches.  *chuckles  Ha Won was almost swayed but she refused courteously with the reason that she wanted to rely on her own hardwork.  They exchanged a few Confucian principles for bargaining, but she already made up her mind.
2016-08-14 19.28.57
Hyun Min met the potential arranged marriage fiancee but he got pissed about the rich girl’s focus on the business aspect of the set-up.  Just then Hye Ji appeared and he kissed her in front of his date.  The rich girl muttered that his bad reputation is indeed true and left. Hyun Min apologized to Hye Ji and walked away.  Hye Ji followed and told him how he has changed for the worst, but she is still hoping that there’s an ounce of what he used to be when they were friends.
2016-08-14 19.28.09
Ha Won went to the wedding venue to get back her uniform which was already given to Hyun Min, but was not permitted by the front desk person.  Ji Woon saw her and helped her with her problem however her school uniform can’t be retrieved.  She thanked him for backing her up and he replied how she should have asked his cousin to just buy her a new one just like what usually the women surrounding him do.  She hit him on his head to his angry surprise as she told him to mind his rough manners very well.  
2016-08-14 19.27.44
Ha Won tried calling her lost mobile phone which was switched with Kang Seo Woo’s phone who was busy running his idol performances.  Celebrity papparazi was able to know Hyun Min’s supposed fiancee and Ha Won is already called a “National jackpot girl” following the scandal.  They even went to their house and when her step-family learned her fleeting connection with Hyun Min, envious of her just like she always was, Yoo Na, the evil step sister demanded her to leave the house.
2016-08-14 19.27.00
Ji Woon was checked out from the hotel he was staying and his credit card was also cut.  He ended up at a movie house where Ha Won was working and was staring at her sleep while on duty.  She woke up from the quick drift and tried to sneak out when she realized Ji Woon was there but when she looked back, he lunged so close to her face asking if she has some money.  
2016-08-14 19.26.35
They walked out from the movie house bickering as Ha Won mumbled how a rich guy like him doesn’t have $10.  His pride won over her teasings so he decided to leave even when she was about to give him $5 but his tummy felt otherwise so they ended up eating cup ramyun at the convenience store where Ha Won was working.  
2016-08-14 19.26.09
Ji Woon spotted his grandfather’s car and went out for a quick conversation with him.  He told him that he is not interested with his power and money and will live his life on his own.  Why so jaded oppa?  aigoo
2016-08-14 19.25.44
Ha Won finally reached the person who got her phone not knowing it was Kang Seo Woo.  He told her she got a lot of text messages.  She asked him if he can unlock the phone and read the messages from Yoo Na.  He sugar coated the curses and bad text messages she got from her and told her that her father will be coming back tomorrow.  Ha Won knocked on Seo Woo’s car window and the latter was surprised seeing Hyun Min’s fiancee.  He deleted the bad text messages and stepped out of his car.  They exchanged the phones and he worriedly stare at her walked away happy at the thought of meeting her father for dinner tomorrow.
2016-08-14 19.25.15
After work Ha Won was harrassed by the reporters waiting for an ambush interview, but Hyun Min came in to her rescue.  He mumbled about how he was cool rescuing her while she was upset on how he can’t understand her situation all because of the lie he did.  She asked him to clear her name.  
2016-08-14 19.24.48
He obliged and promised her that her online pictures will be washed away in 5 minutes.  He called someone and threatened him to remove all related articles containing his supposed fiancee or they will take out their ads.  
While Hyun Min was consumed on how his recent act was so amazing, he boasted about how there’s no way she won’t fall for that suave act, but she was just baffled on the things money can really buy to which he responded that he can’t buy her smile.  Ha Won smirked, thanked him for taking down the photos and left his car.
2016-08-14 19.24.27
Ji Woon went to the car repair shop but was asked to leave the place.  He learned how his frandfather paid a hefty amount if they will remove Ji Woon from their lives.  Ji Woon met with Secretary Lee and asked him if that was the power his grandfather was talking about.  Secretary Lee responded to put behind his past and should now live as Kang Ji Woon.
2016-08-14 19.23.22
Ha Won learned that her mother’s urn was retrieved by her father.  She asked her father about it the moment she arrived home which her father took as being disrespectful to her step mother. The step mom and Yoo Na switched to kind hearted faces in front of her father and when step mom mentioned the money she save for the daughters’ tuition, Ha Won was surprised why she was saying that now when she told her she wont’t lend her money.  
2016-08-14 19.22.16
Ha Won’s father slapped her face and revealed that she is not her real daughter.  She walked away from the house she thought to be her home and drenched herself in the pouring rain.  Just then she received a phonecall from Chairman Kang about his initial offer.
2016-08-14 19.22.40
The three heirs received a text message to go to Haneul mansion and saw Ha Won standing beside Secretary Lee.  While all the rich, handsome heirs make their move to circle Ha Won, Secretary Lee reminded her that dating is not permissible in the mansion.  
2016-08-14 19.21.52
Cinderella and 4 Knights Ep 1
We are still getting to know the main characters and I don’t think it will give the Boys Over Flowers  vibe at all.  Though using the rich-guy-poor-girl plot, they are strengthening  the heroine’s character and I think grandpa will not spoil the upcoming romance that will happen or if he will be against it because of the whole business marriage rigamaroles, I think at least one guy will get the girl and one will get the company position, and one will just be happy.  Any cohabitation romcom is a guaranteed hit right now for me especially when Doctors is beginning to feel lethargic and Uncontrollably Fond is becoming so agonizingly tragic.  
I look forward to cheering on Ha Won as he straighten out the stubborn men she will live with and when these guys fall for her and gave whatever they have to win her heart.
I don’t understand why Ji Woon is not happy being rich but I think it will be fully explained in the future episodes along the supposed past of Hye Ji and Hyun Min.
I have always been bias when it comes to Jung Il Woo as he is my ultimate crush but I give credit to his ever commitment when suiting up a role making sure it would be different from his previous portrayals.
I can’t wait for the cutesies and the bickerings as Ha Won’s feistiness will be  measured through the Kang cousins bullheadedness. I pray that even when following the romcom cliches, this will be an adorable and feel good kdramaland stop.  -jediprincess
2016-08-14 19.21.19

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