Cinderella and the Four Knights (Ep 1&2)

Hello Cinderella and future Prince Charmings!  Just feed me with addictive and adorable romcom pills and I’m good.  That’s gonna be your new role so make sure to focus.


Five Children (Ep 49 & 50)
Aigoo Jin Joo Make up your mind!  We are already on the boat leaving for good, but you are still there confused on what you are going to do with your life.  

images (10)

Doctors (Ep 15 & 16)
Can someone tell me how much more meaningless surgeries they are going to do until we get to spin a final conflict that will finally make them rest move on from grandma’s medical malpractice that is already pointless to delve in the first place?  They already said it is past the statute of limitation, so what do we get out of it?  If it’s the only motivation for Hye Jung’s character… sigh I’m so lost for good words to say.  I’m so lost why I am even watching it.  #hidesatkimraewonoppa


Uncontrollably Fond (Ep 11 & 12)
Fine everyone!  Sulk and wallow in self pity!  How many more angst are you all going to suffer alone until we get to see some glimmer of positivity?!  Fine Joon Young!   Love her from afar and then just turn to a ghost after and love her from after life!  I’m in the brink of being done with you drama!  Straighten up this week or I am leaving for good!


Age of Youth (Ep 7 & 8)
Thank kdramagod Ye Eun and you realized how crappy your boyfriend was!  Sleep and cry if you must, but don’t regret breaking up with someone who can’t love you a little less, chances are he won’t be able to love you a little more.  Jin Myung just how can cute chef convince you that there’s more to your debt-loaded life.  You are 28, go ahead and date!  


W – Two Worlds (Ep 7)
Ladies and Gentlemen we are on a game.  The writer will not give away the plot so easily.  He wants us to die forecasting what happened then and what will really happen soon.  I’m on for the challenge just continuously shower me with Kang Chul sweet frames.

images (11)

Flower in Prison (Ep 28)
dear Ok Nyeo, Don’t let Tae Won go to the dark side.  Pull him back with your love and understanding. 
images (27)

Task Force 38 (Ep 15 & 16)

It was a fulfilling closure for our tax evader fighters.  I will miss the excitement of the cons and the snappy editing.   Good job!  Well done!     



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