As HaWon-rella gets accustomed to living in Sky House, she flew in from one prince’s arms to another.  Yes sir, she is currently the luckiest girl in kdramaland right now.
Drenched in water, Ha Won reluctantly entered Sky House with Secretary Kim who offered his jacket to her dripping clothing.  She reminisced the painful secret she just gotten from her supposed father and let the warmness of the water washed her pain away.
2016-08-20 15.21.07
 2016-08-20 14.53.33
The three heirs were informed that Ha Won will be living with them and Secretary Lee reiterated how dating will not be tolerated in the Sky House.  Seo Woo raised how Hyun Min is dating her and Ji Woon added how he dates myriad of girls, but just as he was to reveal the engagement prank Hyun Min pulled, the latter forced Secretary Lee to not disclose it as it will be risky for Ha Won to have the two believed they were not really together. 
2016-08-20 15.21.07
Hyung Lee countered that he was the most dangerous man for her, but Hyun Min insisted and offered his credit card access to make sure that Ha Won will be protected from his cousins.  Hyung Lee acquiesced but made him promise to make sure he keeps the end of his bargain.
 2016-08-20 15.20.40
Ha Won stared sadly at her mother’s urn and placed it beneath a chair for the mean time promising her that they have to wait until her father’s anger subside. Her grumbling tummy led her to find food in the new house she belongs.  Ji Woon roamed his eyes in his room and stepped out where he bumped with Secretary Lee.  
2016-08-20 15.18.20
Hyung Lee:  “You now chose to be Kang Ji Woon!”
Ji Woon:  “It was not a choice, you forced me!”
He told him to make sure to live as Kang Ji Woon and not do anything to upset the Chairman.  Ji Woon replied how he was only there for his mission to understand why his grandfather was so into him and why his father left him and her mother.  Hyung Lee gave him permission to seek those answers.
2016-08-20 15.18.57
Ha Won marveled at the grand dining table when there were only three people living in the house.  She found the fridge but was halted by an ajumma who asked who and why she was there.  Ajumma introduced herself as Bolgyeo and took her away from the mansion before the three Masters find out she was there.  Ha Won was led to a sunny room but Hyung Lee entered and explained to Ajumma that she is Chairman’s special guest.  Ajumma apologized to her impudence as Ha Won claimed that she will be working as part-timer there and not to worry about it.
2016-08-20 15.17.55
Hyung Lee escorted Ha Won back inside the mansion.  She blabbed about how he was so stern with Ajumma earlier.  He responded that she should be respected well in the Sky House as per Chairman’s command.  She was about to argue again but her hungry tummy stopped the protest and broke the silence between them.
2016-08-20 15.16.53
Hyung Lee donned an apron while precisely cutting onions and things here and there.  *swoons  Ha Won admiringly gets puppy faced at the cooking show in front of her and in no time Chef Lee plated the yummy dishes on the table.  Cinderella’s eyes feasted on the magical food in front of her and thanked Chef Lee who smiled at her happily.  She munched the food happily and offered Chef some when she was almost done with it.
2016-08-20 15.16.17
Hyun Min dragged her to talk in secret.
Hyun Min:  “Hey!  We are still engaged, okay?!”
Ha Won:  “Hey!  Stop talking trash, okay?!” 
Bwahaha!  You got to give some sassy stars to Ha Won really.  She is unfazed when she talks to people short of understanding logic.  
2016-08-20 15.15.47
Hyun Min told her that it’s for his best interest to keep up on the act, but Ha Won wanted to come clean even if it meant they will learn she did it for money job.  She added how dating is not permissible in the house but he asserted that it was only a fake agreement.  He bribed her for additional money, but she refused that she doesn’t need it and we get to see Hyun Min in his another amusing ego deliberation…
Hyun Min:  “So you want to do it for free, have you fallen for me in that short amount of time?”
2016-08-20 15.14.07
Ha Won shook his impossible thoughts right away and asked him to raise his hands.  He raised it to the level of her breast which made her annoyingly hold her breath one..  She asked him to raise it higher, and then another more…  She threw in a punch but Hyun Min kept her in place in his embrace.   He told her that he only wants to protect her and she responded for him to eat crap.  Ha Won stormed out of the room and saw Ji Woon who stopped and asked her how much money she got this time.
2016-08-20 15.13.05
Ha Won contemplated on her new situation while remembering her encounters with the young masters but ended up convincing herself that she won’t fall for them and dating is prohibited anyway.  Unable to sleep on the comfy bed, she took a spot beneath the study table and finally dozed off.
2016-08-20 15.12.15
Hyun Min and Ji Woon crossed path outside the mansion and they agreed to not mind each other’s existence.  Ji Woon went inside a warehouse room where he picked up and opened a box where his photo with his mom was inside.
2016-08-20 15.10.38
Ha Won woke up to her new room and discovered that it was a see-through kind of room.  She peeked on the room in front of her and got surprised when two playful eyes stared back at her.  Hyun Min sent her a text message that he was not properly dressed yet so he can’t accommodate her at the moment.  Ha Won’s mind tried to process the situation and moved to investigate further on the adjacent room as Ji Woon marched in shoving her out to get lost if she doesn’t have business in someone else’s room.  She added up 1 plus 1 and proved her theory that she is surrounded with Ji Woon and Hyun Min’s rooms and collapsed on the thought of it.
2016-08-20 15.10.16
Ha Won wandered around the mansion while the people get busy taking care of the grounds and household chores inside.  She found herself in the dining room again and was coaxed by Yoon Sung who I’m calling a lot of names so far in this recap.  Let’s call him Yoon Sung from now on.  He urged her to go ahead and eat, but she wanted to wait for the rest of the boys first.  He muttered how the young masters never sit on a table to eat and on cue Chairman Kang called from Hawaii to greet Ha Won and asked how her first night was.  He gave her a mission to have his grandsons sit on a table to eat together.  Yoon Sung laid out Ha Won’s work contract which basically not to date any of the grandsons and to fulfill missions set by the chairman which will entitle her to additional bonus but failing to do so will make her lose her job.
2016-08-20 15.09.31
Ha Won’s father prepared for another job on the road and ordered step mom not to open the door for Ha Won if she crawls back in.  She tried to snoop about Ha Won’s identity some more, but he dismissed it.   He received a phonecall from someone who has a tip on a taekwondo master he was looking for and went to meet the person.  
2016-08-20 15.09.09
Meanwhile Hyung Sun went to pick up Ha Won’s things, well it’s about time to do that I’m tired seeing her in PE uniform, and delivered the news to her step family that Ha Won will be living in Sky House for work.
2016-08-20 15.08.22
On to Operation-Young-Masters-Eating-Together mission, Ha Won looked optimistic to do her first task and sat waiting for faces to show up.  Seo Woo handed the flower bouquet meant for her mom and asked her if she cried last night because she looked so sad but she replied and blamed it to the rain.  He mentioned how he thought something bad might have happened in her family and Ha Won caught up piecing out that he intentionally deleted Yoo Na’s text messages for her not to get hurt.  
2016-08-20 15.07.54
Yes dear he is the only normal person in that mansion and it’s already breaking my heart that you will break his heart eventually.  Seo Woo admitted his act after being cornered and mumbled on the kind of sister relationship she had which she responded to comparing how she at least eat with her family on a table unlike him and his brothers.  On that note, Ha Won took the opportunity and urged him to eat together, but Ji Woon’s perfect timing slammed down her intention by telling her not to look at him.  meh meh!  Seo Woo beamed at her and told her to rest her eating together case.  
2016-08-20 15.07.26
Ha Won followed Ji Woon to the storage room and was warned coldly on her manners of invading someone’s privacy.  He questioned her decision to live in Sky House and if she perhaps has intention to seduce her.  She replied that she moved there to protect something important to her and told him that he is crazy.
2016-08-20 15.06.53
Ji Woon trapped her in his arms and we got a fairy sprinkled magical fleeting moment as Ha Won perplexed with the emotion rush reminded him not to touch her again and marched out of the room.
2016-08-20 15.06.19
 Ji Woon sighed and we flashbacked to how she almost got hit by a knife that’s why he embraced her  and protected her from harm.
2016-08-20 15.05.35
Ha Won still shaking from the encounter bumped on her luggage and spill the contents of it.  She rushed to rescue her belongings and soaked herself in the running man-made creek.  Seo Woo and Hyun Min approached her and asked her to stop what she was doing but she kept on picking up her things.  
2016-08-20 15.04.50
The flower bouquet flowed and was seen by Ji Woon which reminded him of how she pleaded for her mom’s resting place.  Seo Woo got a fish net basket to help with and pulled Ha Won back to the land.  Ji Woon broke their rescue operation and asked if it was the reason why she agreed to live with them… he moved forward, handed the flowers and told her to take care of her own things and not make other people worry about her.  
2016-08-20 15.03.39
Hyun Min and Ji Woon as usual moved to their constant spat as Seo Woo tried to mediate his always fighting brothers.  Distressing even more our damsel, Ha Won told all three of them to stop and dragged her things back in without their help.  She glanced at Ji Woon entering his room as she looked down on her water soaked feet – and we see Ji Woon doing the same thing after going to the water to get the flowers for her.  
2016-08-20 15.03.08
Ha Won was drying her things up when Yoon Sung knocked and apologized for abandoning her things.  He asked her to dress up as they have to go somewhere.  And by that somewhere we mean a patent shopping spree that all girls love to watch in a rom-com.  Dear Show, are we going to start on “the game to win Hawonrella’s heart” now?
 2016-08-20 16.32.23
Ha Won teased Yoon Sung on the “Pretty Woman” moment they were having and raised her disagreement to clothes’ shopping, but obedient to Chairman Kang, he only has “It’s the Chairman’s command” to her appeals.  He ended up doing the shopping for her while she rest in a cafe.
2016-08-20 16.31.56
Ha Won accidentally bumped an ajumma who demanded her to pay for the damage on the scratch of her legit bag but Hye Ji came to her aid and pointed out that the bag was a knock off.  They proceeded to the cafe and chatted a bit.  Hye Ji revealed her intention to study fashion design in college and that she is not originally from a rich family.  She also told Ha Won that she grew up with Hyun Min in the same neighborhood.  Ha Won told her that they met in the convenience store where she works.  Hye Ji jealously said how she must be happy being Hyun Min’s fiancee.  Just then Yoon Sung entered the coffee shop and Ji Hye learned that she is now staying in Sky House.  
2016-08-20 15.02.37
Ha Won felt bad not being able to straighten the lie to Hye Ji, but she made a vow to Hyun Min already.  Ha Won complained on how much Yoon Sung shopped for her but she got his robotic Chairman command reply.  She rebut that everything was too much, but he countered how living with the three guys is a handful so he will be there for her to make things easier. #yoonsungoppasaranghae
Yoo Na ambushed Ha Won’s friend to spill the beans if her step sister is really staying at Haneul house.  She enviously saw the pictures and when she was trying to get the phone from her again, her hand landed on a 3 day old rest room thrash bag.  Seo Woo picked up Ha Won’s bank book and saw the little money she has on her account after paying for the crematorium fees.  
2016-08-20 15.02.08
Hye Ji met Ji Woon at an Art Gallery.  They went for a quick chat as Ji Woon confirmed that Ha Won indeed is staying in Sky House.  Not wanting to believe the truth, she stood up to confirm it with Hyun Min directly.  Can someone please tell girl to deviate her sad face and poker face?  
2016-08-20 15.01.47
Seo Woo greeted Ha Won who got back from shopping and gave the bank book he picked scattered on the floor.  He admitted peeking inside and teased her that he has uncovered most of her secrets lately.  He chided not for her to feel sorry about not having money as Highschoolers usually don’t have money anyway, but she joked on about him and his two brothers then being rich at their age.  She blabbed about how she knew her position and that she won’t linger anyway which made Seo Woo questioned her if she will be breaking off the engagement with Hyun Min soon, but she stopped him from prying too much.
2016-08-20 15.01.20
Ha Won rejected Hyun Min’s phone call and crept on her floor spot to take some sleep.  Hyun Min texted her to go to his room as he will give something to her but she disregarded his request and went to sleep.  Baffled that he was ignored, he knocked on her door and asked her to wait at her doorstep and presented her uniform.  He threatened her that he will cut it if she won’t get it from him.  He held the uniform on hostage as he led her to his room.  And when she entered, he told her that she’s the first ever girl to step inside.
2016-08-20 15.00.34
Ha Won apologized and lectured her on how she returns everything to whatever she receives. She enumerated all that he has been doing to her and stopped on violence.  She move towards him, leaned on a almost kiss and banged her head to his.  Hyun Min gave up with his teasing and raised her uniform for her to reach, but he swings her again and held her body in his embrace.  Are we tracking our score?  It’s 2-1 everyone in favor of Hyun Min.
2016-08-20 14.59.40
“You are becoming more and more amusing!” Ha Won stared nervously at Hyun Min while they were unaware that they have an audience slowly approaching outside.  Ji Woon saw how Hyun Min is about to kiss Ha Won so he blocked her view to shield her from the visual pain as we closed the scene with the two couples locked at each other’s eyes.
2016-08-20 14.57.59
You’ve got to give credit to how suave Ahn Jae Hyun is with his Hyun Min portrayal although I think I figured how he is suppressing his emotions with Hye Ji.  I think it’s more of his strategy on his position as an heir.  Although in the future he will be trapped in the complication if he continuously nurture his mischievous fondness to Ha Won.
As for Ji Woon, he was seeing his past self on Ha Won and that’s why maybe the cold shoulder. But soon enough he will realize how subconsciously he has done little things to protect her and I can’t wait to see him in that mind-boggling situation.
I’m already feeling sorry for Seo Woo just like what I felt with Jeremy in You’re Beautiful, but I’m all in for the sweet moments designed for them to be captured.
I’m still not satisfied to where the animosity between Hyun Min and Ji Woon came in.  I hope it will be explained, I mean is the chaebol world that dark?
I’m actually seeing a you-have-the-riches-ill-have-cinderella ending but who knows who will choose the money and who will get the girl.
Episode 3 was neatly following the narrative while giving us a glimpse of the characters’ nature without losing the romcom vibe and the quirkiness.  So I like where we are heading.  -jediprincess
Cinderella & Four Knights Episode 2
Cinderella & Four Knights Episode 1
2016-08-20 14.58.40

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