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We went on a shopping spree, a handful of sweet “almost kissing corner her” moments and Hawonrella’s herculean task of making the cousins sit on a table to eat as a family.  Whew!  Who would have thought it was no easy goal?!  
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It was a sweet blissful kiss until Hyun Min woke up from his dream with Ha Won’s curious eyes peering at him.  
He adjusted back to his god’s-gift-to-women self and teased her of wanting to see him early in the morning, but she shut him up with her breakfast offer.  
He declined her request as he doesn’t eat at home, but she insisted that she will make him start doing it now.  Hyun Min perceived Ha Won doing a housewife role-playing game, so he tried to grab her hand to lay down beside her, but her quick hand flew and knocked down his hand.  
She warned him to head to the dining room and marched out of his room.  He went back to reality and remembered the kick that interrupted the almost kiss and murmured how Ha Won is stimulating his competetitive spirit.
Emotionless Hye Ji was still bothered by Hyun Min’s thoughts and pondered on Ji Woon’s actions the night before.  Ji Woon on the other hand worked out and made some 5 seconds upper body display to keep my heart still and not be swayed by Hyun Min.   *chuckles
On her Kang-Cousins-Dining-Together mission, Ha Won was having a hard time tracking down the young masters, but remembering Chairman’s face, she set forth to push on her mission.
Ha Won found Ji Woon swimming in the pool and my heart was beating fast like Ha Won did.  He of course coldly told Ha Won to vanish or she will get to see him naked.  Hah!  Stay where you are Ha Won!  Stay where you are!  
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Ha Won ran when Ji Woon threatened to show his naked body, but she came back with some board to cover her face and told him that his cellphone will be held on hostage and he has to go to the dining hall to get it.
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She moved next to Seo Woo and disturbed his creative moment to reveal her morning breakfast plan.
As soon as the three cousins arrived in the dining table, big bang erupted and her plan failed as all of them can’t acknowledge that there’s a link that connected them as a family.
Ji Woon added how they only shared the same address and it didn’t have anything to do about being a family.  Hyun Min and Seo Woo left as Ha Won stood to reproach Ji Woon of his belief that his cellphone is more important than a family.  He replied to stop pretending she knew all of them.  
His arms circled her waist as he moved his face closer to hers and just like any woman who will be put in that situation, Ha Won’s mind went blank and muttered what he was doing so he sneaked in and got his cellphone back from her hand.  
Ha Won sunk on a chair feeling hopeless on her first mission as Chairman Kang and his wife came back from the honeymoon trip wondering how Hawonrella was doing.  Yoon Sung spoke on how that task was too much but the Chairman looks forward to how Ha Won’s hardwork will work wonders.
Ha Won sought her friend’s help for comfort. She learned how rumor has it that the three heirs were famous for their open discord to each other and it’s a miracle that they haven’t killed each other yet.  But Ha Won’s friend cheered her up that her determination will win over the cousins’ stubbornness as it is her best characteristic.
Ha Won pushed her tenacity and carried on with her “Kang Cousins Eating Together Project”.  
She went to her Plan A to catch them off guard and threw in variety show games to secure a wish that the boys have to give.  
She was successful with “dibidibidip” with Hyun Min, “kai-bai-po” with Seo Woo only to receive a get-lost card from Ji Woon when she tried “chamchamcham”.  
First plan was a complete failure so Ha Won proceeded to her Plan B.  
She did some research and appealed to the cousins’ favorite food to lure their grumbling tummies.  
Seo Woo was on trance as Ha Won pulled the yummy ramyun on her chopstick but he stopped his craving right away and scolded Ha Won and Yoon Sung for teasing him with food when he has a photoshoot tomorrow.
Hyun Min stared at Yoon Sung enjoying his favorite lamb chop and urged Ha Won to stop obsessing on her mission plan as it will be an eventual failure. 
Ji Woon approached the table and wondered how yummy the samgyupsal was.  Ha Won cheerfully wrapped some with a lettuce and just as she puts it on his mouth, Ji Woon survived his tummy yearning and shut her up again with his get-lost card.
Ha Won gloomily chat with Ajumma on her first mission problem and she advised her that it was a hard task to begin with.  She narrated how Hyun Min grew up almost alone ergo he was not comfortable sitting  with people to eat as he was used to doing things on his own.  Seo Woo on the other hand as a celebrity has an image to protect so he cannot enjoy food as much as he can.  Lastly Ji Woon belatedly learned he was from a rich household so he is still uncomfortable living his new life much more eating with people he barely knows.
Ha Won pondered how the rich cousins have so much wealth and yet they have unhappy lives to battle with.
The next morning Seo Woo saw Ha Won’s breakfast bag and enjoyed the milk she put inside even if he doesn’t usually drink it when he has photoshoot.
2016-08-21 18.27.00
Ha Won went to look for Ji Won in the storage room to ask something but he told her again to disappear.  She complained how he always say that as if there’s some place she can get lost to.  She asked if he was still upset of her moving in and he countered how he doesn’t care about her decisions anymore but she has to leave him alone.
Unfazed with Ji Woon’s cold treatment, Ha Won responded if he was threatening her because it won’t work on her anyway as she has the mind of steel and she intend to suceed to whatever she puts her mind into.  
Ji Woon told her to play “happy family” and turned his back but Ha Won pushed some life lessons on how he has been restricting himself of accepting the people living in the house to be his family and how he drowned himself with what he feels only that he doesn’t care what other people may feel.  She urged him to step out of the protective bubble he jailed himself in.  She thanked him for getting her mom’s flowers and left him alone.  Go Ha Won!  Go Ha Won!  Teach Ji Woon a lesson!
Ha Won found Hyun Min playing a quiz game which surprised her as he muttered that his interest is not just limited to girls.  He mentioned how she only thinks the worst of him and never realized the life size charisma emanating from him to which she replied that she hasn’t found the door to that charisma yet.  She picked up a rubix cube on the table and dared for two minutes with him to solve it for a wish he would give her, but she failed to solve it.  Hyun Min on the other hand finished it right away without any sweat.
Hyun Min broke up with his calendar girlfriend not finding any ounce of interesting to do with her as Ha Won’s evil step mom and Yoo Na sighed in frustration trying to figure out why on earth Ha Won ended up living in Sky House.  Yoo Na decided to confirm it with her own eyes as she stalked on Hyun Min and Ha Won on a shopping spree as Hyun Min promised to help her with her mission.
Ha Won complained about rich guy’s “pretty woman” shopping complex as she was left obliging to model the clothes Hyun Min bought her for Plan No. 3 of racing their hearts with her birth of a beauty spree.  #aigoo
Ha Won paraded more than 10 pieces of clothing before Hyun Min stopped on a pretty white casual dress.  He erased her doubts that his plan might not work and pointed three of the clothings not to be included in their shopping but all the rest he picked will be bought.  #hyunminoppashopwithmetoo
Ha Won bargained on the cost of clothing he just bought but he silenced her protest and dragged her to eat with him so they can discuss how to proceed with their joint plan.  
Ji Woon went to Hye Ji’s place and wrapped his jacket not wanting to wake her up from sleep.  He gazed at her as he recalled the time she put her jacket on him when he was lost and weary after discovering he came from a rich family.
Hye Ji woke up and Ji Woon took her out to eat.  She teased him of treating her as little sister and decide to order the most expensive food as per his request.  She stated how she was happy that he is a friend and not a boyfriend as Ji Woon turned to when-will-this-girl-look-at-me-differently face.
Just then Ha Won and Hyun Min walked inside and caught Hye Ji’s eyes.  Hyun Min turned his back to find another place to eat, but Ha Won insisted to just dine together.  
Hye Ji praised Ha Won’s beautiful look and deducted that Hyun Min bought the pricey dress for her.  She asked Ha Won how has she been coping at Sky House but Hyun Min replied that she is well taken care of since she is his fiancee.
Hye Ji asked the served clams to be cooked again thoroughly.  Ji Woon replied that she wanted it half-cooked but she explained how Hyun Min was hospitalized then when he ate a not fully cooked clam, but the latter shoved the idea opting not to eat the clams instead.  
Hyun Min put some meat chop on the griller and Ha Won tried reaching in burning her arm slightly in the process and spilling the juice on her dress.  Ha Won worried about the pricey dress while Hyun Min worried on her being hurt as Hye Ji bit her lips out of pain from seeing the love of her life caring another woman in front of her.  And yay for a new kind of emotional face the second lead girl showed today!  
Ha Won excused herself and went to the wash room to fix herself.  Ji Woon followed her cornered her on a wall and mentioned how he can also buy her expensive clothes and food like Hyun Min.  He added how he underestimated her ulterior motives but she taunted him back that her grand plan is to make the three of them become a real family.
Ji Woon warned Ha Won not to mention the word family again, but she spoke of it again so he inched closer to her and threatened her of his diminishing patience towards her.
Ji Woon remembered an argument he had with Chairman Kang as the latter wanted him to live as his heir and forget the people he used to work with.  He argued how those people were like a family to him when he was nothing but his grandfather pointed out that those people will eventually asked for his money surely.  
2016-08-21 18.05.50
He also overheard Hyun Min and his mother already strategizing his cousin’s company position as Hyun Min assured his mother that Ji Woon won’t ever be welcomed as a family and he will realize that soon enough.
Back on the dining hall, Hye Ji asked Hyun Min if he really invited Ha Won to live in Sky House.  He confirmed yes and bluntly told her that she is very different from all the other girls he met.  Hye Ji can’t take the pain anymore so she stood up and leave.  
Ji Woon asked Hyun Min what made Hye Ji leave and he replied that he didn’t say anything bad to her.  
JiWoon: “You are an expert on hurting Hye Ji!”
HyunMin: “You are an expert on healing her pain!”
Hyun Min spoke about how he has been like that to her eversince he came to Sky House and Ji Woon took it like he was not happy about it.  Hyun Min cleared how he never had feelings toward Hye Ji because he just want to live an uncomplicated life and not fixating himself on sincere love feelings.
Ji Woon looked for desperate Hye Ji who was almost hit by a truck and shook some sense out of her brain.  He scolded her on how she can’t even stand up in front of Hyun Min.  She mumbled how she only wanted Ha Won to leave Hyun Min’s side.
Ha Won whined on how she could get hold of Ji Woon blaming it to Hyun Min’s temper.  She spoke about how he brought her to Chairman’s wedding to make Hye Ji feel jealous but stopped her overthinking ideas. They stopped by at a house Hyun Min bought for Ha Won as he already calculated her going to be kicked out from Sky House soon enough.  Since he intends to date her he bought something for her even without the break up, but Ha Won’s martial arts skill broke his arm from his egoistic weird plans.
At home, Ha Won made a futile attempt inviting the brothers on a group chat and courtyard dinner, but all of them left the chatroom.  
Seo Woo stretched his body and went outside to breathe and notice a coupon from Ha Won’s belongings.  He entered the room where papers and things were still being dried up and noticed a torn paper from her diary revealing her birthday was that day. 
He kept himself busy searching from party things with Yoon Sung’s help and prepared a birthday dinner surprise in the courtyard.  Yoon Sung told him to inform his brothers of their plan.
Ji Woon contemplated on the recent events relating to Hye Ji’s suicidal love blindedness towards his cousin and constant Hyun Min’s condescending treatment on him.  He stood up and went to look for his cousin and waged a war by annoyingly getting the drinks he was getting from the fridge. 
Ji Woon asked him to go to the courtyard if he really is not bothered with sincere emotions and left him feeling annoyed.  Remembering the dinner Ha Won prepared he headed to the courtyard.  Yoon Sung and Seo Woo were almost done with the finishing touches of their birthday surprise and covered it when they heard Ha Won coming in.
2016-08-21 17.56.45
Ha Won got a surprised back hug and warned Hyun Min to remove his hand thinking it was him.  But when she faced the culprit, Ji Woon’s eyes stared at her and rendered her unable to move.  
He muttered why she had to belong with Hyun Min of all people as he moved her body facing their expected audience who looked not happy on the scene. Hyun Min walked closer to them and asked his cousin what the hell he was doing.
Ji Woon:  “I am trying to steal your fiancee!”
Hyun Min grabbed Ji Woon’s shirt as rage shot from each other’s eyes in a love war that was raised.  
Ha Won tried stopping the two princes on the brewing brawl while a fireworks display was set on her view which the other two princes prepared for her.
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 3
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 2
Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 1
Dear Hawonrella, 
Your hair is longer than Rapunzel at this very moment.
I still can’t comprehend Hyun Min’s unlimited desire to shield Hye Ji.  It was hinted that she was the first person who showed care to him when he moved in to Sky House, but I’m not liking him circling that path when that girl is in a hopeless one-sided-maybe-two-sided kind of love because Hyun Min’s love line is still drawn vague.
I love that ending scene when the two men were fighting and the two other were busy preparing sweetness for her.  And I love all those scenes when Hyun Min and Ji Woon leaned closer to Ha Won blinding me with a sweet fictional love spectacle.
Ji Woon who decided to challenge Hyun Min, I don’t know if it’s because of Hye Ji’s wish or because he wants to assert his rights as an heir will get to a point when all his fears and bottled up emotion will be cured through his upcoming plan of spending time with Ha Won.
I want to see a definite love connection for Hyun Min whether it will be with Hye Ji or Ha Won because they’ve got to explain where Hye Ji’s pathetic one-sided love is coming.  
It was a safe episode 4 that will propel the resulting love conflict which romcom suckers like really looks forward to.
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