Five Children Ep 51 & 52 – While we are busy with Sang Min and Yeon Tae’s wedding preparation, Jin Joo and Tae Min are still unable to draw the conclusion of their love story because of their indecisiveness.  If I knew how to draw, I will draw them two leaving the show.  Ahm Mi Jung and Lee Sang Tae worked their way on becoming closer to Bin and Woori as the former even stood up to protect Bin from the bad-natured girl and her overly exaggerating stage mom on the drama shooting while the latter drove Woo Ri to her promised date with her biological father.  Let’s neatly wrap this drama next week please. 

images (10)

Doctors Ep 17– Soon to be wrapping up, we haven’t been informed if there will be something utterly surprising that will happen aside from the surgeries or if we will have a monumental conflict that will earn a make-sense resolution.  Doctors lost the thrill and the interesting vibe along the way, but surprisingly it is still raking ratings.


Uncontrollably Fond Ep 13 & 14- The chaotic love quadrangle was in full swing following misplaced love and illogical romantic decisions based on craziness and dying judgment.  I just want this drama to end with some sweet moments for the dying male lead and some punch of reality to the lunatic second lead.


W-Two Worlds Ep 8 & 9 – As viewers were given freedom to conclude whatever thoughts we can by the writer, I am gloomy not having a dose of Kang Chul love pill this week.  The writer basked in twists and turns as he  trapped himself in a different dimension challenging the viewers to figure what will happen next to the world he created and to how much further will he push us to the edge of his imagination.

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Age of Youth Ep 9 & 10 –  Belle Epoque ladies took  on some brave steps with their personal issues relying on themselves alone.  We got to finally see Yoon Sunbae appeal to a normal life as Yi Na decided to give her life a second start.


Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 3 & 4 –  Dear show, you already got me with the cute guys.  And the butterfly in my tummies erupt on your shower of “almost kisses and corner her” scenes.  You are breaking the strain on the current summer kdramas by sprinkling feel good vibes to calm our nerves and we couldn’t be any happier because of that.



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