It was a strong performance from the lead actress and an arresting rendition by Hyun Bin oppa, but it was one of those poker face romantic movie that dug on the realistic emotions of being in love so if you are into cotton candy sweet stories, this might not amuse you. 


Imprisoned after killing her husband, a woman was given a reprieve to attend to her mother’s funeral.  She met a runaway gigolo in a bus and their unexpected connection would be an eventual momentous memory in their not so meaningful life so far.  As a self-confessed sucker for accidental and impossible love, the saddening thought of an is-this-person-worth-it-kind-of-love transcended in this movie. 


Between a two damaged people, the ease on how they converged and the pain of their love situation made my heart think and my heart sad.  This won’t appeal straight to your senses right away, but after a while when you contemplate of what the movie was about, the message will sink in to tug your heart.  An imperfect couple and imperfect romance but was a perfect pragmatic movie for me.



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